Video: A Rowdy, Stoke-Inducing 2020 Recap from the Flannel Crew

Jan 6, 2021
by The Flannel Crew  
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While this year set out to take away everything we loved, and every goal we had set for ourselves, we still found a way to persevere and pull it off. We all know about the elephant in the room that threatened to derail more than just the mountain bike season. But through adversity bred new opportunities and what an absolutely amazing season it was.

This year we met some absolutely amazing humans that helped us turn the stoke knob up when we needed it most. We couldn’t have been the intergalactic purveyors of stoke without you! This year the crew gained some new talent, forged factory sponsorships, and kept true to our roots by hosting events and trail days overcoming all odds.

bigquotesThe Flannel Crew The borders are closed but the stoke has never been higher! Go RIDE YOUR BIKE!


When life reaches out with a moment like this it's a sin if you don't reach back. After grabbing the attention of Fox Racing Canada we were given the opportunity to sit down with President James Gibbs and share our vision.

The meeting was a true turning point for the crew as an elevator pitch over a few pints turned into a dream come true. We were on top of the world as the green light was given and Fox Racing agreed to support our quest in supplying the stoke to a year filled with so much uncertainty.

Jayme Rashelle Photography
Feeling on top of the world. PC:Jayme Rashelle
Flannel Crew Team Rider Shawn O Keefe PB shawnok Photographer Ashley Voykin Instagram ashvoykin
The real backwoods. PC: Ashley Voykin

Ashley Voykin Photography
Flannel, Fox and Freeride. PC: Ashley Voykin
Flannel Crew Team Rider Shawn O Keefe PB shawnok Photographer Ashley Voykin Instagram ashvoykin
Life is not just black and white.. PC: Ashley Voykin


Anyone who is familiar with the mountain bike industry knows that this sport will directly impact your friend circle and way of life. Ever since we started this journey in 2016, we have met some individuals that have truly shaped our future. With this year being faced with so much uncertainty, we were able to reconnect with some amazing humans and grow our arsenal of riders with some exceptional new talent.

These legends do not need an introduction with their riding reputation speaking for itself but welcome to the crew Garret Macintosh, Danny Spalding, Jasmine Funk, and Scott Cooke.


Approaching the North American summer, nobody was really sure if the Bike Parks were going to open and to what capacity. Social distancing, reduced chair capacity, and masks, were at the back of every rider's mind. I think we can all agree on what an amazing job these resorts did in keeping us safe while trying to maintain normality. Once the travel restrictions were lifted we returned to business as usual, hyping up lift lines across BC.

The highlight of the 2020 Bike Park season was the invitation from Silverstar Mountain Resort to create content designed to bring back the stoke. We were beyond excited for this opportunity and in true Flannel Crew fashion, had our favorite medic Riley Horan stamp the express ticket to the hospital for the third year in a row.

Jayme Rashelle Photography
Golden Light at Silverstar Mountain Resort PC:Jayme Rashelle
Jayme Rashelle Photography
The views of 5620 at Revelstoke Mountain Resort PC:Jayme Rashelle

The Notorious T4
The Iconic Terminator Ridge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
GoPro Hero 8 Capture
Panorama Mountain Resort our local stomping grounds!


This summer we were forced to stay local and explore our extended backyard "The Kootenays". We quickly realized that we had neglected some of the best riding in the world and all we needed was a little push from some pandemic regulations. All jokes aside we explored more than ever before and had some of the best days of our lives on two wheels.

Flannel Crew Team Rider Shawn O Keefe PB shawnok Photographer Ashley Voykin Instagram ashvoykin
Shawn, save some moods for the rest of us. PC:Ashley Voykin
Jayme Hunter Photography
Tanney channeling his inner pancake. PC:Jayme Rashelle

Flannel Crew Team Rider Shawn O Keefe PB shawnok Photographer Ashley Voykin Instagram ashvoykin
Looking pretty NWD there, bud. PC:Ashley Voykin
Steven Wells Photography scubasteve278
Everything is bigger on Texas... Peak at Retallack Lodge.


