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Sep 15, 2018
by TrainTo Ride  
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We’ve been training and riding since the beginning of the year, and since 99% of us have “real lives” and can’t afford to eat, sleep and live mountain biking like the pros do, I suggest that most of us are feeling the effects of a long season. When athletes move toward the end of their season, the excitement level is down compared to the beginning of the season. The body is worn down due to the repetitive nature of our sport.

Add these four moves to your exercise quiver for the fall season and they'll help your body fight through some of the tightness and weakness you might be experiencing. They can even be used as a warm up for your rides.

If you get back pain during or after a ride, then there’s a high likelihood that your hips and thorax (rib cage) are tight. Both these areas are designed to be “mobile” segments of the body. Other mobile areas are the ankles, upper neck, rotator cuff, and wrists. When mobile segments become tight, the brain will use ‘stable’ segments of the body to make up for the loss of movement in those mobile segments.
In the case of the lower back, the hips and thorax get tight and so the lower back incurs the stress of taking up that missing movement that is supposed to be coming from normal moving hips and thorax.

Pic- Devon Balet
Psoas/Lat Myfascial Stretch start

Pic- Devon Balet
Psoas/Lat Myfascial Stretch finish


• Get into a lunge position with your front leg out in front of you with about a 110-degree knee angle.
• Tuck your pelvis under you as best you can. That means to tuck your tailbone under you so your lower back goes flat. HOLD THIS the entire time along with pushing the outside part of your ankle to the floor.
• Reach upward with the down-leg arm and push the middle of your ribcage away from you, while simultaneously pulling with your opposite arm.
• Hold for 30 seconds while working ALL parameters the entire time.
• Do 1-2 sets each side. Do more on the tighter side.

Pic- Devon Balet
Cup Reaches Set up

Pic- Devon Balet
Cup Reaches reach


• Arrange 4-6 objects in front of you. I like to use cups or cones.
• Step back and onto one leg so that you really have to reach for each cup.
• Reach forward and down by doing a single leg squat and reach for each cup.
• Return to standing in between each cup.
• Do both right and left, then switch feet and reach right and left again. Alternate each side you start on.
• Perform 2-3 sets / 2-4 passes through each of the cups and with each leg.

The same idea applies to mobility, except this time the area designed to be mobile is the rotator cuff. The shoulder and arm complex is only attached to the rest of your body by one bone, the clavicle. The rest is muscle and muscle is finicky, especially when it’s been compromised with injury or repetitive stress like forward head carriage due to “texting neck” and rounded shoulders. Muscle imbalance can crush performance on and off the bike and make us feel tight, weak and sore.

Pic- Devon Balet
Pec/chest stretch top view

PIc- Devon Balet
Pec/chest stretch floor view


• Lay on your stomach with your arm anywhere from 20-80 degrees (you should feel at which angle you feel the most stretch).
• Place your opposite hand in a push-up position with your head looking to the same side as that hand.
• Push away from your body with the outreached arm and push that same side armpit into the floor, as well as use the “push up” arm to push your same-side body off the floor.
• Keep pushing each of these for up to 30 secs each arm while breathing. BTW! Your outstretched arm may tingle, it's normal.
• 1-2 sets each side- do tighter side more

Pic- Devon Balet
Single leg Y finish

Pic- Devon Balet
Single leg T finish

Pic- Devon Balet
Single leg W part 1

Pic- Devon Balet
Single leg W finish


• Stand on one leg and switch feet halfway, bend forward at the hips with a neutral spine. Start with arms hanging down in relaxed position then:
• Perform a “Y” move - keep elbows straight
• Perform a “T” move - keep elbows straight
• Perform an “L” move - pull elbows into a 90-degree angle till upper arms parallel, then rotate forearms up
• Be sure to maintain good, stable posture the entire time. Be sure to alternate your starting foot each set and each workout.
• 2-3 sets/ 6-15 reps each letter.
• Progression: add hand weights.

I'm Coach Dee, the trainer for the Yeti Enduro team. I'm a 49-year-old enduro racer who just won my second overall season championship as a Masters racer in the Big Mountain Enduro series. For your off-season training needs, Pinkbike readers can download my brand new MTB Strong program here and automatically get $25 OFF.

