Video: 2014 Bearclaw Invitational Slopestyle

Aug 25, 2014
by Scott Secco  
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1. Brett Rheeder
2. Brandon Semenuk
3. Yannick Granieri


Video: Scott Secco / Connor Macleod

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 I feel like Tippie is the real winner in every contest... in fact, in everything he does. This guy is so stoked about everything! I whish everyone could be as happy as him, just having tons of fun! Love that guy!
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 sorry but the winner this time was the song!! haha nahh tippie for president!
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 I could not agree more
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 I'm a big Rheeder fan but I have to say I think Semenuks run was a tad better.
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 no. brett did more oppo tricks and it is harder to go cork 7 to flip oppo whip than 3 down whip to cork seven
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 I think josh is right, but guys there is a difference between 3 oppo whip and a decade ! look close, there is no rotation of the bike ! RYAN MEYER this goes out to you Big Grin
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 Semenuk had just a little more variety in tricks, which i thought was important when judging, even with the final little jump he did a 540 type thing where almost every other rider did the flare. I think Rheeder did two oppo whips in a row, which is bad ass, but semenuk on the same jumps did a 3 bar and then a double whip on the same features, if my memory serves me.
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 rheeder won on the first 3 hits due to technicality. he flipped the drop. switch whipped the boner then reg whipped the hip then on the hip after the on off did switch 270 bar and boosted it. and the last 2 jumps about tied for difficulty.
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 I would say a flip off the boner log is more difficult than an oppo whip
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 no that boner is really steep it would probably be easier to flip and plus brett flipped it in his seating run
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 +1 joshy brooks
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 I also think Semenk's run was a bit better than Rheeder's but these two are just so on top of their game it's almost impossible to say who rides better. If one of them wins it's just by a cock hair.
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 Boner is steep but also a bit hip and he did cork flip there. switch 270 bar looks easier than double whip. Semenuk always suprise with something. Rheeder did almost same tricks every comp.
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 +1 DnBjackob!
Brandon et Brett are on a another level than everyone else,but Brandon add some creativity in his run,Brett's run is totally perfect about style,technicity,etc... but except his 720,he only make a mix of truckdriver,tailwhip,backflip and opposite...find it boring to watch...
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 And semenuk didnt do a mix of truckdriver, tailwhip, backflip and oppo? Oh wait...oppo 3, flip, double truck, flip bar, double whip, 3 downside, cork 7 and 540 bar.
Those are all the best tricks you can do, while still being consistent in your run, what more do you want? I dont see how brandons run was more creative than bretts because they did different variations of the same tricks just in different spots, so dont say one is boring and the other is creative Razz
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 again it was boner cork flip did you see that before? Or 360 double bar (I think that Semenuk spins second bar only with one hand like in junkyard?) And you canĀ“t compare 360 downside whip with switch flip whip, flip whip and switch flip whip looks almost exactly the same
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 A switch flip whip is still way more technical than a flip whip
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 oh my god, this was a decade xD don't call it 3 downside whip!
in this video you can see 2 360 double downside whip. when slopestyler do a decade they kick the bike like a tailwhip to keep it straight while turning together with their bar, this is the reason you think it's a 360 ds whip
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 this one is better ------>
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 Yessss wink!
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 this vid killed it over the Redbull one posted up yesterday, nice work boys!
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 "Tippie for your monday"
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 Movies for Your Monday??
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 Nice work boys!
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 in the near future when a leader of anything is elected ( president, Pm etc. ) it will be made official when Tippie raises your arm in victory.
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 Coolest ladies ever!!!
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 yeah it's nice to hear some good soundtrack from great old bike movies again !
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 dear pinkbike: MORE OLD METAL! please Smile
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 I think semenuk was better then rheeder
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 'Sorry, what was the question?' Brilliant.
I never really liked 720s as I didn't they could be as stylish a nice slow 360. I stand corrected.
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 How much body english did Brandon put into that boner flip! Every time I watch it I think a different rider should have won. Wish we could see some more runs.
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 Really nice to hear Rheeder's comments at the end, good riding.
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 Could not afford champagne this time? Redbull n beer showers!
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 If Semenuk works on his frontflips, and can start tricking them he will truly be on another level.
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 They can both front flip barspin
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 Insane runs, rheeder changed into a t shirt right before that last flair
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 Tippie translation to Rogatkin: "Why are you such a f*cking joebag?"
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 what did Tippie said in french...???! .....*#@% Trois???
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 Un deux trois Wink
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 rheeder is every bit the rider as semenuk is.
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