Video: 5 of the Wildest Runs from Leogang DH World Cups

Oct 10, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWatch 5 of the best and craziest downhill MTB runs from over the years at Leogang, Austria! Red Bull


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 Stevie's run never fails to put a tear in my eye, I will never forget that season.
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 Couldn't agree more, anytime he is mentioned I get bummed out. I always enjoyed watching his racing and riding so much.
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 Gee said it right: "Good fkin ride Stevie, fair play man."
long live chainsaw
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 @Altron5000: agree class act @11:26, and a refreshing example of just being a good sport.
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 Glad I wasn’t the only one
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 Gwin. Chainless. Done.
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 Dat dismount..
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 Goosebumps every single time I watch Stevie's run. Such a huge day for Canada. He's a legend.
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 Stevie Smiths run will always be the greatest memory. Winning his first overall WC, and smashing Gees dream. Shame the legend was taken to soon.

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 Fitting tribute to Stevie, what a ride!
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 Amazing runs. The ones of Gwin and Stevie seem the most impressive. Winning without a chain is ridiculous. Stevie's run was just balls to the wall all-out no holds barred pedal to the metal all-or-nothing amazingly quick. What a riders. My goal is to just one day be able to ride this whole run. But at those speeds? Wow. Just, wow.
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 Not really sure I agree with the order.
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 Not sure if the numbers correspond to a hierarchy though. Might be random.
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 @Mac1987: It says top 5 then goes from 5 to 1. So yeah pretty sure its the order. Stevie's is emotional but not sure it is wild. Same with most all the others. I fully expected to see two Gwin runs, the no chain and flat tire. Those were wild. The other are memorable runs and would have been a better term for this list than wildest.
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 10:27 - the rock had 0 chance. #longlivechainsaw
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 I miss Chainsaw.
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 ChainSaw RIP-N !

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