Video: A Flat Out & Fun Urban Riding Adventure in 'Ride the City'

Mar 21, 2021
by Reza Akhmad  
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With the covid-19 spread across the world and racing being postponed, riders must stay active, do some training, and having fun. So, when the race comes, they prepared already.

a different situation happens in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. With the pandemic and lockdown, they have difficulty doing some riding and when the bikepark is open, the mount Merapi erupted, so the bike parks under the mountain are closed for the second time in a year.

Ditra, Polygon - Spartan Racing team rider took the initiative to train inside the city and meet a bunch of friends.

The fully modified Siskiu N9 equipped with Ohlins suspension
Enduro bikes on the city? No, problem
Good looking bike is a must
Ride with Parkour and Tricking practitioner? Why not
Little action on the street


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 tight, big boy tumbling was very unexpected but also very welcomed.
  • 9 0
 Amazing the big man can move like that, definitely farm strong and agile as a cat. John Belushi had a similar physique and similar capabilities.
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 sammo hung style
  • 16 0
 Great stuff!
  • 15 0
 Paint your bikes more like this, Polygon!
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 good riding mas!
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 Hope to see you really soon mas ????
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 Never thought that I would ever want a Polygon, but I want that one!
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 Nice! When I visited Gadja Mada University, I saw interesting structures to ride all over campus. A park BMX in Yogya looks SO fun!
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 funny, his showing drinking a red bull and maybe red bull can see this like the other Japanese rider until got papular in youtube then reb bull sponsor nicely than brotha.. hopefully u can get in to the red bull team.
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 This is project by Red Bull Indonesia btw bro, but here in Indonesia we dont have any sponsored rider ????
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 Like the variety and originally, first time I've seen parkour in a bike edit.
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 Wibner did one in 2019:

And here's a 2009 parkour edit that features MacAskill:
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 plenty of good vibes in this video. I believe we don't see so many riders from there. the edit with friends was cool.
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 Polygon: I am Yeti yes!!
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 great riding and location, hope to get there some time :-)
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 1:24. Just awesome. That chubby dude absolutely throwing down the moves. Makes John Wick look like a frumpy chump.
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 love the vibes. Great riding and fun video!
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 Nice vid! Hope to see some from the Indo parks when they re-open. I had no idea there were bike parks there.
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 More from this Crew, please; absolutely Siiiiiiiick edit : 0
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 Cool vid, that Polygon looks killer.
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 Tricking practitioners unite! Snazzy cassette

@mi-bike: sharp
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 Good riding, good music, excellent video! Thanks!
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 Pretty cool cut you guys!
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 Man, a polygon that actually looks good. :O
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 Really digging the upbeat and fun vibe of this.
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 That looked like it was fun to make. Nice work.
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 Kereeenn oom Reza & oom Ditra
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 meh biking, but tubby tumbler
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 Good vibes right there.
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 Rad video!
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 Nice bike
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 Stairs are alway fun.
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