Video: An FPV Drone Shot Compilation from Freeride Fiesta

Feb 26, 2022
by Alicia Leggett  

Johny Salido and co. share some of their favorite drone footage from this year's Freeride Fiesta.

bigquotesWe had an insane crew of FPV Drone Pilots filming the event including Chris Lemans and Rodrigo Flores! Check out some of the best footage!Freeride Fiesta


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 Most overcooked/overbaked edit I've seen in a while. At least the music fit lol. Felt like I was watching a 2012 MTB edit. Dubstep and motion sickness included.

psa to all event organizers, if you can set up a cable camera system at the venue, please do. i know drones are cheap af but the footage is so inconsistent. i hope the cable cam set ups catch on within venues that can afford it. some of the coolest MTBing footage I've ever seen. Look up Reece Wallace's Glory Daze edit...
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 As an fpv pilot, too many flippy flops like this is not good to watch and just distracts from the actual event but there is definitely a place for drones and fpv for sports like this. Take a look at Natural Selection, it was streamed live from the fpv drones and turned out great!
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 These flipping corking drone shots only draws attention away from the riding, and back unto itself being unwatchable.. Like there's a few glimpses of a rider being steady in frame, but then boom, droneflip wutuuup. Put some brostep on top of it all like an old poop on a dingleberry cake.
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 Thanks to all the riders and videographers. I can appreciate how difficult it must be to film such a fast moving and large scale event and to put it out for free. Too bad it was not longer and sprinkled with some POV and by stander footage.
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 Droner has a 100% BMX,background
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 Terrible music choice, bad editing and absolutely no colour correction
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 Please inform Freeride Fiesta team that I have tried to contact them several times on the site for information about the shop and no one has ever answered me.
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 Honestly, I liked it!
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 Amazing to watch but the music killed it for me.
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 Probably it is some copyright-free music
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 where is the gravity?
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 Not UCI legal
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 I actually loved this
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 If it was not good when I'm nailed, imagine when I'm sober.
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 Dubstep is for pussies.
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flag Kimura (Feb 26, 2022 at 4:39) (Below Threshold)
 ok boomer
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 @Kimura: never seen deadpool 2 for the reference?

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