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 thought you was doing the YMCA in the last one.....
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 you were*
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 @Kimura: you smart Big Grin
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 Dee - thanks so much for continuing to provide this content. The format (one man camera crew Big Grin ) is perfect, don't change a thing.
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 Ha ha! Thanks for that Smile
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 Change one thing: pace. It would be great if you shrunk this down to around 8 min.
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 I have done his programs as well as the nutrition plan. Dee knows what he’s talking about. Did his workouts and I definitely got faster and stronger. Went from mid pack to podium in races. His workouts are absolutely beneficial.
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 Way to go @nocker! Thanks for the props!
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 I did Dee’s program for the last 9 months. He changed my view of the gym. Coming from a football background, I thought the gym was supposed to be more about big weights crashing around. But there I was reaching for cups, and doing my YTL’s mixed with weights in a more focused manner. The result? The last nine months I’ve seen massive gains on the bike in all areas: tech, DH, XC, and overall speed. He knows his stuff. I like doing work where I can see the connection between the gym and the trail. He’s also very quick to respond to emails about questions, modifications, etc. His videos need a little help in production value, but I don’t mind if it keeps his prices low.
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 So awesome @Klebejas! Super stoked you've had that success, kudos to your hard work!
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 Im gonna have to wear my full face doing those cup reaches, guaranteed face plant.
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 Thanks for that Dee. Been training a lot, riding a lot, spent lots of time learning how to get stronger in an efficient and safe manner but have no clue how to rev down the season. I just want to go to the gym and lift some but I feel it just won’t work out for me very well.
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 Ah your welcome @WAKIdesigns! At this point in the season, just doing anything in the gym by mixing it up is beneficial. For me right now, I'm just enjoying going into the gym 3-4 times a week and doing whatever I feel like. I'll do this till about mid-october then when it gets colder, I'll get a bit more structured. Like usual, if I can help, just holler.
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 @enduromtbtrainer: yeah, but would you agree with the dogma that it's good to focus on isometric exercises for stability (especially hip stability) and bring back the widest possible range of motion in the whole body through massage, rolling and stretching? That was my plan for the coming 1,5 month.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yes, I'd agree with that but you'd have to include movement as it's essential to keep the nervous system engaged as well as the deep stability and primal movement systems involved. Don't forget the value of taking 30 days off the bike and doing other forms of cardio based training. If you remember, I talked about that last year in fall/winter and will do the same this year.
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 @enduromtbtrainer: I just picked up BMX racing... it will calm you down they said...
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 @enduromtbtrainer I did your 3 months training plan as a season preparation. The benefit was overwhelming. I've had the best season ever.
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 SICK! Way to put in the work!
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 I would trade my incredible looking calves for some giant, pulsating forehead veins like the guy in the grey shirt.
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 More of these please! @enduromtbtrainer
Oh, and more of Yoga with Abi! @yoga15app
I love you guys.
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 Awesome, love you are enjoying them and I know Abi does too! Keep at it!
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 @enduromtbtrainer and @jdsusmc: We make a good team!
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 @yoga15app: oh heck ya!
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 By the way. Love how you shut down the whole passive stretch thing before the comments started rolling in!
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 wink wink Smile
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 Head and shoulders knees and toes.... Big Grin
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 I spent 20 years with bio mechanics injury work with athletes and this guy is our spot on!
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 Supposed to say always spot on!
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 Thanks Keith!
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 is this vid sponsored by Manitou Dorado? Upside down for me Frown
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 Sorry about that, I wish I knew why!
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 Has anybody used his programs before and can supply some feedback?
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 Haven’t used his stuff, but can say the concepts he’s using are solid and derived from mobility gurus. There’s a large body of evidence and omlwwdge out there as it relates to body mechanics, identifying and correcting imbalances through strengthing, myfascial release and lengthening.
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 I worked with him for about two years and his stuff is definitely spot on. I would recommend him if you want to train better and more efficiently!
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 I did the 6 month program. I followed pretty close for 5 months. difficult to maintain the intensity for that length of time . with work, family and life's little obstacles. like any fitness program , you get out what you put into it. For me I did the program because it focuses on you being a better rider. I believe it worked for me. I now beat most of my buddies on the climb now. as for going down the trail. My buddies are gasping for air , I am tired also, but I recover allot faster and can maintain a long decent. its allot cheaper than a personal trainer at the gym.
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 @crashdad: it,s the bionic hip you have LOL , and Yes I regularly get my ass kicked at 50 by the much improved 59yr old @crashdad .
  • 3 0
 @crashdad: way to get it in even though life can squeeze us at times! Happy to hear you put it to your boys!
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 @MetalPolo: Thanks Paulie, love you bro.
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 I did this year to help prepare for the BCBR. I didnt follow the riding routine, as I wanted something with some more volume geared toward XC/Endurance racing. I really like the strength and mobility exercises though. I've used other programs and have lifted most of my life. The emphasis on mobility/flexibility is really cool. It was my favorite program I have used to date.
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 Did it for two seasons and definitely worked for me, been my best 2 riding seasons ever and i also had the feeling to crash a lot better/without hurting myself seriously.
I would recommend you guys doing it, had to pause this year, but will follow the plan again starting in November to be ready for next years races.
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 @carwash123: YES @carwash123! Thanks for the props and way to go!
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 @yaced: Nice work! I have some big news coming out in late Oct, early Nov that will help you... keep your eyes and ears open Smile
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 @arthurweasley first season I did it. Been a mid pack sport enduro racer and somewhat competitive sport xc (as in I do a tad better in XC). This season I won two xc races, podiumed for the first time in an enduro and won my first enduro this year (in sport cat2). To say it has helped me is an understatement. Right now I feel really burned out. One more race to go in three weeks and then its some down time and less time on the bike. Rest assured though, i will be doing the program again next year! Build on all that I gained this year!
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 I am a follower of his- now just gotta put it into practise...
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 Come on @titaniumtit ! Do yourself a favor and commit even to just doing them and you'll love the fruit you get from even just more than average effort.
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 damn just the first one was really hard.
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 On my computer the video is upside down??
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 Thank you!!!!!! The first part made immediate change in my back!
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 whoop! Key at it!
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 Goes to unfollow, nahhhh just messin
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 not a single foam roller seen that day....
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 Or you could just go out and ride your bike I suppose.
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