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Video: 5 New Bikes with Prototype Suspension, 3D-Printed Frame Parts & Integrated Telemetry - Sea Otter 2022

Apr 11, 2022
by Mike Levy  

Come with us for a walk through the Sea Otter venue to look for new bikes and gear. Max and I find a prototype Polygon using a six-bar suspension layout, the Reeb SST with its 3D-printed frame components and flex-stays, Van Dessel's carbon trail bike, Revel's new 29" wheeled Rail, and Mondraker's 130mm-travel Raze that comes with their own suspension telemetry system.

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 At risk of being old school, can we have photo stories? Watching video's in the workshop on the work's computer is drawing waaaay to much attention.
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 Hah, yeah... I much prefer looking at photos
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 +1 request i think my boss is on to me
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 @mikekazimer: do you have a similar photo gallery link for the Digit story, please?
Digit: pinkbike.com/news/digit-prototype-datum-trail-bike-and-clever-hidden-shock-sea-otter-2022.html
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 Photo stories don’t draw ad revenue like YouTube videos.
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 Wear safety glasses with HUD and bone conducting sound. I should patent that. dang it letter in my inbox Specialized is suing me for patent infringement on their glasses argh
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 What’s an ad on YouTube? @BiNARYBiKE:
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 Youtube ads appear to be mostly disabled when viewing here on Pinkbike, I'm guessing on-site retention is the priority to keep content here free (supported by bike related ads).

The whole PB crew were super busy at Sea Otter, and likely have masses of photos and words to organize. I completely understand if they don't also have a story and photo gallery in addition to the video, I'm simply interested to see/share it if more exists.

Now that I've considered that I think I can answer my own question, it's at pinkbike.com/news/first-look-the-digit-datum-has-shock-strut-suspension.html
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 I'll be blunt, I rarely watch these videos, I just don't have the time or patience. I suspect this is the same for many folks, so make it pictures or it didn't happen.
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 @nurseben: I'll second the sentiment. I miss the articles, it feels like 9 out of 10 times it's a video - which I'm disinclined to watch.
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 @nurseben: oh heck yeah. I can read a lot faster than I can watch a video.
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 @mikekazimer: Thanks Boss, I'll get straight back to it,,, promise.
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 @mikekazimer: That REEB, god damnnnn
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 Btw, YT is soooo dated, you should try TikTok instead if you want to reach younger generation Wink My 9-y daughter can give you some hints Wink I can already imagine TikTok clip with sunburnt Leavy wearing flip-flops with some techno music background.
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 @Hershay: Just get your boss into mountain biking and everything will be okay.
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 @nurseben: but you managed to drop in...just to comment?
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 photos are only for the "spotted" PRESS RELEASES
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 secondly no one reads the top half of the internet they head for the comments to formulate the facts of the stories
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 Just came here to see if others leave comments along the "I'm not going to watch videos, please write articles" and was pleasantly surprised. I won't watch videos, for many of the reasons already listed. I look at Pinkbike as a distraction at work, I'm not going to watch videos at work. By the time I get home I am sick of looking at screens, and more importantly...I go for a ride. The proliferation of videos simply means I interact with Pinkbike much less, which has zero negative impact on my life. So to sum it up, Levy got sunburned for nothing
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 @lkubica: Agree. Plus, TikTok does porn, so I can see a lot of daughters this way
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 Totally...So anoying to skip thru the vid to see the bikes . Please put photos in addition....Quicker to check and less blabla..
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 watching photos gives no money to PB Wink
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 @whateverbr0: I think we did ~40 Sea Otter articles and 6 are videos.

@blacktea: nah, we should put photos in these too. It's just hectic on the ground at events.
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 Need photos and words. Many of us drop in on PB at work and can't play video or need to go back to an article a few times to get it done between boss-ducking. Also, 'pause' isn't the same as having an image with a caption. I'm old. But too much video leads to lots of skipped articles.
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 big agree
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 You not supposed to be working at work?
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 @mtb-scotland: Yes, "supposed"...
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 Standing by for the photo album recap…
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 same, could have been an email.
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 @racecase: per my last email it was
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 @racecase: Could have been a smoke signal
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 yo I want that REEB
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 i want some BEER
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 why would Levy spend a minute and a half flapping his mouth about the polygon and not cycle the suspension? The only thing a video could have possibly improved on photos and text and you don't do it.
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 [mean girl] Mike, stop trying to make "downcountry" happen. It's not going to happen. [/mean girl]
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 Downcountry is fetch
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 @VtVolk: headset-routed cables are the new PF BB
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 Opportunity missed to ask if "You deserve a Raze"
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 I got a large Raze last year, but it was still too small.
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 Why do more and more manufactors jump on this trend of cable-routing through headset-cups?
What´s the crazy new technical advantage of this?

