Video: 50 Person Party Trains with Transition Bikes

Feb 29, 2024
by Transition Bikes  

Company Trips might be our favorite holiday!

We all came to Transition because of our shared passion in riding bikes and experiencing the outdoors on two wheels. It doesn't happen often, but when we all get to ride together we know we're in for a good time. Follow along to see what went down at our 2023 Company Trip in Darrington, WA!

Darrington is located one and a half hours to the southeast of Bellingham in the shadows of the Cascades. North Mountain is a humble rounded peak compared to the gnarled Cascades also surrounding Darrington, but is home to some of our area's most technical sustained riding.

All 50 of TR's employees shut down their computers and hung up their tools to share some two wheeled time with the whole company. Food was prepared by the Outpost Eat's staff where they dished up 3 insane meals a day for the two day trip.

We're already looking forward to next year's trip and might have to go right back to Darrington!


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 I tore apart that stump at 1:29 during the build and got absolutely hammered by hornets.
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 People always talk about "blood, sweat, and tears" going into trail. But they never talk about the "welts, stings, and rashes" (thanks, poison oak!).

Oh yeah, and whatever that electric feeling is that get after you've absolutely submerged in nettles.
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 my favorite trails, the only place I'll bring a saw. Love all you've done up there.
never been so hyped on a low snow year...spent the past three springs chasing the snow line up the hill, almost went up last month to see if anything's running.
hoping Transition is shooting more stuff up there this year, lower SS was perfect after that Spire ad! Do that again and I won't say anything about flying RC planes at the baseball fields (birder solidarity)
Friends roll their eyes when Darrington is mentioned--here I come with nonstop hype!
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 We have a trail here, that`s called Colmeia ( Beehive ) , for the exact same reason !
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 Nothing quite like opening up a hornets nest mid build and being unwilling to hike out for some RAID so you just establish an uneasy peace with the hornets buzzing you, makes the beer taste better and the riding sweeter when you're done or something
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 Party on!! Love these bikes.
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 How do you shuttle yourself and 49 friends/ co-workers? You don't get 50 e-bikes and make all of us wish we worked at Transition. Well done!
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 Did some pull pulls of the lookout last time i was there, let the good times roll!
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 OMG. This is depressing.
This is a good video.
I just don’t like how it shows me
I’m doing working for a living WRONG
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 Cool. Still on the OG Sentinel. Love the bike and the brand. Met some of them in Nanaimo a few years back. Genuine nice people.
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 Fun times, that's what I'd want if I was working for scratch at a bike company!
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 Still my favorite bikes. Party on!
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 Some good people right there. Especially that Chile Pepper crew! That Drew guy is alright too!
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 I only counted 38 but ill take your word for it
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 No one from Transition on a steel badass TransAm? Booooh!!! Smile
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 4 mile downhill my dude. Way more fun with squish!
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 I've been saying it for a long time that Transition have the best clips ,good vibes ,nice bikes and son on BUT sometimes they have to poo and they put shitmano motors in their bikes ,thats it .

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