Video: 6 Slopestyle Bike Checks from Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

26" wheels, they are alive! With Crankworx Innsbruck going down this weekend, the slopestyle athletes are out throwing tricks that will make your head spin. Here are just a few of the trusty slope bikes that you will be seeing during the big show.


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 photos plz
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 but my social media influencer consultant told me videos get 18% more engagement!

Won't be long before we get race results in a video. Watch. Pause. Read. Repeat
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 Pinkbike! Please pay attention, every time you do a video bike check the top comment is ‘we want photos’ lol.
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 Emil's bike looks super heavy! I'd have gone for aluminum or carbon personally.
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flag rubenmasi (Oct 1, 2020 at 8:49) (Below Threshold)
 It is aluminium?
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 @rubenmasi: Nah bro, it's solid marble! Flintstone style. Proves once again it's the rider, not the bike.
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 @jefe: Emil taking that weight penalty in style to promote Bed Bath & Beyond's new countertop range.
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 @jefe: that took me way too long man???? thats a good one tho ahah
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 Does it ever get old trying to put those pants on in the morning?
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 Google: shoehorn for pants.
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 Marz Bomber Djs...2020 is definitely looking up. Brings a smile to my face.
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 Big Grin and then I realize I won't be able to afford it...
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 @DaFreerider44: Yeah, £600 for DJ forks?
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 @McArdle: boo hoo get a job!!
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 @mhoshal: Ha ok f*ckwit try to understand the comment before typing, my observation was that £600 for a fork for a DJ bike where the full build won’t cost much more than £1200...maybe a trail bike etc the cost is much more justified.
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 @mhoshal: Wow I wonder if I've thought of that
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 @McArdle: and like I said get a job because you're clearly whining about the price of a rather cheap fork. If you can't afford it go ride an rst dirt and stop complaining. I paid right around the same price for my argyle like a decade ago so I don't see where you think this price is too high. No one complained when the pike DJ dropping and its comparatively priced.
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My problem here is not wealth, financial status or income of which I’m doing fine thanks, but a DJ fork is not where I would spend £600 due to the fact that the majority of complete DJ bikes retail around the £1200 mark and I don’t need a £600 fork.

I paid over £1100 for a pair Boxxers for my dh race bike...over a decade ago if we are playing top trumps, but who gives a f*ck about that. Stop pissing and whining about someone’s opinion from behind your keyboard and go ride your f*cking bike!
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 @mhoshal: Wow I wonder if you've heard of sarcasm
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 Came here to judge custom paint jobs. was not disappointed.
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 Love all the small machines bits on Emils bike super trick! Aka headset and on the rear hub!
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 When are the Emil Grips coming out? I want to buy some!!!
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 Is the frame broke @4:23 ? (top of bearing)
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 Pretty sure it is a cable holder.
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 @Startgas: think you're right
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