Video: Dustin Gilding - Familiar Territory

Dec 4, 2013
by Rupert Walker  
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I'm an extremely lucky guy. Growing up, I was given the opportunity to try many different sports, from hockey to skateboarding, and was greeted with nothing but support from my family if I ever felt the urge to try something new. In 2006 we moved to a piece of property on Sumas Mountain, and by fantastic coincidence, I'd recently taken up a new hobby in the form of mountain bike "free riding" as Drop In had taught me I was supposed to call it.

Sunset whip

As a young and eager mountain bike grom, I was extremely passionate about riding my bike, but up to this point had limited building experience, so this new home was a dream opportunity for me. A blank canvas if you will, a place to build whatever I wanted to ride, provided I could figure out how to get these features from vision to reality. The enormity of this amazing situation was not lost on me, and from day one I was motivated to put in as much effort as I could to maximize the potential of my space.

berm killer

It was an extremely long process, with countless failed attempts and frustrating days in the dirt, but eventually I started to put the pieces together. It was a very symbiotic relationship; as the yard grew and progressed, so too did I as a rider, because there were definitely times when my creative imagination had left me with lines or features that may have been ahead of my skill level, pushing me harder all the time to be better on my bike. On the other hand, as my riding ability grew, so did my vision for what I wanted to create, and I was once again lucky enough to have parents that recognized how much not only riding meant to me, but digging as well, and allowed me to expand the yard into a place with riding for all three of my bikes.

Jump forward a few years and it's now late in the 2013 season, and for a number of varying reasons, over the past year and a half I really haven't been able to enjoy the yard at all. I've lived away from home with University occupying a large chunk of time, and I also got the chance to work for Joyride on the 2013 Crankworx course this summer in Whistler, an opportunity I fully credit to the building experience I've gained here over the last 6 years.

A broken leg suffered in late July meant I was coming home earlier than expected, but it would be a long period of time before I'd be able to put a shovel, let alone tires, in the dirt. As much as it's an obvious bummer to be hurt, there could be no greater motivation for me to work hard in recovery than knowing what was waiting outside my door. Nearly 4 months after surgery I was cleared to ride again, so I proceeded to head straight for my downhill trail, a line I've come to refer to as "The Track." Rupert and Bryce came to document the first weekend back, and this is what we came up with, hope you guys like it. - Dustin Gilding

(And huge thanks to DMR, Fox, Smith, Dissentlabs and Republik for their support this year!)

Video: Rupert Walker
Photography: Bryce Piwek


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flag ArizonaDownhill (Dec 4, 2013 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 Is that... Branden Semenuk frowning?
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 It's definetly not Obama @ArizonaDownhill
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 You seriously don't know who that is? I'm not even mad, i'm impressed. @ArizonaDownhill
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 fuck Obama
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 Is that hitler? Frown he did have that hair over his left eye and it looks like the hitler stache
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 obama sucks
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 Let us never speak of politics or religion on PB again. MTB is an escape from that crap. Peace
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 I retract my previous statement, the picture looked much different on my phone.
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flag sask250 (Dec 4, 2013 at 18:39) (Below Threshold)
 *Insert dumb ass american stereotype joke*
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 @sask250, you couldn't think of anything more original than that? I guess I should have expected that from a little 19 yr old punk like you though.
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 even though i STRONGLY DISAGREE with some of the previous comments cough republicans cough, lets leave politics out of this and go ride a bike.Smile
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 boobs ( . )( . )
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 i second @norcal77
aint nobody got time for politics on PB.
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 I love it when berms and jumps get grown over and engrained into the landscape like that. I think it looks so much better than all the virgin dirt you see in bike movies these days.. No faff, hardly any slow mo, rider killed it - more please!
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 I need to ride these!
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 The whole trail was incredible..that is true dedication to take the time to build something so amazing
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 Its not to often a video actually makes me happy, this on did!!
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 well, if you were on pb at all, arrival should have made you happy... if not ur weird Razz
  • 2 2
 You're weird if you stayed inside to watch arrival instead of going for a ride....I'm sure the movie was amazing, but actually riding is a million times more fun imo
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 its hard to ride in canada this time of year....but yes riding is more fun then watching videos
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 First shot of him walking back up, all that was going through my head was "where's the take-off, it must be coming up soon. Wait maybe it's not built yet", then it appeared and I felt extremely inadequate.
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 That's his first weekend back on the bike :O... when I got back after an injury i'd pretty much forgotten how to turn a corner... wow.
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 seriously i'm stuck on that as well... insane
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 power manuals for dayyyzzzzz
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 That opening scene of him pushing the bike... I just kept wondering when the lip for that landing would appear. awesome edit
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 I just smoked a big fat joint and watched that video in reverse and all I gotta say is wow! I think I just travelled back in time which is good because I've done a lot of things I'm regretting I've done this morning!
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 This guys steez is one of the main reasons i got my tr250....and for good reason
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 same, dude! I was drooling over "The Revealing: Pt 1" when I ordered mine. this is how a tr250 should be ridden
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 I laughed a lot harder then I should have @ sparky just chillin at the 1:40 mark ..... just watchin , chillin.... good boy
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 love this guy !!! it rides like magic !!!
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 Sooo stoked to see you shredding again! You boys killed it!!
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 This one who wouldn't shred this, should quit Mountainbiking! Looks like an incredible place..
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 Flannel and flow in the fall 3
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 Now that is a backyard.
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 Great story, awesome vid, keep on "the track" DG
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 So this is his 1st weekend on the bike since a 4 month broken leg recovery? All i have to say is, what a BEAST!
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 This guy is a badass,,,KILLKILLKILL ......
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 One of the coolest videos I've seen in awhile. Right on man, shredding hard. Beautiful landscape
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 That is a SICK trail. Nice riding,filming, & building! Not a bad first ride back!
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 That frame?
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 i think it is a transition tr250 or a 450 with a 180mm fork.
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 Thx. Sick trails too!
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 What an awesome track.
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 Sick whoop section
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 those trails are pure gold
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 That trail looks too sick!!
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 That riding looks so DIALED! Wished I had a piece of property like that.
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 Added it to favorites, love the grown up look of the trail.
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 Loved that right-hander roost
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 love it ! And your all Black Tr 250 looks sick
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 Pffft who needs Whistler when you have a backyard like that!.... Big Grin
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 Dog at 1:41 is like "yeah its cool, but I see this shit every day"
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 Same track and lines as his last vid, still badass
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 that shredding @ 2:01!!!!!!!
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 My god...his style is incredible! Flow Trail of the year goes to this one!
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 Damn, total dedication, and passion for the sport! Rad video for sure.
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 that berm line is amazing!
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 Those whips..........
  • 1 4
 Lol baby whips..
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 very powerful
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 Trail of the year
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 Dog was shocked!
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 Some rad riding man!
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 Sooooooo gooooooooddd!!!
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 style. full of.
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 Video of the year?
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 why did every corner jump and everything need three shots?
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 Whip much? So yawn. Wow. Indifference.
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