Video: 30 Second Slopestyle Bike Checks at Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Jun 16, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

Bike checks, bike checks, BIKE CHECKS! This is what the people want. So let's give the people what they want. Brett Tippie hits up the top slopestyle riders to see what they were hucking their meat and spinning their bars with.

MENTIONS: @pinkbikeoriginals


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 “What is UNIQUE for your bike?” “This is my crank stopper from rubber and tape” - said EVERYBODY
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 ahahah they seem discover the crank stopper this years
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 I wonder what's SRAM and Specialized are waiting for? Develope and patent a crank stopper. Which SKF rubber seals v3.1 , smooth as ceramic bearings when you pedal. Solid grip when you are not.

Then after a year , increase or decrease its friction by few percentage. Then make pros to race enduro and dh with a crank stopper too to prevent pedals to the shins.
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 @chyu: You mister, are a genius! maybe not in market assessment, but for sure in bullshit marketing Smile
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 Would’ve been nice to actually see the Haro !
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 Devellopment in DJ/Slopestyle is at a minimum, as there is no money to earn.
Gyro-mounts, crank stoppers, front hubs without brake mounts - stuff that already had been professionally solved.
So the pro bikes don't look very professional because the parts are not produced any more.
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 I'm surprised the oval chainring works on a SS. The derailleur moves in and out on mine as the cranks turn.
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 I think he's just being funny, they only go downhill, so the benefit isn't even really there.
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 Yeah I was wondering about that. A little bit of slack in the chain is usually ok and the oval chainring shouldn’t make a huge difference in chain tension. Still I’d be a little worried about that setup in a competition setting.
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 @Kramz: Believe it or not, oval rings help when when stood pedalling
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 I’ve always wondered, why do they only run a rear brake and not the front? Couldn’t you just run the line through the steerer and not worry about a gyro or tons of cable housing when doing barspins and other tricks?
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 You can only twist a cable so much before it breaks. With a cable running down the steerer, you would lose track of how many times you've spun your bars.
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 @sgs3 I meant only run a front brake, it could spin as much as you want without ever getting tangled up. So why do they need a rear brake? Is it just better for shaving off speed?
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 @wannabeabiker: It ain't slopestyle or bmx or DJ with only front brake.
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 Stoked on more full-suss slope bikes being produced and ridden, because they're so much fun as _trail bikes_. That means I'll have more trailbike options Smile
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 I'm amazed at that high pro level they all have to jerry rig themselves a crank stop.
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 Invent it and you'll get to ride bikes for the rest of your life and work very, very minimally.
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 Look at the Morphius from speed and style, there is a bolt under the bottom bracket that can be tightened to use as a crank stop.
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 There is not much you can upgrade on a pogostick...
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 @djm35: Cam McCaul done it on his Ticket S
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 I thought it was a device to keep kids drug free
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 Has anyone come up with a less rudimentary crank stop?
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 Cant remember the name off the top of my head but i think sam pilgrim runs one
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 @blakemoss: or the OG "Yeah I just drilled a hole in my bottom bracket and put a screw in it"
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 Just run a bmx one piece crank and over tighten the bearings, worked for the bmxers when I was a kid.
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 Out of the loop- what is a "crank stop" for??
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 When they are doing tailwhips or any trick where their feet leave the pedals it stops the cranks from spinning around.
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 Aids is bad!

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