Video: 16 Bike Checks from Whistler Bike Park Opening Weekend

May 21, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Downhill bikes, enduro bikes, hardtails, and more... You see all types of bikes at the Whistler Bike Park! Mike Levy was there on the opening weekend to check out 16 unique rides.

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 - I'm 10
- I'm also 12

Big Grin Big Grin
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 I can't imagine running into and talking to Yoann Barelli who says hi to Mark Wallace in line and then Reece Wallace comes up and messes with you. Whistler seems like a cool place.
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 Pretty common to run into half a dozen or more pro riders on any given day at Whistler
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 On the bucket list, that's for sure!
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 “Oh, hi Marc!”
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 @reverb: you went deep on that one!
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 A big hit. God bless that man. And it's in great nick too. I will retire from the sport when a big hit is no longer spotted at Whistler in these rundowns. I have no life.
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 And a Kona Stinky that didn't break since 2008...

...what a surprise! Big Grin
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 thing looks like a WW1 tank
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 @arrowheadrush: that’s because the stinky is a WW1 tank.

I would know. I had one.
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 Big Hit was my first real bike. Rode the heck out of that thing.
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 @Treze: and that dude looked hefty..testament to the stinky's resilience
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 My son rides a big hit grom Full send.
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 23, 2019 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 Big Hit gets even more try hard points than a long travel hardtail. Now with Sick ruining the name of the game, if Specialized makes a limited run of Big Hits, those folks can get a full suspension bike without fearing the blowback from IPAduro community.
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 @uerbe: Indestructible.
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 No Sick Bicycles anywhere to be found. ...3 weeks.....
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 Hardtail pretentiousness is a sin and Sick is the punishment.
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flag Franzzz (May 22, 2019 at 2:56) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: what about the pretentiousness of the free crap that comes out of your pretentious head?
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 @Franzzz: you call me pretentious? interesting since large portion of my posts are about not giving a fk and riding what you have and that hardtails should be simple, not blown out of proportions - Tell me which part of you have I hurt?
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flag Franzzz (May 22, 2019 at 4:04) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: ``that hardtails should be simple, not blown out of proportions``.

How such a ``self-claimed expert`` like you can write such stupidities?
You probably live in a world of ``alternative truths`` like Trump...

Have a good day WankyDesigns. The sun is shining here in the Pyrennees mountains and my hardtail cannot wait anymore to have tons of fun with me. We both know what`s good Smile
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 @Franzzz: It seems that you got a load off your chest. Better now? Cheers!
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flag Aksel31 (May 22, 2019 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: Being this much triggered for no reason, he must have not recovered from his Monday morning gloominess...
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 Well that escalated quickly. I thought we are all friends in Europe. Beer
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 @Dropthedebt: everyone in Europe’s fine. But the Danish!
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 @WAKIdesigns: yeah what about us?
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 @annes: you talk strange and expect us to understand you, while you don’t even understand each other. Your mother rides Trek and smells of elder berries!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Good bacon though tup
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 @WAKIdesigns: ha ha ha
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 Sooo Yoann has three balls why is this not front page news
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 is it news to you? I thought it was common knowledge...
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 That was hillarious, Yoann never has to worry about a career after racing, the guy is going to be in demand.
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 Chris Kovarik looking like the Prince of Darkness!
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 Fuck huckers!
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 actually he looks more friendly than in th past, never saw him smile before.
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 @IllestT: Huck fu#k#rs
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 more bros and less pros...
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 Juicy 3's that need bleeding? Wow how unusual.
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 Juicy 3's are very easy to service though. All you need is some basic shop tools, a trash can, and a new set of brakes that aren't Juicy's.
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 That Norco going chainless... badass
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 I always look forward the Whistler opening bike checks each year, living anywhere near there would be insane.
" I am ten, and i am also twelve" that made me laugh.
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 I thought he said "and I am almost 12" but I could be wrong
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 Jerry with the ski helmet and Bang energy drink was my favorite.
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 Do we get a statistical analysis of what people in the lift lines are running this year?
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 I was there and saw a shit ton of commencal metas and supremes also a fair amount of Norco Aurum HP’s
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 Chris Kovarik should talk about knocking out Sanjay in Whistler for no reason.
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 I remember something about him missing some WC races because of an incident. All rumours though.
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 who is Sanjay?
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 @optimumnotmaximum: Who WAS Sanjay. Kovarik killed him, rumour has it.
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 That's how Aussies say hello
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 As a fellow of the ball trinity high levers society, I'll throw 2cents in. DH riding is essentially in 'breaking moto position' so when breaking your arms are more out stretched and your taking your body inertia weight on chest and forearm in a push up position, having high levers puts the weight through your palms and into the bars. This same position with lower levers rolls the wrist over the bars and the weight is being taken by the anchored thumbs and the wrist joint. Love these bike checks.
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 high levers make so much sense.
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 High levers. As long as I wont break my arms braking.
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 @cxfahrer: more about taking pressure off the wrists and utilising palms. Appologies for the shitty post/s. I'll delete these once on a computer.
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 @AntN: never mind, I forgot the Wink !
My levers are pretty high, maybe that´s the reason for my sore thumb...?
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 @cxfahrer: when riding do you take your weight on your palms? Almost like you could ride without fingers or thumbs, like doing a push up? Or, do you hold your weight with your wrist and thumb, like if you had no thump your hand would slide off the top of the bars? I'm not suggesting high levers will cure any ailment, just it works well for me and others who complain of arm pump or sore wrists I've suggested lifting levers worked for them.
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 Flat levers explained
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 I have never seen so many skiers among mountain bikes
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 Anyone else notice Vaea's rear tire is backwards?
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 Yea, what the waaa... Maybe she's onto something
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 Cool. Nice mashup of bikes. Are they REALLY improving? This gave a good perspective. I would say if you're willing to fork out the money they're improving, but otherwise maybe not?
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 @mikelevy I could watch this stuff all day.
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 Some great classic bikes there. I just got a mint condition 2012 26" Turner DHR, black and blood red. Cant wait to get that bike up there next month.
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 I didn't make Whistler opening... but... Angel Fire this weeeeeeeekend! And... I am gonna ride my hard tail and be a dick about it!
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 Mono-ball setups, now. SRAM is really pushing boundaries.
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 I think a new hub or BB standard will come out of this.
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 @craigcanucks: 2.99 testicles
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 I love those old schools, Big Hit, Stinky, that Norco...
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 Did the faith ever look like that in Europe? I thought that was a glory frameset. My Old faith was a horizontal shock. US only maybe?
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 This was the one they only made for a couple years in maybe 2011-2012.
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 @sino428: ahh right. I remember my faith was my first DH Bike. Glory version looks good
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 @steviestokes: same here, mine was I think a 2006 faith. Bike was a tank!!!
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 The 10 and 12 year old know more about bike suspension and geometry than I do
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 Nate is a f*@king weapon!
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 Kovarik with a Magic Mary up front! I thought he was Maxxis through and through
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 Quick someone get Whistler a Green New Deal!!! They have less snow than Tahoe LOL.
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 whats the name of that chain silencer?
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 Phil's favorite part is the chainless
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 let me try those horizontal brake levers when i get home!
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 What was the chain silencer?
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 An STFU one, I believe Kovarik endorses them also. They look interesting for sure.
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 Rodrigo is the man!!
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 What a legend. Rodrigo we sauté you
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 Where's The Tip?
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 Peru apparently.
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 Amazing job with these bike checks. Always fun to watch.
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 Bikes and skis!?!

Gotta love Whistler!
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 This was great !!!
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 much better than e batt-bike.
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 More cute females biking, got to love it
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