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Video: 11 Bike Checks From Whistler Bike Park Opening Day 2020

Jul 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

There was no shortage of unique and awesome bikes in the line up on opening day at the Whistler Bike Park.

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park


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 A super well shot and composed piece with one glaring omission All these new bikes are sweet but give the people what we want, give us the rad addict with the 2001 Kona rocking the super monster Ts We know he or she was there, living their best life
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 or a cool old Balfa BB7 rocking some period 888's
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 Yeah, anything vintage.

NSMB had a decent article that showed some vintage bikes in the lines.

I wonder if we are starting to cross that threshold where the vintage bikes from that time are no more. I know I have been seeing more and more classics showing up in the Buy/Sell and on my local craigslist.
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 We’ll have to do a follow up video for those! I love the idea for sure. It was a bit of a slower opening day and we had lots of fancy bikes lined up. Definitely saw some well-ridden rides though!
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 Yeah, 24 front and rear. Fvck this boring new stuff...
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 Liking that Slayer DH fork setup.
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 Was there a sale on Slayers after the Pinkbike frame broke?
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 Slayer advertisement.
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 Break one, get 5 for free
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 Correction: Rider of the slayer rode with a loose rear axle... so the axle broke and tore up the rear end of the bike. Basically the same shiz that would happen to any bike that gets "sent" with a loose rear axle.

Check your bolts before sending it in the bike park kids.
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 Apparently it was the best covert ad of all times...
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 @islandforlife: Mike Kazimer:The axle itself was neither overtightened nor loose; we had a certified mechanic doing the tire swaps (for control tires) and re-installing the wheels on the bikes
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 @rideonjon: Well, I'm not sure they would ever admit or even realize they f*cked up. But they did talk about in those articles how often they were swapping wheels and tires because they were using control tires. Seems like the perfect opportunity to accidentally forget to tighten one axle out of the many many axles that were worked on over the course of the test.

I know many "certified mechanics" that have f*cked up much worse than that. I just don't see how a stock axle that's used on thousands of RM bikes and put through serious punishment from riders like Jesse and Remi, just all of sudden happens to break during a Pinkbike test where they also happen to be swapping tons of wheels and tires.

I'm not defending RM here... their whole recall is crazy and I'd probably not buy a RM going forward because of how many problems their having. But I really don't think we got the full story on this one... axles don't just break like that without it being loose. And the bike only broke because the axle did, like any other bike would have.
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 Who “certifies” these bike mechanics? I’m not doubting he wasn’t competent...just wondering @rideonjon:
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 @ricochetrabbit: No idea.
I was a bike mechanic in my twenties for about 4 years and was certainly not certified.
I also had a check list before a bike left the shop and checking the axles was one of the things on the list.
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 @rideonjon: certified mechanics do mistakes as well as non certified mechs...they are just too cocky to accept f*ck ups
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 @rideonjon: Pretty sure Melamed has also confirmed that in comments on his Youtube channel. Take it with a grain of sponsored salt if you need to, but sounds like RM didn't want to do the "No no no, it wasn't our fault, HERE was the problem..." explanation afterwards, like most (other) companies do (did).
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 @shmarv: confirmed what exactly?
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 @rideonjon: It's been awhile since I watched it (and a while since I check PB replies...) but I believe the rear axle wasn't installed correctly. It would have come loose while riding, leading to the catastrophic failure, but it sounded like Rocky didn't want to shame Pinkbike or place blame on anybody, and just wanted to move forward.
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 @shmarv: I'm pretty sure Jesse Melamed wasn't the mechanic working for pinkbike during the test so how would he even know?
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 where are the weird bikes??? Who cares about new bikes that are put together. I wanna see the janky scary bikes
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 Haha ????
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 Guy didn't exactly explain how he came by Gwin's actual race bike but I'm thinking this:

Case closed.
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 Whoa, that's actually really weird because Leogang was the race before Fort William. Pinkbike article says that his racebike from Leogang was stolen. So how does this guy end up with Gwin's Leogang race bike??!
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 Hey there! No this bike was purchased directly from Intense Factory Racing team manager!
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 @maxgrayston: Uh huh... burgle me one too and we'll pretend this never happened.
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 @maxgrayston: Haha, so the Race Team Manager stole it and sold it to you? Because it's pretty clear that they said his Leogang race bike was stolen... and a big fuss was made because they had to rapidly find another bike for him to race at Fort William.

