Video: Sebastian Lutz - Hometown Riding

Nov 5, 2013
by Sebastian Lutz  
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Filming with Bohdan Doval

bigquotesI recently wrapped up my first every full race season. I raced the Canada Cup circuit as well as the BC Cup in the Junior Expert category and I managed to keep it top 10 throughout the season. I would definitely consider the season a success, I met tons of rad people, traveled lots and rode my bike every day. I'm spending the fall working full time (trying to make back some money) as well as filming and doing the Kootenay freeride thing, back to my roots. For next year I am moving up to the Pro category and I'm looking forward the challenge.- Sebastian Lutz

Huge thanks to my local sponsors: Shon's Bike and Ski, Nelson and District Credit Union, NRG Enterprises, Queen City Shuttles and Charters, The Nelson Cycling Club as well as The PerformX Commencal Downhill team.

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 Why does an 2min39sec edit have a 1min32sec intro? I get that it's partly an interview, but then FILM MORE OF THE AMAZING RIDER to go along with it!!
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 It probably has the same amount of clips as those dumb slow mo edits, it just goes a lot faster since ever clip isnt slowed down by 10 times. This is how every edit should be done
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 And they managed to somehow avoid the putting on goggles shot in the 1min30sec intro.
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 It's kind of a promo video for the rider. Talking about his accomplishments, and major events he participated in, as well as the fact he's going to race in the pro category next year, then it showed him doing some amazing riding. It's mostly to grab your attention, and hopefully pull in some more sponsorship. He looks good, rides fast. I'd like to see him get more support.
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 always going to be haters...
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 Kid rips! I'd love to have those kinds of riding and racing opportunities near by. I really liked the video hope this guy can race well in the pros too.
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 @supersonicrider - My comment is in no way "hating" on the video, but in fact just a criticism and a question due to the fact that the riding in the video was excellent, and I want to see more of it!
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flag digthemlows (Nov 6, 2013 at 8:01) (Below Threshold)
 Oh, I hate the video, really I don't want to watch someone walk up a hill for a minute...........stupid, it isn't relevant to the riding......who cares if he flew to the top, we're watching downhill riding...........ughhhh
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 That video would have been superb if it kept going for 2-3 more minutes. Extreme shredding!
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 Serious props to Commencal for the 2013 and 14 model years, their bikes have been fluro/neon everything. Definitely a game changer in the colour department.
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 I like my blue v3 Frown
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 Dream bike even on 27.5
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 Bought that rig this siiiiick!
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 Looks like such a sick place to ride! And your bike is pretty sexy too . . .
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 I finally get to say the words "this trail is right near my house". Sebastian just showed me some new lines on it though...
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 That is one good lookin bike
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 Sweet edit. GREAT job this year Sebastian!! Looking forward to tearing it up in 2014.
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 crazy handling. rock garden is like a his bitch
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 Amazing rider. Should be a VOD one day.
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 Great Vid..fantastic riding..Young man, you are a shredder!!!
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 Sick edit! Young man is fast. VOD fo' sho'.
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 How are you not racing world cups ? ...
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 I can't really afford to race world cups, hopefully I get lucky enough to get the chance next season
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 Rippin it Seb!
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 Nice riding part
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