With international travel terminated and volunteers at an all-time high, the Moose Mountain jump trail was finally completed. If you haven't heard the news, this is arguably Canada's biggest and rowdiest new jump line.

Captain Flannel Joey Reinhart was at the helm of the project alongside other hard-working MMBTS executives collaborating with Landmark Trail Solutions to create an absolute masterpiece.

Booty in the reeds, Sui in the trees! PC: Zach Shipowick


This year, we decided to put on our boots, dig our heels in and kick up some dust in the desert. It was drier than a popcorn fart in Kamloops this summer and we loved every minute of it. For years, we dreamed of making the pilgrimage to this riding mecca and we finally made it a reality.

We were blown away by the laid back mentality of the shredders there and absolutely humbled by the massive jumps. From the first trip to our last, it left us wanting more every time. All week long, our minds were racing at work, daydreaming of checking off more features at the bike ranch. We're stoked to say we fulfilled life long dreams and bagged the sends we have been dreaming of!

Big Gaps. PC: Jayme Rashelle
Dre Visuals Photography
Moon Dust. PC: Dre Visuals

Gopro Hero 8
Fine Gravel. PC:Austen Tanney
Sendy Wood. PC: Jayme Rashelle


Bow Cycle
Kona Bikes
Fox Racing Canada
Ashley Voykin Photography
Jayme Rashelle Photography

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 Boys, couldn't be more thankful for all of you this year. Thanks for making honey out of horsesh*t and still rocking out even with the cards stacked against us! I want to give a huge shoutout to my fellow MMBTS executives on the hard work they put into make the Jump Line a reality. I was only a very small piece of the puzzle on that one. I want to thank Quinn Hepburn, Chris Carrier, and Reg Mullett for their countless hours of volunteer work and sweat equity. Thanks to the other executives that supported us, worked hard behind the scenes, and also played a pivotal role in making this dream come true as well. Don't forget to purchase your 2021 MMBTS memberships! @MooseMountain
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 deadly edit fellas! almost had a road fools vibe to it. Another killer season for you boys, hope to see you out on the trails as soon as this snow melts!
  • 5 1
 Pretty stoked on bikes eh Salute
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 Awesome video boys! Love the adventures you have had and congrats on a rad 2020! You all make it look way to easy...and thanks for inspiring all of us. Hope 2021 is awesome for The Crew!
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 @theflannelcrew absolute banger guys! Stoked to see Jasmine up there..shredder!
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 One of the radest people we met on bikes this season! She SHREDS!
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 Pretty STOKED on Bikes Boys! Great Season!
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 I just told my boss to wait cause I needed to finish watching this...incoming pinkslip...
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 Yessssss sendy season, epic article and rocking vid ????????. Stoked on how this turned out and to do it all over again next year!!!
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 The ? Was supposed to be ! Lol
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 Well done, lads! You can do nice bar-turns, and skid good. Looking forward to riding dirtbicycles with you this summer.

1:15 -- perfect edit to the drums.
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 Good old alberta boys! Nice work gang, loved this.
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 some pretty big things here, god damn
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 Its pretty stoked on bikes
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 Yewwwwwwww Yea boys! That was proper. Need Moar!!!!!
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 Curious... the canoe sponsor isn’t listed in the credits.
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 We would like to formally thank Send-A-Canoe for their support. HAHA
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 Those dudes f*ck. I'm sure of it.
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 Was that last song from night at the roxbury? And evanescence before that? That shit was ill
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 Well done as always flannel crew! Think you all should match zee flannel with cowboy boots!!! Bakos
  • 1 0
 Was flannel invented in Canada?
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 I think flannel invented Canada.
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 Best edit Iv'e seen in a LONG time! good on ya lads, this brews for you!
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 Sick edit boys!
  • 1 0
 Killer stuff boys ! Enjoyed that !
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 Reg Mullet sighting!
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 Sick boys
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 Nice one boyz
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 no bad days bruh.

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