Video: 14-Year-Old Sends It on a Trip to South Island in NZ with Her Older Brother

Sep 11, 2021
by Finn van Leuven  

At the start of 2021, Erice and older brother Finn decided it was time to see what the South Island of NZ had to offer and see what all the hype was all about. A 2 week trip started in sunny Nelson. From the dusty blown out corners of Sharland Forest to the rocks of Wairoa Gorge. Long and hot summer days, all time riding conditions.

Next it was onto Craigiburn for the classic (mammoth) loop, slogging up the ski access road to the base of the ski field. It was all worth it from the top though, with native bush goodness and scree riding for the descent. The student capital of NZ Dunedin was next on the list, and its local trails did not disappoint!

The final 5 days were spent in the Queenstown bike park...enough said. Round 2 this coming summer!

Branford dirt jumps - Nelson

There was a bit of this along the way

In between rides in Nelson

Gotta have the right fuel for the job


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 sometimes i wonder if new zealand is real
  • 3 0
 It's not I'm not real
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 It's not real - it's unreal!
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 Nah, totally not real. Anyone who spins a yarn about it being real is an egg mate.
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 Might get downvoted for this but I feel need of sharing my opinion. Hey Pinkbike, is it really necessary to put the age of these young rippers in the headline. I mean, I get the importance of media presence for young and perspective riders. However, I feel like putting their age first is click-baity and somewhat disrespectful as it feels like the only thing what matters is the number. I would rather see "young rider" or place the riders' name first. It's ok to place the age in the article in context of the kids' background. You know, in this age kids are still vulnerable and little bit of respect and privacy won't hurt them. I don't think we should care about age as a number. It kind of creates this mentality of parental expectation and pressure. Let kids be just kids. Thank you for reading.
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 What a champ!
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 Erice is an absolute shredder and tough as nails. I saw her take a hefty tumble learning airs at the local skate park one day, pretty much took a front wheel wash out to the face. She then got up, flat out refused any help with her grazes, and with not one single tear (I woulda bawled my eyes out personally) picks up her bike and just rides off home after refusing a lift (she knocked her head kinda hard, I was sorta worried and I know her brother, nothing dodgy, honest).
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 Wow. And skate park falls hurt. It's like hitting concrete.

I've seen many riders progress no further than where they were at the time of their first major accident. It is a real mind-f***.
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 Future world champ - I called it!
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 Shredder !!!
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 that was SICK
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 Ripper! Deserves a wildcard entry for Crankworks NZ.
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 Fucking awesome
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 So cool. Loved it.
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 Really fucking rad, gowan!
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 Nice riding, nice trails. Keep charging Erice!
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 Get this guy some pads!

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