Video: A Quick Guide to Riding Positions with Yoann Barelli

Jul 4, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWelcome to a "How to... on a mountain bike" video series!

I've been thinking about this for a long time and here we go. Every week I'll make one of these videos and I will explain techniques and tips from pure beginners on how to brake with one finger to pure professional on how to manage stress before a big race for example.

Comment below to let me know what you would like to learn next?
Yoann Barelli


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 So basically instead of doing like that you have to do it like that...
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 One thing about riding flat pedals, if you have your feet tipped forward whilst riding gnar, you very quickly learn the error of your ways.
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flag thustlewhumber (Jul 5, 2020 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 Front foot = heel down, rear foot = toes down. Always.
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 @best-lawyer-in-the-world: on flat pedals?
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flag andyk (Jul 5, 2020 at 8:07) (Below Threshold)
 @best-lawyer-in-the-world: this man knows!
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 There are definitely times you want to dip your toes. My feet are constantly rotating around the spindle, depending on what I'm doing. Watch people at a pump track, they're not just riding heels down. Furthermore, heels down takes weight off your front tire. As bikes get longer, we need even more weight on the front, not on the back.
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 @hardtailparty: no doubt about dipping the toes being essential to flat pedals riding, jumping or rear wheel lifting being prime examples.

My comment was regarding the "front heel down rear heel up" thing. It's not the first time I hear someone mentioning that
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 @best-lawyer-in-the-world: Not sure about your alias. You can get sued stating something like that.
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 @inonyme: The alias comes from getting away with stating things like that.
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 @hardtailparty: Yeah, maybe I should've used caps lock for the "whilst riding gnar" bit.
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 I could listen to Yoann explain stuff all day. He seems like a super approachable guy who's obviously extremely talented but didn't get a huge head from it.
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 Yoann! So good to see you back man. Love the videos and positive attitude with humor. Keep at it!
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 Did I just watch Yoann humping the air while saying he could not control it?
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 New bike looks sweet, thanks for putting out some free advice! I'd love to hear your thoughts on how important it is to be comfortable riding with either foot forward, as with most people I prefer one side. Also, any tips for managing stress before a race would be great, I only do a handful a season and always sleep like shit before.
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 He gives that advice to Adam in one of the privateers episodes. Basically work really hard to do all of your prep leading up to it, and then go into race day knowing whatever happens you did your best. On that same note we spend a lot of time in life suffering because we try to have control over things which we have no control. If you put pressure on yourself to achieve at a certain level you will be unhappy and probably ride worse. You can't worry about finishing well, you can just do your best and need to give yourself permission to accept that your best is good enough.
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 so hyped for this! that recent interview with wyn was so good and summed it up well, when you grow up doing a sport you don't realize just how technical it is until you start coaching.
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 This is why I think it’s important for people to learn from either a certified instructor or someone who really understands every step that goes into a maneuver on the bike. At a certain point you can jump straight from 1 to 4, but that comes with experience and a good understanding of the value of steps 2 and 3. But it’s not just about the rider being able to execute the steps correctly, the instructor needs to be able to identify each element and address the problems that hinder progress.
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 Would love to see a cornering video!
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 Me too! Specifically, I’ve been trying to get off the brakes earlier in the corner, any tips would be much appreciated. Love your work Yoann!
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 @Pa-ul: something I found worked for me to get off the front brake and not panic brake then blow the corners is to push down on the side of the lever with my finger, instead of pulling it in. It's entirely possible it only works for my brain, but it seemed to trick me into thinking I was braking and suddenly I'm throught the corner! Like I said, weird and possibly unique to me but it worked...
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 @sourmix: Thanks! I’ll give that a go.
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 How to: hit steep lip jumps...
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 But Yoan, how do you do that pivot 180? You make it look so easy like second nature.
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 Gotta love Yoann, funny and he wants to teach everyone to have more fun in their bike!
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 Puusition. Neutral, Ready, Neutral, Ready!
Does he say this kind of stuff on purpose? Absolutely Hilarious!
Bro, you are awesome!
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 Unless your riding position is impacting your ability, it's different for most people. That being said, there are some basics that are good to follow
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 Heels down.... solves all the problems!
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 Oh man, until he started air humping, I was wondering "Why am I watching" this video? That was worth it.
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 Good stuff! keep 'm coming!
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 doesn't available anymore?
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 Thank you
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 Too far off that back but then the bike is too small for him, hehe.

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