Video: 14 Year Old Ripper Has Style Beyond His Years

Dec 28, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Eddie takes us on a grand tour of San Diego's best mountain bike spots.

A Chainline Bikes Production
@chainlinebikes |
Rider: Eddie Reynolds
Shooter & Editor: Luca Cometti

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 1:21 good to see this was filmed before the kid was born
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 THAT’S how good he is.
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 Save the Famosa Pump Track! Also, nice ripping Sreddie Reynolds!
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 haha I was thinking while watching this, 'every spot in this video will be gone in 2 years time.' Maybe gone, rebuilt, and gone again.
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 I recognize those trails: they are "no trespassing," "closed to bikes," "McMansions coming soon" and the "My City Council is Corrupt Pump Track." San Diego is awesome. Oh yea I think I saw "sensitive habitat" also.
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 I don't need pictures slow-mo movies of someones face, a creek, or some dirt. This was awesome!! Nice to see a kid that can ride not promoting some idiotic music choice or truck/car/motorbike in the opening few seconds.

Just fu$%ing ride your bike.

Nice work
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 How about coffee and shoelaces? A helmet strap being done up?
How can it even be considered a riding video without those?
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 @jaame: putting the goggles on is vital
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 @mackay66: yeah and even a staged alarm clock scene adds immeasurably!
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 I feel they need a new name for their sport at that age, I consider myself a mountain biker, but I do not ride like that.. at all.
bloody kids * shakes fist*
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 I haven’t watched it. I already know it’s going to make me feel like a f*cking incompetent.
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 ya these groms can shred, but can they maintain a comment thread arguing about brexit for over a week on an article about biking shoes? Gotta focus on our strengths.
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 @hamncheez: Thanks for the wake up call, and you're right. One must play to one's strengths.
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 @hamncheez: hahahaha
  • 6 0 he's like 35 now?
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 I hope I can shred like that when I'm 14!! The future is bright with this one.
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 Cool and all, but there are so many “check out this__ year old ripper video!” That they are hard to get excited about.
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 In all fairness, Pinkbike focuses on about 3-4 kids in their coverage and their pbgroms posting. The actual reality of the number of young shredders out there is much more impressive than what PB covers.
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 I second this!
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 @Hogfly: So true, coming from a kid they only focus on those groms with mainly tons of followers and constantly repost them too instead of spreading further. I know plenty of kids who are extremely good and don't get acknowledged for it.
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 If he is the ripper he should use this song for the video
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 Smoked Bacon!
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 Worst thing you can do is show San Diego trails online!!!!
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 Yes shreddie!
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 any relation to Sam orrr?
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 eddie is a first class kid,best of luck to ya eddie
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 Shot bro!
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 I dont like this nervous style
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 Good shit Shreddie
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 I’m not 14 anymore Frown
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 That music was pretty bad
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 Naw, it was Luca and the Cometties
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 Nice and smooth.
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