Video: 60 Seconds of Jack Moir Fine Tuning His Race Speed

Oct 23, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

It may have been a short race season, but Jack Moir came in hot and had an incredible 2020 with two EWS podiums, a top 10 at DH World Champs in Leogang and two top-15 DH World Cup finishes. He's shared this raw video of himself getting up to speed ahead of the race season at the Awaba Mountain bike park.

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 pb armchair engineers: thats an unrideable bike! jack: yeah!
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 He has a 180mm fork plus a 15mm spacer instead of just a 160mm fork. Probably he wasn't that happy about the 66° HA on a normal strive.
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 This dude is like 6'4" (193cm) and RIPPING fast on a size Large with 35mm of extra stack (20mm of extra travel and 15mm of spacer) another 20-30mm of spacers under the bars. Basically around 450mm of reach at most lol. The interesting part is that their desired "reach" for their size seems to be somewhat inline with Lee McCormack's system for better or worse....tho Jacks is a fair bit below. I'd hate to pedal that poor thing with that nutty STA (I'm 6' 4" as well).
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 @Svinyard: he may be 6'4" but he's got some T-rex arms I believe. Also amassive flex from him racing EWS then showing up and putting in 2/3 top tens at the 3 UCI races then dipping out before the last race of the season since he didn't have a downhill sponsor and to get ready for next year (when he hopefully is cashing some big checks from canyon to be on their DH team).
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 @OpeSorryAbootThat: and He ll be rider of the year no doubt! The most notorious gravity rider this 2020 by far...
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 Love the no music, just bike sounds/raw approach. Moir please!

Crazy good season for Moir. Bring a consistent top 10 threat in both EWS and DH is no easy feat.
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Jack Moir is such an awesome rider Big Grin
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 Who else thought "I'll try some of that moves this weekend"?
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 Stoked for Jack. He looks to be on form and super comfortable on the bike. Now I definitely want to go out and pump through a bunch of trails, perhaps throw the odd Scandi flick here and there, and pretend to be rad like Jack.

I hope Canyon appreciates the fact that pretty much every comment here is positive / stoked. I’ll tell you I started looking at Canyon bikes again simply from seeing him on EWS and *this* video. Great addition to their team.
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 Had to watch that last corner several times. Just unbelievable. To have the foot off sliding sideways over the hump before the berm, was magic to watch
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 He looks so big on that thing!
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 Reminds me of how Josh Bryceland looked on his 26ers
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 I hope Canyon let him do a mix of enduro and downhill - like Eddie has done the past few seasons
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 More, give more of Moir
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 Ah to be able to corner like that would be a dream!
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 So much style! Jack brought his 2020 season back from the dead! Can’t wait to see what a healthy Jack can do in 2021.
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 Moir of this Jack! Wasnt good enough for Gwinn Smile
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 Vid was 56 sec.. jipped 4 sec
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 That was awesome!
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 Yea man.
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 You know he's even better in the mud.
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 Anyone know what hubs he’s running? Sounds so good
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 Man flow tracks suck.
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