Video: 13 Year Olds Sending It at the Old Rampage Sites

Dec 3, 2020
by Tyson Henrie  

The Outlaw Team heads south every fall to the Utah desert which continues to provide the most challenging terrain and supreme riding conditions for advanced and pro bikers. From the old Red Bull Rampage site drops and descents to street side jumps, every Outlaw rider finds something up their alley. Drake Parker was on fire this fall sending both a massive 40 ft Canyon Gap and step down. Join the team:

Finley Kirschenmann, Alex Mallen, Cohen Bundy, Boston Bryant, Kye Lundin, Levi Lloyd, Finnegan McDermott and Drake Parker

What makes this edit so special is that our very own 13 year old Syd Hyldahl picked up a new camera in March 2020 and within the months that followed, Syd dedicated himself to craft of media production. Working with Rob Aseltine (Blueberry Island Media), Syd, at his ripe young age filmed and edited this entire video under his new brand Sqyd Media. We're hyped. The future for the team has never been so promising!

Sqyd Media

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 Old Rampage sites are nowadays kids playgrounds
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 It really is. We went out there last winter to ride. My son ended up hooking up with a local kid on social media, and he showed us around the site. There were a whole group of local groms out there, and my son got to ride and hang out with them (and hit some big stuff that he probably wouldn't have hit without them to tow him in). They were all just out, without parents, hanging out, building and riding together. Pretty awesome way to grow up.

Then they ran into Reed Boggs and Peter Jamison who were building for a shoot for Reed's Yeti announcement, which was also awesome. Reed and Peter were both super chill and friendly to them.
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 @Hogfly: Their crew is filled with the most welcoming and nice desert psychos you'll ever meet. Things are gonna get wild over the next few years! FREERIDE!!!!
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 Fun times for sure! Proud of Syd...he has an incredible eye and talent for media...little shredder too! These kids are all pretty amazing...not that I am partial or anything???? ???????? Luke will be back for the next one!
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 all my smiley faces changed to ?? haha !
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 What every kid wants for Christmas, 10k's with of edit tech....
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  Is there even any progression in how gnarly this sport can even get anymore..when groms are allready sending rampage...God damn that was sick!
Fearless team leaders of the future
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 when I was 13 I was dreaming about bunny hop....
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 I couldn't think of a better person that Rob to teach young Syd how to shoot a camera. I miss watching these kids at I Street
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 Are these shredders mostly from the SLC area? When I see videos of kids this young ripping this hard, I have to wonder how much of it is the rad bikes they've got, youthful disregard for risk, quality protection, and location/community. Whatever it is, these kids seem mad happy, and are super talented.
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 Yes. Most of them are SLC, though there are kids on the Outlaw team from other areas as well, I believe.
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 @Hogfly: Do you know if they spend a lot of time at lift served parks?
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 @PHeller: They do, from what I understand. Their website has a lot of information on their programs. They're predominantly a DH team that actually races nationally with devo feeder/training programs.
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 Oh to be 13 and fearless!
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 This is way better than sitting around recording stupid movie impressions and lighting things on fire like we did. PS: There’s also always a line of “old guys” waiting to pass you on climbs in Park City.
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 shout out to Commencal. Can they do any wrong? Just another example of giving back while looking to the future.
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 I'm really impressed with the riding and the filming/editing. I would have never expected that it was produced and edited by a grom also....That was great stuff guys!
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 REDICULOUS!!! The future of freeride is going to just keep getting sicker!
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 Super sick boys!
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 That’s amazing! Showed it to my kid and he’s begging to go ride now!
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 Sometimes I wish I was still a kid... So I could have a pedal that's wide enough for my paddles
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 there's the future
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 I'd like to see a 50+ old man session now please
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 Sponsored by Tylenol and Geritol Wink
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 @nurseben: 100% yes Smile
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 Next level guys! All the hard work is paying off! Keep up the stoke!!! You never know who your Inspiring!
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 So sick and props for the incredible photography!
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 Unreal. Good job guys!
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 Oh how the times have changed! So sick
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 How good is that?? Great vid!
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 Song name?
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