Video: 13-Year-Old Weston Lloyd Shreds Salt Lake City

Nov 11, 2020
by Steven Lloyd  

13-year-old Weston Lloyd shredding Deer Valley and Draper Bike Park. Two of his favorite spots to session in Salt Lake city.

Riding Tsumami at Deer Valleyt
Jumping through the aspens on Deer Valleys Tsunami trail.

Sessioning at the Draper Bike Park
Weston favorite trick is the nac.
nac s on the pro line at Draper Bike Park
Sunset session at the Draper BIke Park.

Video Steve Lloyd
Instagram @westeezlloyd
Norco bikes
Enve composites
Smith optics
Deer Valley Resort

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Salt Lake City


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 Thanks for reminding me how fun DV is, the week it gets buried...
Fun vid though Smile
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 Seems like they make 13-year-olds a little different nowdays. Wish I was that skilled at 13! Wish I was that skilled now honestly...
  • 5 0
 Was wondering if the beginning was DV, then I saw where I ate shit on Thieves Forest and it was confirmed.
  • 1 0
 Thieves is roudy. Love that trail.
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 @stevelloyd: its a great trail for sure!
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 sat here watching this at 42 years old thinking wish i could jump like that......its crazy to see how good people can be so early on in their lives now. Its great to see how far the sport has come. When i was 13 i was still saving for my first proper mountain bike which was back then a kona fire mountain on project 2 forks and a couple of years later i got it and i was just learning to bunny hop lol.
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 His style on the DJ Bike is just flawless, that Nac-Nac at 1:30 is sooo casual!!!
Loved every second of the edit, except for the first drone shot. Very scenic and beautifully done, but it made the beginning of the riding part very slow. The rest was just banger after banger after banger!!!
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 good beat. good riding. I approve Smile
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  • 4 0
 One in a Million. Haha.
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 Just to be that guy, Draper and DV are not in SLC.
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 Nice work dudes!
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 Thanks buddy! Your boys will be shredding like that soon.
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 Pinkbike- video is not working
  • 1 0
 Hey, was it not working on your phone or the computer? I can't play it on my phone.
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 @Ryanrobinson1984 were you on a computer or on your phone? Its not working on my phone.
  • 1 0
 @stevelloyd: sorry for the delay, man! My phone.
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 hell yea boys! always good to run into you guys
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 Great job on this....always cool to see Deer Valley
  • 1 0
 Weston is ripping! Nice work @stevelloyd !!
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 Stop watching them & go for a ride then.
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 So sick! Nice work guys!
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 Hope we can ride soon dude. OR ski. haha
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 Sick Weston!
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 Thanks Copedawg!
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 Hell yeah
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  • 1 0
 Ya guys!!!
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 Thanks dude. Sorry you got broke. We will jump some laps for you.
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