Video: 90 Minutes of Some of the Very Best MTB Movies of 2020 in the Ritual Bike Film Tour

Oct 25, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

This compilation of some of mountain biking’s best films were supposed to hit the big screen at the Sea Otter Classic and then be toured around the world this spring. Instead, the Ritual Film Tour is bringing these epic adventures, legendary lines, stellar storytelling, and unparalleled athletes to your home screen.

Learn more about Ritual Film Tour here. Brought to you in collaboration with Anthill Films, Warren Miller Entertainment, Freehub Magazine, KGB Productions and more..


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 Pinkbike: lowering workplace productivity since ‘00.
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 Your comment will be soon as they get back to the office
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 lol, this is too true!
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 The whole world seems to love an eye in a triangle. I don't really understand the appeal.
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 It represents those working in the shadows manipulating the world and of course, influencing your next bike-related purchase.
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 so needed! such a good set of vids, only thing that irked me was the last bhutan vid, they didnt pay the 6$ to remove the 'music bay' voice over such a good vid and a great choice of tracks, but watching/listening on my hometheater its really noticeable hahah. WHOOOPs from that sound director
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 Super embarrassing! Here's how it's supposed to sound, hopefully they can swap this version in.
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 @scottsecco: all good, i just looked into this vid, maybe from the forced downsampling it may of removed the filter, Stunning video!
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 @chaosmtb: Thanks! I sent them that version as a preview and I think there must have been some confusion where they didn't realize that it was still unfinished. Hopefully they'll be able to swap it for the final version! Luckily the other films look and sound great and hopefully this mix up didn't bother any viewers too much.
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 that was the best 90 minutes of 2020 for me.
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 edit------ i found a 4k version, stunning! also no copyright in the music, i wonder if the downsampling removed the filter, haha
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 Good to see the Warenn Miller family still active, I grew up watching his movies, I miss his lighthearted style combined with amazing action footage!!
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 Best bit was the dudes down Mexico way.
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flag DroppingThreeTwoOne (Oct 25, 2020 at 9:15) (Below Threshold)
 I thought it was privileged people destroying a mountain with no permit for their own personal gain.. self entitlement I guess.
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 @DroppingThreeTwoOne: why are you on pink bike if I hate mtb
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 @Ooofff: In the other video, the Mexican biker asks for permission from nature to use the trails. Just saying...
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 @DroppingThreeTwoOne: ah man, sorry it came accross that way... we had permission to build and the other shots were on old trails that were rock solid (literally). We worked hard and didn't gain much to do this project, privileged yes, but we didn't take advantage of anyone.

San Carlos is a special place, the guys running the fishing operation work directly with local business owners and bring some much needed positive tourism. It's such a small town that the whole community gets involved and knows the happenings. Los Locos and ourselves put in the time to be part of the town and get people there.Check out the Freehub article I wrote, it gives a great backstory on the whole thing.

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flag DroppingThreeTwoOne (Oct 25, 2020 at 17:05) (Below Threshold)
 @necody: came across that way...? It is that way. Its pretty disrespectful to just tear up another country's mountain for your sick drone shots. Come back to reality, blogging about it doesn't make the situation okay.
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 @DroppingThreeTwoOne: Clearing a path and building a few features is not destroying any mountain you drama queen. The locals looked stoked about it and the film was well done with a great story. Get out of here with your silly negativity.
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 Easy watching with hot chestnuts and a beer. A way to appreciate a Sunday evening in late October! Thanks!
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 Go Gerwoman

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