Video: 2019 Freeride Mash Up from Olivier Cuvet

Jan 8, 2020
by Olivier Cuvet  

Here is a lil' homemade recap from this past year! Those are my favorites shots from Madeira Crusin' by Maxime Rambaud, Ride Free by Arthur Chambre and [01200] by Maxime Rambaud.

I've dedicated this year to what I truly love doing on a bike, and my last edit [01200] showcase it pretty good. Building all my lines for this one made me realize I feel pretty ready and confident to make a step further. Rampage has always been a dream of mine and I want to work this way now.

No foot cancan in front of the sea on the deathgrip line by Maxime Rambaud
Started the year with a stunning trip to Madeira Island, where we rode unique landscapes and riding zones

Foot plant by Maxime Rambaud
Can you find a better spot for a foot plant?

Superman at my home spot by Remy Vroonen
I start building my backyard in order to have proper riding facilities.

Shot by Yoshi Hoshida in central Oregon
SR Suntour brought us to Carson's place so we can share lines and ride all together.

Shot by Yoshi Hoshida in central Oregon
I headed south to shoot Ride Free.

Flat spin in the middle of no where by Arthur Chambre
France probably got some of the best hidden spots in the world

Superman Seat grab By Sylvain Cochard
Sending it in Chatel Bike park.

Photo By Maxime Rambaud
Last but not least, I finished my biggest project to date, [01200], a freeride edit 100% (hand)made at home.


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 Properly sick edit with a massive variety, love it. Good soundtrack but kinda weird how all the clips have been muted, takes away some of the realism. I like hearing the noises from the bike and the dirt being kicked up.
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 I have a theory. My buddies and I were filming clips for a short Instagram video and one of the boys thought it would be hilarious to cough violently in the background of all the clips, this led to all audio being unusable. I think his cameraman has done the same
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 It's about time I release my own 2019 edit!

here's the time marks so you can skip directly to the action.


00:00 me in pyjama
01:23 me on the couch, watching TV
02:40 looking for the TV remote
03:00 grabbing chips, one handed
05:34 riding to the supermarket to get some Mountain Dew and more Chips
06:01 final credits incl. bloopers (watch me as I spill Mountain Dew over myself looking for the remote control)
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 FREAKING HILARIOUS !!! Mine would be close to that just replace the Mt Dew with Diet Pepsi :-)
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 | PLAY |...*braces for bad hip hop track featuring n!gghaz + b!tchez*....*opens one eye*...hey...wait a minute...*fist pump* YAAAAASSSS..rock the f*ck on!
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 Jordie would be proud, massive gaps
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 Hell yeah and on a dark side that's not 2 sizes too big! Love it man nice ????
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 ......and I was thinking of selling my Darkside......maybe not!
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 Nice edit
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 This was great! Keep killin' it!
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 Sick bike, sick rider. Great edit
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 Awesome riding, man!!
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 great edit, whats the song?
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 Sick vid - Great edit
  • 2 2
 50% eye catcher, 50% ear bleeder. God bless the mute button!!!
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 well that was rad

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