Video: A Racing Drone's View of DarkFest 2020

Feb 26, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesAfter checking out all the unseen racing drone footage from Rensen FPV we just had to put it together for another edit for everyone to enjoy!! Edit by Thomas SandellSam Reynolds


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 Red Bull needs to get WC coverage with a drone. How cool would that be?
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 For open areas it would work great but the FPV signal sucks between trees or if ground gets in the way. I can see riders being followed by an FPV drone in the whole upper session of Fort William, but as soon as they get in the woods...nope.
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 @yvidal: maybe when tech improves then an autonomous, beacon, 'racing' drone could just follow the rider like a third person video game?
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 @tobiusmaximum: I know that some AI (see Skydio 2) drones can follow ppl through some tight stuff and at speed. Maybe that could work, but the risk of the thing crashing and hitting the rider or some spectator is too big.
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 @yvidal: yeah i guess, maybe in a few years then lol
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 Mom: "You'll never amount to anything or do anything cool if you keep sitting around playing flight simulator games all day."
Future Drone Operators everywhere: "Hold my Mountain Dew..."
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 Bienvenido's Superman front flip (?) was unbelievable.
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flag brappuccino (Feb 26, 2020 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 Would have been even cooler if he'd landed it
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 @brappuccino: quit trolling bud.
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 Maybe I don't watch enough drone footage but this is probably the single most amazing use of a drone I've ever seen.
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 JAXSON RIDDLE 1:33 !!!!!!!!
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 1:42 is the epic boost, both are cool tho
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 that young man is steeeeeezy.
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 I thought for a second Jaxon was gonna end up in the trees.
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 Before playing the video, I wanted to see the comments first because last time I watched a mtbiker being followed by a drone video, I almost vomit coz it was so dizzying. This is the complete opposite. It was satisfying. That last trick by Bienvenido, insane! And that one handed landing by brendan, so smooth.
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 Vink just has that much style he looks like he isn’t even trying, unbelievable talent
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 He looks much faster than the others and ultra smooth. Definitely in his comfort zone.
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 I’d love to know mph or km on run up for massive jumps.
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 Looks like someone else wanted to figure that one out too
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 Bienve Aguado posted a great video of his participation in Darkfest and he mentioned that for the 30 meters gap they reach around 70-75 km/h:
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 Wow, looks like some "serious speed" they are doing at Darkfest...Very impressive!
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 yeah! the jumps are crazy, but i can't even relate. the speed to hit those looks gnarly.
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 Rensen is a beast!
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 And the spectator with the best views at the place!
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 That was....mind numbing.
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 that was sooooo damn sick...
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 Where is Brage Vestavik??
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 best bike vid eva
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