Video: 50to01's Raw 2018 Highlights

Jan 9, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

It's been another crazy year for 50to01 with another full length feature, a growing crew and a new big sponsor comes on board. Check out the raw highlights from 2018 in the video above.

bigquotesBig love to everyone for the support. It's been a hell of a year... more of the same in 2019.50to01


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 You've got to hand it to the 50/01 crew. They've built such a brand following on what is essentially (very good!) messing about on bikes. Keep at it!
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 this captures the essence of everything i love about mountainbiking: nature, trails, mastery of biking and shenanigans
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 @wowbagger: The essence (nailed it)!
I feel like a lot of us forgot why we initially fell in love with mountain biking, 50:01 vids help remind us!
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 Thankyou Smile
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 Foot plants. So rad and so much commitment and as much as I love them, my rebuilt knee just doesn’t allow for it.

I was a skateboarder/snowboarder throughout my youth through 20’s; big knee injury forced the change to 2-wheels and that’s 20 years ago but man these guys remind me of skating and the desire to session and stomp something rad even if it takes 20 tries. Please continue to tap into Cardiel’s stoke! That was my favorite 50:01 edit ever.

Plus I like how they supposedly speak English like me but I have to really concentrate to figure out what they are saying.
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 "uuuhhhh.. you sick con" hahaha

Keep doing you lads, loving it!
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 Haha glad that cut got picked up ... thankyou
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 What happened to the fabric / 50:01 video where they go up a mountain in Wales. Definitely my favourite can’t find it anywhere.
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 Agreed! They were riding on footpaths on National Trust land which doesn't go down well if you publish it online, so it had to be taken down unfortunately.
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 @thenotoriousmic @brake-for-cake Yeah I was also searching for that video a while back, and I even msg'ed Ratboy and he didn't seem to realise it had been taken down.

BUT.. I found someone must have DL'ed it, and they have re-uploaded it to Vimeo:

Me and a few mates done that ride a few months back after watching that video, proper good fun, and almost everyone we passed were stoked that we were trying it on bikes opposed to being annoyed.

Word of warning, if your climbing from Pencelli side, expect some real gnarly rambling in the last 5%, it gets hairy.
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 @stokedandbroke: yes mate that’s awesome. Just watched it again still mint. Got taken down because you need permission to film in the national parks and they didn’t have it.

Yeah we do hiker bikes in the lakes and nobody cares that your riding footpaths and most of them are actually interested in what we’re doing because of how steep and rocky the lakes are they don’t know you can ride down stuff like that.
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 Who's the guy on the commencal?
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 Stoke the stoke boys awesome edit
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 Love it
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 Time to session!!
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