Others than that: I really hope Reeb can manage to have a worldwide distribution in the future. I would love to buy a SST, but it´s way to expensive when bought from abroad the US.
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 If you were a brand, would you rather add a manufacturing step to drill holes in your frames, which would also weaken the head tube, or just by a headset you can route internally. Not saying that I support the trend, but it makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint.
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 @LvBiks: I would think that what you save in a few manufacturing steps would be more than offset in : 1.) more expensive headset and 2.) significantly more expensively assembly time.

I honestly think the trend is there just to appease the "lets cleanup the cockpit cable/hoses" group. There's nothing left to "innovate" on our bikes, except to find ways to run the cables/hoses inside existing structural elements.
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 What about the new Cervelo MTBs that had an article and video that was magically taken down.
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 we don't talk about Cervelo
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 @SATN-XC: no no no, we don't talk 'bout Cervelo.
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 Because they used the word aloooominum and Meghan mark Le immediately tried to trademark the word
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 Maybe its a secret?
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 Awaiting for the "Cervelo Prototypes" that disappear after posting
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 66.5° seat angle on the Mondraker?
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 i thought i heard him say that too. but its 76,5
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 Love that REEB, highly considering it as my next short travel rig. But I really wish the seat stay and top tube were completely lined up, its messing with my OCD.
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 I hear you...nothing better than when a bike has a straight line from headtube to rear dropout. It just looks perfect.
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 At static, the seatstays line up with the top tube across all sizes.

The flex stays are welded at “sag”, so the rear end is in tension when installing a shock. This gives a small initiation of travel to help the “off the top” feel, making it more sensitive to small bumps. If you lift up on the seat, the bike will raise about 5mm, lining up the seat stays perfectly.

Just for you, I’ll make sure to weld all future frames so the seat stays line up to the top tube with the rear end in its “dynamic” position.
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 @prosauce: I've always wanted a custom bike, thanks!! lol

For real though, thanks for letting me know the reasoning, makes me that much more interested in getting my hands on one! With the bike raising 5mm if you lift up on the seat, does that mean you could install a longer stroke shock?
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 @prosauce: to confirm,
Is it 65 HA with a 150 fork?
Is there any option of getting a 64.5 with a 140 fork?
I’d love to be able to go both up and down by 10mm either way, in my head that makes for
65 with 130,
64 with 150…
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 Fresh out of Vin Diesel dealers in my area.
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 The reeb and the raze are lookers.
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 Revel feeling ballsy with their ‘Rail’ bike name, Trek ain’t going to like that, Shirley?
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 The hard contoured top tubes of the Revel and Mondraker make my knees hurt just looking at them.
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 Is it just me, or a bit of jealousy for Levy's job is warranted???
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 The Mondraker is beautifully designed and I guess looks even better from up close, but the Reeb is the bike I'd choose to own.
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 Shock backwards on polygon to be non conformist?
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 Hey mike Please go look at the Chris Chance tent. Please
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 At this point new suspension designs are just gimmicks...there is only so much you can play with antisquat and progressivity etc etc....we have reached the peak in terms of linkage designs it all just depends what kinematic compromises you are willing to make. There will never be a bike in the future that rips all other bikes apart from a kinematic point of view even ones we have now, we have reached the peak in terms of this. For real progress from suspension now we need to get rid of telescopic forks, have true live valving that deals with compression and rebound adjustment in real time or even better fully active suspension. 4 bar, 6 bar, sixfinity, 21 bar it doesn't matter...they are all doing the same thing just some lean towards pedal efficiency more and some towards plushness and look different for marketing or trademarks sake. We are not going to hit some holy grail of suspension just based on frame kinematics....there needs to be some real drastic changes to bikes in the coming years to be worth buying over the bikes we have now...suspension design has peaked, geometry has gone about as far as it can go without compromising too many things, some would say it has gone too far, brakes have got so powerful you can send yourself over the bars in some cases with the light pullof your index finger....we need real technological advancement now, not just shifting stuff a few mm here a few degree there and acting as if it's revolutionary and the latest and greatest thing coming in at 15'000 dollars and it's 2% better than the top end bike that you bought a couple years ago and has now depreciated to 2k on Ebay.
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 @Danzzz88: well ya, you know that's just like your opinion man
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 @Danzzz88: “why waste time say lot word when few word do trick”
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True... Unless Gearboxes make a huge leap, and change the game kinematics/pedaling forces wise.
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 Wy yse vwls
jst bbrvt vrythng@Hayek:
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 @Danzzz88: I’m sure this exact thing was written in 2001, 2011, and so on.
Incremental change happens slow, and over a period of time, to the point that we hardly notice it until we look back.
There is no “monumental” change until you look back 10 years from now….

Please point me in the direction of the top end bike from a couple years ago that you can buy for 2k
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 Lol, every year the MTB industry reminds me of how totally awesome the BMX industry is.
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 Polygon looks like a Jeffsy?
Van Dessel looks like a Transition?

...at least nothing looked like a Session Smile

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