Video: 50to01 Oozing Style at Windhill Bike Park

Oct 30, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Windhill may have been recently hit by an arson attack but here's a video that proves that there are still plenty of reasons to head down there and still support the B1ke guys and one of Britain's most progressive bike parks.

The 50to01 boys get to grips with Windhill's jumps and trails in an afternoon session packed with gaps, tricks and style.

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 This is how you build a bike park. Those corners are a riders' corners. So bored of 180' turns, give me some 90' berms on a lesser slope any day, some nicely spaced jumps for interest and repeatability, and a big step up to explode a back wheel. Everyone goes home a winner.
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 50-1 destroying santa cruz rims that Danny M can't Smile
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flag fiatpolski (Oct 30, 2019 at 2:41) (Below Threshold)
 They are on Cannondales now, so probably no reserve wheels anymore.
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 @fiatpolski: negative ghostrider*

*I think
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 @fiatpolski: Ratboy is on Reserve wheels - not sure about the others
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 i snapped one a month into whis bike park season and the second one is now an egg, theyre shit. i never once even had to tighten a spoke on my dt e1900 in 2 park seasons
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 No questions asked, my ENVE rims have handled bigger impacts than that repeatedly.
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 @brappuccino: Same for me. I have smashed mine 360ing a jump of the same size and they’re still rolling strong
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 All those people that felt their blood boiling with yesterdays video are now feeling warm and fuzzy inside after today's video.
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 Ground to air ratio.. 1:1
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 that was fairly epic 3 to wheelplosion. nice!
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 great riding !
anyone know what the backing track is ?
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 So 50:01 is now Rat/Cannondale exclusive?
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