Video: Looking Back at 20 Years of Red Bull Rampage

Sep 30, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotes20 years, 14 events, 9 winners. Who would have thought 20 years ago, that Red Bull Rampage could have brought freeride MTB this far!?

The inaugural Red Bull Rampage was held in 2001. Twenty years and nine different winners later, we celebrate the event’s 20th anniversary by looking back at some of the biggest moments.

With support from the Utah Sports Commission, we return to desert sands of Virgin, Utah this October 15 to determine who will take the most desired crown in MTB.
Red Bull Bike


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 Hey Red Bull you missed someone!
Quite disrespectful! McGazza Forever!
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 Thanks for this . I miss Kelly, funny guy. Unforgivable to leave out his achievement
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 Great video. For me, this is the coolest event of the year, all sports included, and it's not even close. I can't wait to huck my carcass in the morning (in a manner that Rampage participants would laugh at) and then watch this thing and enjoy many cold ones.
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 The progression over the years is mind blowing! Thank god bike technology has caught up to the ability of the athletes because Rampage has far surpassed CrAzY a long time ago! Everything is out right InSaNe in the current day of freeride!!
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 In a way the venues got bigger because the bikes are more capable.
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 20 years of Red Bull Rampage and they still don't provide insurance support for the competitors? Red bull corp as of 2021 has a net worth of $25 BILLION. A $25 BILLION dollar net worth and they can't provide insurance for competitors? USA cycling provides $25,000 of coverage for a competitor at their events with a permit. I am pretty sure USA cycling isn't worth $25 billion. I love this event and all the riders throwing it down, but, can we have some kind of assurance for the riders that they wont be just ground into dust under the corporate profit margins?
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 thats was awesome. i forgot how cool and mellow wade used to be, haha and brandons bieber hair lol
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 Can’t wait to see the lines! Always amped up for this event! Too bad B-dog has to sideline this one.
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 YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! 15 days to go.......
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 I feel the same
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 Can we get a Rampage Retrospective Photo Epic?
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 Brendog got robbed harder than Norbs
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 I think the craziest progression was the change between the 2002 and 2003 events, wild!!
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 "14 events, 9 winners" am I understanding this correctly ?
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 Some people won it more than once
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 Semenuk and Sorge have both won 3 times, Strait has won twice. There have been 6 other single event winners.
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 Too bad the US let us in from November only Cry
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 just come in illegally wo/ vax like everyone else
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 @quesoquesoqueso: I'm even vaxxed... but it's hard to get over the pond Blank Stare
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 True story... This one of those things I'll have to do at least once before it's too late!
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 lets go rampage
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 Next year Formation Rampage - Formage? (Fromage?)
Male rider and female rider team. Combined points for their runs for the win!
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