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Video: 50to01 Ride Classic Scottish Race Venues on the New Cannondale Enduro Bike

Jun 8, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWe took the new rigs up to the rummest spot we knew, they handled it like a day out at Blackpool. With ease and finesse, the new frame configuration feels better the faster it's ridden.50to01


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 Bike looks unreal... Riders ain't bad either. Silent & Smooth.
When I grow up I want to ride like that, right @Guyonnabike ?
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 A bunch a talent right there for sure but Rats smoothness is next level, a fukcing wizard on 2 wheels.
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 It looks so effortless for him.
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 Funny how one of the fastest racers on the planet spends his time jibbing about and Kade who must be one of the best jibbers in the planet spends half his time racing. A joy to watch both of them either way.
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 Yup Cannondale has it going on. That bike looks mint and the lads properly flying it showcases. Single and dual crown capable? Going to be giving up the last kidney left for this one.
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 interesting to see it being ridden with both single and dual crown forks.

i actually saw one in person at the bike park here over the weekend (Blue Mt - Pennsyltucky)
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 Well, we know it got a nice shakedown in rocky gnar, if nothing else...
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 not enough yes mate or footplants
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 Good riding. Dudes are so smooth. Goals right there
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 I loved how they showed it being ridden with both single and dual crown forks. I feel like this will open it up to a larger spectrum of riders.
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 Interesting droogs (Clockwork Orange) reference in that opening scene - 0:12. No? Just me then!
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 Not enough codpieces
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 Mint video. looking so fast as always. Glencoe Red sections shown are not classic yet... they have not even been raced yet!!! 1st race on the is in a couple of weeks time. Fingers crossed for dry weather.
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 Rat bike check please
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 Rat hair style please
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 I have never said this before: this next Cannondale looks rad! ;

The current Fury is my favorite bike of all time, I hope these have a mini-fury thing going for them.
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 We need info on the bike.
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 jeeez how silent that bike is ! its thanks to high pivot i guess ? chain doesnt slap cause its further from frame
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 Just release the bike already jeez
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 So cool to see this crew ride something else other than 3 berms with a tabletop somewhere in between.
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 The slow motion is really really cool (from the perspective of a low-skilled rider).
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 it's been a while but does anyone know why the ratboy gave up on WC Elite Racing, Santacruz, the Syndicate and all that for this?
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 Cuz he wanted this...as per his interviews on the subject.
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 Corporate sponsorship doesn't always go hand in hand with certain lifestyle choices
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 he wasnt allowed to sport that haircut riding for santa
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 @funkzander: Nor should he have hahaha
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 @Staktup: i kinda get the idea, but Josh was no second tier rider, he singlehandedly won the world cup, so much natural talent and it just got wasted, it is kind of sad for me to see him there, from a Senior position in the Syndicate on Santacruz to Cannondale appearing on Tiktoklike videos.

He didnt have to sacrifice so much imo, there are other companies doing a better job at portraying the style of riding he wants to do, Commencal for example. And with a rider of his caliber he could be sponsored by any company he wants.
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 @Narro2: perhaps they pay top dollar and let him just do his thing
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 @funkzander: yeah, except that they dont pay him top dollar.
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 when are they going to officially release that bike??
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 When the hype hits max level
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 Day after the pinkbike Spyshots
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 Coincidentally, Blackpool feels better the harder it's ridden.
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 Rock hard
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 Already used that song on the Brecon Beacons video.
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 Does that mean Cannondale is cool again?
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 So does this mean we have to call him Rat Man now?
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 the one at Silver on Saturday had a way better paint job
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 Bike looks awesome,.
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 Well the frame looks much cleaner if nothing else.
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 'cmon Cannondale, are you guys high on hair dye? Battleship grey? and whats going on with the downtube?
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 That is covering the shock body. It is basically enclosed in the downtube.
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 @Austink: not quite, it seems to be coming through the bottom
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 @quesoquesoqueso: yeah I think there is some sticking out. I have seen the leaked product page photos. It is like 90% enclosed.
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 They have a purple one, and one that I think was more green chameleon. Of course they sold out before they released any geo info, which is real cool.
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 PressRelease tomorrow?
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