Video: A Rip Down Blackcomb's Dark Crystal in 'Crystallize'

Jan 1, 2020
by Matt Staggs  
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Lucy Mackie takes a ride down Dark Crystal in one of DHaRCO's newest 2020 gear

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 If you like the trail, buy the trailbuilders a beer! If you've ridden it in the wet, buy 2! If you are promoting your brand, buy 20! This trail is Zero Percent funded and 100% volunteer build and maintained. Beer helped build this trail and continues to fuel it's maintenance.
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 you guys have a contribution fund at handlebar?
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 @flipfantasia: Yep, just tell the guys at Handlebar pub that you'd like to add to the Dark Crystal tab! So far we've gotten a few very appreciated beers and one case.

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 My Nye resolution was to be happier in 2020. With the amout of snow outside and living close to the bottom of this trail I don't think I can watch this right now
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 I was just thinking the same thing... I feel warm inside when I watch this, then I glance outside and see 35 degree sideways rain. I wanna punch that cloud in the tooth.
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 sorry @jazzawil- with it being 41 degrees celsius (1,000,000 Fahrenheit) outside and half my country burning out of control I just can't feel your pain. Wax up whatever you slide and go love it, my man...
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 @CRAFTY-P: I'm from Victoria, I know what's happening at home. If I could send over some of the this rain and snow I would. Heard a few from the local fire crew from here were heading over soon to help out. Insane for only the start of January
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 That trail was on my bucket list for 2019, but the days I was up in Whistler it was raining, so I rode other trails and respected the builders requested to avoid riding it in the rain. 2020 bucket list trail for sure........IN THE DRY
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 We did a shitload of work on it this year, so you are just going to enjoy a finer product! Cheers for being respectful! You owe us no beer.
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 Don't believe the hype the trail sucks...... (anyone believe me?)
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 I did like it, but I sure had more expectations as the hype is always been so high about this trail.
I wouldn't say it sucks, no trail does, but there is plenty of other trails that are better (to me) and have unique features, views, harder to reach, rarely ridden, in the valley.
Let's say as I don't live in Whis anymore, whenever I'll go back I'll ride something else, but than, there is so much..!
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 @holydirt: not strong with sarcasm my young Padawan.
The trail is rad, got some fresh sections last year that were all time in my opinion but it's not for everyone.
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 @holydirt: oh and I think I've just always ridden it with a good crew which always makes a good time.
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 That was extremely pleasant.
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 Yeah, she just looked completely casual on that trail. Good mood to start out the new year.
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 When I rode it this summer I was no where near that smooth! There was a lot of bum puckering ????
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 Such a rad trail! I rode it for the first time this past summer. Good work to those who built it! Next time I am in town Ill buy yall a beer!
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 Sounds dreamy!
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 One of my favorite trails in the world.
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 It’s 2020 and I’m still having to manually select 1080p and my emojis look like this. ????????????

Trail looks like and handful though ???? (gnarly emoji).
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 headline needs a work over
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 Can't wait to ride it again in that sweet daylight. But, oh, that climb!
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 Wow beautiful video. You managed to do an excellent job of capturing the lush green missy woods.
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 This trail hasn’t been a “loamer” since 2016! Kinda like the more blown out version nowadays though!
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 There has to be some xm station name that applies...
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 Sick trail, crap video
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 Trail looks quite fun.
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 That was like some funky old porn music. Was this a subliminal intention?
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