Video: A New Zealander's First Trip to Crankworx Rotorua

Apr 4, 2020
by Liam Brierly  

My name is Liam... I'm a 23-year-old lad from Hamilton, New Zealand. I've been in the cycle industry for just over 4 years now, currently, I work at a bike wholesaler (ADU Industries) and after-hours I love riding with mates and filming. Now imagine each year I've been busy at Crankworx due to work obligations, so this year when I had the unique opportunity to work on the stand and film freelance for my own brand (Douglas Media). I was pretty amped.

This meant that while still having time to enjoy the small things like swimming, riding with mates and checking out new products, I got to film and ride with pro riders from different riding disciplines. This gave me the best of both worlds allowing me to collect content in the way that I deemed fit, to then at a later date display my art how I feel too show mountain bikers really love this event, below is a short look back at some of the times I spent with good mates and new friends made along the way.

Jack Derry is a Tauranga local and a good friend of mine and is well know for flowy yet steezy lines

Any time I can rope somebody confident enough to use a camera to get behind the lens and shoot me I take advantage of it, unfortunately for Jack Derry it was his turn, sorry Jack. - RIDER: Liam Brierly

Jack Derry

Matt Garnett is one of the most genuine and funny guys you will ever meet, if you ever have the chance to meet this lad, make sure you sack tap him....he loves it. - @matt__garnett

LEFT Blake Rountree
RIGHT Charles Makea

Cam Beck is a big contender in his age category and was consistently on Heater runs throughout all races he did.

Albe Snep combined speed & and style to deliver a definate crowd-pleaser

Louis Vuleta was one of the few people I didn't know too well before going into Crankworx, Louis had a bit of cleat adjustment problems on one of his practice runs, and as it so happened when he stopped to inspect his pedal and cursed out loud I also happen to be on that same corner, fortunately, I had my multi-tool handy and after a few quick turns of the Allen key, he was off again.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Blake Rountree last Crankworx but if you haven't met the lad then you should know that he is FAST...but don't be fooled this lad is also very STEEZY,as he could be seen here during Dual Slalom Practice throwing the occasional tricks and large whips.

LEFT: Liam Cocks Smashing laps on the old dual slalom track RIGHT: a very battered Jack Derry elbow

BBP (bike/beer/party) was this year cranwrx mantra

Summer time in New Zeland requires swimming in the local water within reach.

Mandatory Crankworx Mullet are needed and Reubens was no exception - Reuben Bron

Fortunately, I was able to make time to smash some park laps with mates. LEFT: Sam Martin RIGHT: Jack Derry

LEFT: CJ Ingram RIGHT: George Harvey

Reuben Bron is another one of my good mates that have a very solid yet steezy style that he has on lock - @big_boy_bron

the ladies were out in full force this year and there riding was rivaling that of some of the top male athletes LEFT: @ainhoaijurko RIGHT: @georgiaastle

George Harvey

Macdermid Bros prepping before dropping into the DH Track

James Macdermid floating one of the many off-camber log booters of the DH track.

The DH course changed a bit this year with the longer Chicane section like most of the European courses from last year - However, the dual-speed and style course also had a facelift and needless to say most of the rider were throwing down some bangers. RIDER: Matt Begg

even with the course changes one thing was certain, Soft sole Skate Shoes and semi-slicks were the choices this year from most the riders.

Billy Meaclem was looking clean during practice.

After last year's tire blow Tomas Lemoine came back strong and was definitely the man to beat, coming back to take the win only showed that he is one of the most skilled guys in Speed & Style right now.

It was a cool surprise to see the ladies also competing in Speed & Style this year and this brought a new element to the competition that we can all agree was for the better RIDER: Vinnie Armstrong

IN RIDING ORDER: Kate Weatherly - Jack Schreuder - Lynette Deacon

Reuben Bron

Hamilton local Liam Cocks is one of the regular riders in our friend group and is a very underrated rider if you get the chance to watch Liam it

Piper Marsland Ternent making a return to the bike after a short absent

Reuben Bron

RIDERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Matt Garnett - Reuben Bron - Liam Cocks - Sam Martin. This year was definitely a Crankworx to remember, with the recent development of Covid 19 forcing most of the events that were meant for the MTB calendar to halt, Rotorua was very fortunate to get the event done when it did, we all have to play our part with this pandemic and we can beat it, this does mean that for a time we will be missing some epic events but in the long run, it works out better, so remember RIDE LOCAL - RIDE SOLO - RIDE SAFE as mountain bikers we will bet this and come out the other side but until then stay safe everyone. WORDS/PHOTO/VIDEO: Liam Brierly w Additional Jack Derry & Reuben Bron.


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 I don't know what's in the air down there but I'm SO ready to taste it as soon as this fuckery is over
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 mainly sulfur due to the mud baths etc, but we use beer Razz kinda like a liquid courage haha
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 Young, steez, stylish, fearlees... I hate you all Big Grin Cool video !
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 Liam this is GOLDEN ! Son you re so good on reporting stuff as such ! Thank you so much ! Positive vibes !
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 Thanks mate glad you enjoyed, We need as much good stuff right now so I thought it was only appropriate to make the blog. Smile
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 Half Cabs are definitely good choice for flats!!!
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 the vibes of this video reminds me the group of friends I ride with. always having a blast !
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 Nice work!!!!
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 Cheers mate Razz
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 Big Love
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 Cheers Dawg Smile
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 Oi that was a rowdy 19 minutes! Good work old boy.
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 Cheers captain top of the morning and all that Smile
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 Proper Jibbins

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