Video: 2021 Strait Acres and Gravity Fest Recap

Aug 4, 2021
by Snow Summit  
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Kyle and Rachel brought the party from their backyard to Big Bear for the 2021 edition of Strait Acres, part of Summit Bike Park's Gravity Festival.


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 Can I borrow those berms for my home track please?!
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 One of my best experiences was racing xc, dh, and dual at sea otter. Mostly because it was amazing to see how slow I was compared to pros on the exact same track. I don't need the industry / vendor event at sea otter and while I can ride a NWcup pro track I'm not ready to race it. I could see myself travle to snow summit for this event to race a few disciplines just to race the same track and to marvel at how a pro can ride the same thing I rode just much much faster.
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 That pit viper kit looks so bad
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 for real!
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 The whole sport is ridiculous. We are riding crazy expensive bikes down mountains. Let people dress ridiculously.
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 Agreed, but they know it, unlike you and your TLD dungarees.
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 @suspended-flesh: I sold all of my TLD stuff lol
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 @nickgarrison: LOL pretty much all 'Riding Kits for Men' suck.
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 Kyle Strait is a straight legend!
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 BTW Reg went live yesterday for the US Open at SS
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 what a lame video
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 I suppose this will break into a discussion(rant) of how sucky Snow Summit is..
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 Summit is rad! Getting better each season too. Flow trails work best up there with that dirt.
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flag mrgonzo (Aug 4, 2021 at 21:36) (Below Threshold)
 Hmmm I'm over summit the park was built by a gang of bmx riders and it's too poppy and like lippy. I just catch a quick flight from the OC direct to the swiss Alps a few times a month for some real riding.
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 @mrgonzo: spoken like a true Socal dbag. You go over there to show off your tribal tattoos
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 @Fishoholics: nah I go to hawaii every month to show off my tattoos and surf cause california waves suck I only surf hawaii or portugal or tahiti. or as real bros call it, porties and hitis. you should go sometime bro it's easy just buy a ticket and go.
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 @mrgonzo: you were born in the kitchen of Dave chapel haters ball. You’re a negative Nancy cause you don’t know who your real dad is. You got nothing nice to say about Cali. Than bail. We don’t need your hater ass here
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 lol I was being sarcastic dude. I've never been to hawaii and I love snow summit. I do appreciate the chapel reference. very hateful thing you said about my jacket lol
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 @mrgonzo: Haha @Fishoholics had his hackles up!
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 @suspended-flesh: I'm guessing his girlfriend ran off with an OC bro and I struck a nerve with that comment
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 @mrgonzo: nope you so cal bros are annoying. White claws and trendy fashion. You all have the same lame tribal tattoos and loud mouths. Learn not to be a follower. Most annoying people in bear and mammoth are so cal bros. Just disrespectful punks!
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 @Fishoholics: I bought these shoes off of a hobo

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