Video: 8 Days of Digging & Riding In The Desert for Rampage 2021

Nov 13, 2021
by Caleb Ely  

A long week for both diggers, riders, and media team. The vibes were high and everyone threw down. This is Rampage 2021.


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 I thought this years Rampage was kinda Bitter Sweet for lack of a better word and the music here seems to fit the bill w/my analogy
Like a really good dream
That turns into a total nightmare
And , then back into a good dream Smile
Wow that was awesome
And then oooh man that really sucks
But wait wha? Shizzle my dizzle now that ,was pretty Sick
The amount of bad crashes just seemed to alienate it from the previous years somehow but the good parts were still awesome . Once everybody heels up some Rampage Redemption or a part 2 would be a slick move for RedBull
IDK just dreaming I guess
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 Idk man there have been some brutal crashes over the last few years. Paul Bas breaking his back, Vink breaking his ankle, Rogatkin falling off the cliff to name a few… thankfully some of them are ok but it’s kind of wild how quickly we seem to forget about how some of those crashes were life changing for the athletes.
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 great perspective. psychology and experience is such a huge factor. total bs brandt wasnt invited.
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 Brage!! Sick to finally see vid of him riding more of his line. Looks amazing. I am betting there is a decent chance the competition doesn't come back to this site next year. It would be so awesome if Brage came out sometime next year and rode and filmed it to get some redemption.
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 nice; some great shots.

and that fronty, man. wild
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 A long week for the media team? My heart bleeds. If it all feels too much for you next year just let me know a few weeks in advance and I'll look after it for you.
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 You need to put the keyboard away and go for a ride, grumpy pants.
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 @brisbike: definitely right! Unfortunately I've been ill the last week. I hope I didn't offend anyone too much!
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 @andrewbmxmtb: not offended here, could just tell by the tone of the reply you needed some dirt therapy. Feel well soon brother.
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 Awesome video really captures the spirit of the whole event
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 This was absolutely beautiful
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 Rad edit, Caleb. You do good work!
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 Thanks for the footage. It was a brutal year for the athletes but some sick footage and tricks were capture and performed.
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 Sick one Caleb!!!
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