Not saying you're implicated at all... it just doesn't quite add up. Maybe they ended up getting it back and then sold it??
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 @islandforlife: Leogang is the race 'after' Fort William.
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 @forecast01: yep... oops...forget everything I said! haha
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 Photo bike checks = drake hotlinebling feeling it
Video bike checks = drake hotlinebling not feeling it
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 Agreed. I like to examine the bikes in my own time.
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 Jesse Melamed seems like the nicest guy in the world. I love it!
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 He’s pretty lovely. Big fan of that little guy!
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 Is it normal for your handlebars to be the height of your nipples? Am I doing it wrong?
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 Is the average height of a 2020 Whistler rider about 5’?
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 Ya dude, IDK about you but that Gwin bike looked like Andre the Giants should be swingin a leg over...
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 I love Christina, but where's Tippie been? I think he's pretty great too!
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 Christina > Tippie
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 @rideonjon: They are clearly related.
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 Did anyone else think there was too much video of people talking about their bike and not enough actual video of the bike?
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 Yup. Would much prefer to see the bike as they are talking about it. It wasn't even in frame for half the video.
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 There's always too much video in any video that doesn't relate to the stuff you're interested in. Prove me wrong.
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 you can tell by everyone's "less stoked than you would normally be on a whistler opening day" tone that A-line wasn't open that day
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 Tell us more about those super secret stainless steel spokes that only Aaron Gwinn has access to.
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 Stiff as chips! And hold firm in the corners!
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 Aren't they all stainless, looks like they're just plain gauge rather than butted though?
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 @pbuser2299: Sorry, I forgot to use my sarcastic font. You are correct that the vast majority of mountain bikes use stainless spokes. I just found it odd that the guy was pointing out stainless spokes like only Aaron Gwinn would have those. Don't get me started on the comment about how stiff Aaron runs his suspension, like leaving it that stiff is a good thing for an average rider.
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 Those custom paint slayers are really looking good. The purple slash is pretty sick too (and very expensive).
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 That purple/oil slick Slash was drool worthy for sure!
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 That hockey stick needs a covid test stat
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 If they're keeping 6ft+ of distance with a hcokey stick it must belong to Zdeno Chara
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 The upspeak tone from the Pinkbike dude is cringe
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 *rising inflection* But yes, cringe.
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 @Feideaux: synonymous
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 Wait, how did he get Gwin's bike?
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 Lots of guys sell their race bikes and spares.
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 @makripper: Right, but a lot of times they aren't allowed to sell all the secret sauce. I'm a former Rockshox race tech and we would get the sponsored gear back. If they wanted to sell it they would get stock parts.
Guys like Gwin aren't just riding next years product but many years in advance.
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 @vandall: yeah for sure. The average guy couldn't handle pro tunes anyway. It wouldn't be comfortable or make sense at our speeds
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 @vandall: Simple answer is that this is Gwins Leogang race bike that was stolen just before the Fort William race.
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 @islandforlife: Hey there, no this 100% is not a stolen bike! I race for an Intense farm team and was able to purchase the bike from the Intense factory racing manager directly!
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 @maxgrayston: To quote Christina at 3:30 "Is that actually how it went down?"

lol, Awesome bike Max, my favorite from the check. I am very jealous!
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 @maxgrayston: Cool... cool... I'm gunna need to some ID..
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 Max is part our Intense feeder team so we get first crack at a lot of different/ unique stuff.... Why don't all of you conspiracy theorists focus your energies towards how Jimmy Hoffa stole the Iceberg that sank the Titanic which JFK's parents were supposed to be sailing on since the Hindenburg was fully booked.
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 @GRAV-Intense-Racing-Canada: haha, it was more just tongue in cheek ribbing... but turns out I f*cked up and timeline doesn't even work out... leogang is after fort william...
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 @islandforlife: I came to find this comment! ha
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 Lol you act like these guys are gods or something and everyone else is a mere mortal and can’t handle or ride a over stiffened bike@makripper:
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 Deans rig is currently up for grabs
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 @ricochetrabbit: not really
Don't you remember the experience of stiffening and opening up your suspension as you used the smaller cogs and the pace increased? Until you are faster than everybody it's tuff to say what works best. If you are at the top pace of your local park, then I guess you're ready to use the SETTINGS OF THE GODS!
As a Page fan I've always wanted to type that. Thanks for the opportunity.
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 Anyone notice the size of Gwin's bike??? Or any of the new bikes for that matter??
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 I think that was the angles, doesn’t feel overly big when riding!
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 Kids are all on 5k Bikes nowadays… and spoiled by suspension and dropper posts.

I am jealous in retrospect.
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 Watched the vid hoping for some vintage/unique setup bikes. Too many RM rides for one vid. I could also feel that way due to the little controversy RM has had with their frame performance and my buddy cracking a frame with no support from LBS or RM. Each party pointing the finger ger at each other...
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 What were the chainstay protectors everyone's using? Also that m29 was massive.
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 I also would like to know this. Smile
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 STFU bike
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 @thegoodflow: Cheers chap Smile
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 I'd love to see more of the bike and less of the guys talking about it. This is a bike check right?
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 Cool,pick a bunch of pros bikes we have already seen. Show normal peoples bikes.
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 Didn't think I was ever going to say this about a Cube, but damn, Remy Metailler's Stereo 170 looks pretty rad. Decked out with DVO bling aswell
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 The targeted ad above the video is for those TRP DH brakes.........they know
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 Chance to make a test with Gwin's Race Bike with all the Secrets...
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 Not enough slayers
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 The slayer with the slayer lettering! I've been wanting to do that to mine, but I settled for red vinyl sticker
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 Does anyone know what the chain guide is called on the first trek session?
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 New 2020 bike checks? Yawn
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 Where’s Tippie?? Loved his bike checks
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 Surprised by the lack of enduro rigs
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 They were mostly enduro rigs hahah some with DH forks, but still Enduro rigs... aside from the M29 and Session.
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 C’mon, drop $9000 on your down country carbon super bling, sub 30lbs super dream machine and thrash it on park laps?? I’m literally cruising the pinkbike buy and sell looking for a decent DH bike so I don’t thrash my Slash as I’ve gone from a 2 ride per day enduro pass to a DH pass this season. The Slash handles all I can throw at it, but nothing replaces 200mm of DH travel when your joints are metal plate reinforced!!
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 @christinachappetta: whistler enduro bikes = downduro??!!??
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 I think I heard Tippie in the background laughing at 4:34
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 Thought I heard that too
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 9:40. Yoann rides his levers flat to bring his 3rd ball up. Wut?
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 Why all the spare tubes? Does nobody ride tubeless?
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 Tubeless isn’t foolproof. It is nice to be able to throw a tube in when you get a gash that sealant won’t fix and be able to get down the hill.
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 @Austink: been there
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 Wow. The Intense just had the same size as Godzilla

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