Video: A 50to01 Shralp Session in Peak District Slop

Jul 9, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesA tough mudder with the boys.50to01

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 when you fall off the bike, at their age, you just check how dirty become your clothes. when getting older you check if the wrists, elbows, shoulders, ligaments are still working. It has been 9 months since the surgery on the shoulder and it is terrifying to think myself having such innocent falls.
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 I am not sure what you had done but I had surgery on my Laburnum and Humerus last winter at age 20 and it has been over 18 months since the surgery and I am still nervous about crashes/falling. I have crashed several times since surgery and each one is quite nerve-wracking when I get up and make sure my shoulder is in place still. I think that is the hardest aspect of the sport for me is the mental battle.
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 I'm at their age and it really depends on the fall. If it's just a little slide out, then I check my bike first and then whether I got bruises/scraped myself. But on heavy falls, I always check my shoulders or the head first. It's not just at your age that one breaks collarbones or tears ligaments, have done both.
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 @jstndnls: Yep, the struggle is real. I broke my collarbone when I washed out the front wheel on an off camber steep section of trail. That was just over a year ago and I am still struggling with major confidence issues, especially with front wheel grip.
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 @bashhard: No, but the difference in recovery at 21 and 44 is massive. And the older you get, the more you feel the old injuries on a daily basis, and not just on the bike. But from the moment you get out of bed.
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 @krka73: i'm 37 and sound like popcorn every morning... still worth it!
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 i'm sitting home at the couch since 5weeks now due to a dislocated shoulder. i could only start exercising last week, but there are still forbidden moves due to the injury. also, a Hill-Sachs lesion occured, so a surgery could be done in the near future. all this after shuttling on local trails... funny thing is, i haven't had any major issues abroad, only in the local area.
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 You should do some workout and stretching. This will help preventing injuries to happen.
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 landing in a pile of poo like they are lends to less breakage
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 @jstndnls: I had three ligaments fixed : supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapularis. At the age of 44 the time of getting back into former shape is very looooong. It took me 20 days to raise a fork to eat, 30 days to raise a spoon, 45 days to drive, 60 days to put the 5th gear when driving, 90 days to raise my hand and wash my hair, 100 days to stay on the road bike. From 17 to 32 I was an amateur bodybuilder and probably my arms have worked a lot. I totally agree with you about the mental battle, but as you grow the feeling of fear is growing too.
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 Are all of these guys over 6' on mediums?
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 Yes... Don't believe the hype
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 small bikes are fun. Much easier to whip around. I'm 6ft and all of my previous bikes were small & medium. My current bike is my first Large. I kind of miss my smaller bikes.
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 @treggs: Correct me if I'm wrong, but they mostly have small frames as their jib/play bikes for videos, and bigger bikes for racing. In which case, the hype around being faster and more stable on a bigger bike is true, just depends on if you want that or not.

Horses for courses and all that.
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 The new Mediums are a 6' jibber's paradise. Don't mind the size recommendations, as STAs have not yet caught up with reaches, at least for taller riders on Santa Cruz, Spesh, Evil, and more. 50:01 aren't using telescoping seatposts here anyway.

@JoeRSB: you're probably right. I bet Lewis is on a Med 5010.4 here, and a Med Bronson.3 for enduro-ing.

Enjoy mud while it lasts. Fresh deserts and drowned coastal cities are on the horizon.
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 6'2" here. Have a medium 5010 v4.

Holy heck it's so stupidly playful.
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 @sherbet: photos or it didn't happen...what's the bar/stem/spacer config? Your Wreckoning.2 size equivalent is: Small. Smile
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 51 years old here, don't do any jibbing and am loving riding an XL Instinct BC. @JoeRSB is right, horses for courses. They do look like they're having a ton of fun though.
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 @ceecee: Here a go.

Currently stock on bar/stem. Going to get a 50mm stem, slam it to the dustcap to eek out a little bit of length, then toss on some rather tall bars. The 30mm bar with 20mm of spacers under feels very good height wise.

Have ridden it twice so far. First ride and I was already sold on it like I haven't been on a bike in many years. It's the real deal. It jibs. It pops. It slides. It smashes gardens. It's a little short while seated, I'm very upright, which I don't really mind, but while stood up it's a complete animal in a way that longer bikes just can't touch.

I rode longer reach/geo 29ers for years now, can very firmly say I'm happy with this thing!
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 Who needs the North Shore?? We've got over 18 meters of elevation with world-class, expert terrain here in the UK. No expensive chairlift ticket or 4x4 uplift required
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 Distinct lack of yeah boy, but I guess this was more of a woah whoa ride
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 It was a NICE ride, I recon.
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 Ahh British summer time
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 I’ve been working with a few friends trying to maintain Rodger rabbits. Removing sabotaging and placing rocks back on the trails avoiding the actual trail where people are turning a tech single track into some 4 lane heather be dammed motorway.
Having access is great as we should all be able to enjoy but purposefully knackering up trails because 1. You’re well out of your experience and can’t be bothered to go another way 2. You’re an idiot who thinks life revolves around YouTube likes.
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 I used to love these guys I’m more of a tea and biscuit man these days
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 Ah a man who prefers his edits sped up... nice.
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 @Dogl0rd: honestly no other than a few internet memes and some of his older edits looking like flip book no. What do you think? Serious question.
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 @thenotoriousmic: that must be sped up for several shots you can even see the frame rate change
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 I think it’s the camera angle @thenotoriousmic:
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 @enduroNZ: fair enough. Anyway anything’s better than slow motion.
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 @thenotoriousmic: thanks for giving me an edit to watch Smile
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 Nice video, got better as it went on, I guess it showed them getting more used to the conditions and the trail getting better cut in for the conditions. Yes, better cut in and not destroyed, trails need to be smashed in the wet to cut them in as you ride, way better than summer dust skidding which removes all the wrong material.

That being said, the video does appear very old school compared to what we see these days. The youtuber/bloggers have raised the game. Calling what they are going to do before doing it and giving tips to us normal joeys.
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 That aint the Peak District I know - where's all the rocks n roots?
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 Not really worthy of front page
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 ayyyyyy steeze at @1:33 wit the Bonk2Roost was unreal. Straight thankful.
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 "Shralp": Still not word.

See also: "Steeze"
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 Slop !? that's bone dry for propa up north !
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 Super wow
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 Looks like south of ladybower
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 @nukedchipp: No. Then again, GMBN posted a video of a fail on the SSSI by sheepskulls the other day - these sorts don't care.
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 @Denning76: if that's the case it's a bit of a shame. I love the Peak and we don't need to be in trouble with land owners, walkers etc. Wouldn't take much to get mountain biking banned in certain areas.
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 @nukedchipp: Yeah, I'm all for more access for all of us. Stuff like this, making the exact same video over and over, doesn't help.
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