Video: 5 Custom Freeride Bike Check from Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 19, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Red Bull Rampage 2022 is underway! We caught up with five riders to check out their custom freeride bikes.

00:34 - DJ Brandt's Commencal Furious
03:16 - Brandon Semenuk's Trek Session
05:18 - Kurt Sorge's Evil Insurgent
07:25 - William Robert's Norco Shore
10:29 - Alex Volokhov's Rocky Mountain Slayer

**for the non-video enjoyers out there, don't worry, we have photo bike checks of ALL the Rampage bikes dropping soon**

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 downhill bikes with single crowns trail bikes with dual crowns
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 Boys in bikinis. Girls with surfboards
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 And a session that looks just like a session
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 great goodness the paint job on that Insurgent. Someone did not flunk out of artschool.
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 We understood the assignment…
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 @FreshPaintsofWhistler: you guys always understand the assignment. Props to you guys for making mine and so many others dreams come to life!!!
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 Seriously. That paint job is incredible. It's really too bad that the photos they took of it for the photo version of the bike check are crappy - they just don't show off how wicked this paint job is!
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 Loving the 'The snake went into the snake hole' quote on AV's frame: the Lunn legacy lives on in such unique ways.
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 I like to wonder what the increase in short travel bikes at rampage means for freeride and whatnot.
Is it because they find it more trickable?
Is it because bikes and suspension are better so we need less to do more?
Is it because we are butting up against what humans can do? And thus more travel wouldn't open any more possibilities?

Tyler McCaul's fork made me wonder what these guys would or even could do on a bike with 300mm of front travel.

Either way, I do love watching all flavours of freeride Smile
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 The builds are so good... I bet the riders aren't needing full DH race travel. The trails are smooth and the landings mostly user friendly (on a very big scale of course). I'm not saying its safe, the scale and exposure is nuts. But it seems like between the mostly smooth tracks and steep, perfect landings they may not need the extra travel. A lighter bike is easier to spin and these guys are all heavy on the freestyle.
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 Just a reminder that the definition of a “freeride” bike in the early-mid 2000s was a long travel single crown bike. I’m personally happy to see things move back in this direction
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 Modern dh bikes tend to be 29er and have noticeably longer wheelbases too so spinning and flips becomes harder. Bikes like the rocky slayer and norco shore are purpose built for this type of riding, and usually have single crown forks too
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 I think it's also mostly because these brands no longer make small wheel dh bikes. Rocky stopped making the Maiden and Evil hasn't had a dh bike for years, so I feel like most riders are just riding whatever will work from their sponsors.
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 @Ksquared13: The Rockshox Totem was a beast!
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 Generic 26 ain't dead comment.....
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 Generic downvote
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 It's Sean not Shawn @Pinkbike, that amazing man is from Cork, Ireland. Great to hear the details on Semenuks bike though, so finely tuned
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 Brandon Semenuk's and Kurt Sorge's bike running 27.5 front and 26 rear. That's going to blow some Pinkbiker minds.
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 I've said it before but if anyone has a bike that can handle it and some cash to blow, get a 26er rear wheel built up to fit your modern frame. It's the most fun thing I've done to my bike
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 Ooh spicy!
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 Stoked to see Interior Suspensions work on such rad bikes down south!
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 Mini mullet? Or rattail???
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 A picture is worth a thousand words...
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 The words in my head are: "Straighten the bars on the Norco!!!!"
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 Brandon's mechanic saying that he can tell the difference between 2mm thick and 1.8mm thick rotors whilst flipping the bike. Erm yeah, sure he can.
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 I gotta agree, and don't forget the fork is set to 63.5psi NOT 63 or 64...
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 If 0.2mm is enough to be noticed, then I am in luck!
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 I found that interesting too. I'm not a physicist, but I feel like if it's weight related, that much weight could easily be added by the amount of dirt or a pebble that may or may not stick to your tire treads at any given time.
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 More likely to be how that additional 0.1g on each end of the bike affects the centre of gravity of the 20kg bike whilst it's flipping I'd imagine.....
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 @DCF: it's around 15-20 grams, about the weight of a compact disc. The question here is which CD Brandon should remove from his glove box to make up the weight difference. Nobody asked but personally, I'd lose Silver Side up.
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 @AndrewHornor: but skimming 0.2mm from the disc is entirely negligible
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 Who's talking about skimming discs? That bike has Centerlines, and I think it's very safe to assume the 2mm rotor mentioned is the HS2. Which weighs an extra 14g according to bikeradar, or 18g according to pb. Let's take the average, 16g, add it to both axles and let a bigger nerd than me calculate how much extra force it takes to spin that bike when factoring in centripetal force at whatever speed the wheels are turning to clear these huge gaps.
Honestly after thinking this much about I am more inclined to believe it's tangible...
  • 3 0 According to this video he can tell the difference if his fork is 4mm taller at the stem tube.
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 @AndrewHornor: took me till the end of your comment to figure out what a compact disc is. It's been a while
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 mini mullet session park with zebs..
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 Those rigs are looking so good!
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 Need more bashguards
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 Brandon's bike seems from the future...
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 great saddle design dj, I enjoy the idea of facesitting virgin mary
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 Can´t get over Christina telling DJ he has a pretty tall cock.....pit!

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