Video: A Slick Brew Time Blast in 'Workin' 9-5'

Jan 20, 2021
by Nukeproof  

"Sponsored" Mountain bike life, that’s the dream?

Riding bikes, racing bikes, training to race bikes, and resting before riding bikes. When you have time casually dropping an “influential post” about riding bikes on the social media. All whilst waiting for that phone to ring for a fully expensed tour of "insert exotic name here" to ride more bikes. Too good to be true? In some cases, yes. Contrary to popular belief, most riders still fund life away from the bike through work. Be that full time or part-time, all year or just in the "off season" from rider coach's/ skill courses, work a trade and that face you strangely recognise down your local bike shop hiding in the workshop.

Lil Robbo has been living the “sponsored dream” for a while now and we at Nukeproof are stoked he’s riding with us into 2021. But how does he fill that 9-5 life? Well, he's done pretty well for himself having just qualified as a plumber, well done lad! (if you are in the North West and need a plumber you know who to call). Like most of us, he's grafting to make a living, ride his bike when he can for the pure love of it. He’s not a racer, he’s not a social superstar, he’s a (fairly) normal lad, who’s rad on a bike and doesn’t he just make you smile!

Sponsors dream that one (check out his lovely Mega 275 Pro, pedals and Nukeproof kit), now let down tools and go ride a bike, it is 5pm after all (always 5pm somewhere right?).

Thanks to Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals for giving Robbo the call. Hope you all enjoy Lil’ Robbo doing what he does, giving it the beans up the local.

You can follow the legend here: @lil_o_Robbo or for a less professional take on social media us @nukeproofbikes

Edit By Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals
Filmed in the back yard


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 do I wake up early and ride in the cold dark morning, or go after work and ride in the cold dark night.......tis the question. screw it im just gonna have a beer and lube my chain while muttering "next time"
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 User name checks out
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 lube my chain being a metaphor yeah?
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 @Waldon83: one day the random commenters of Pinkbike will evolve beyond this highly sampled response.....maybe that's the day I'll ride.
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 @TotalAmateur: you’re either with us, or against us!
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 @Uncled: bah hah ha
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 I clicked hoping this would be an edit set to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5." I feel like I got a lil robbed.
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 We’re planning this being a mini series with our riders, so as good as a bit of Dolly is, could have got a bit dull by the 5th edit ???? (especially for Tommy editing)
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 The cotic cross bike thing had an edit with that track. Mint.
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 @Nukeproofinternational: you're entitled to your own opinions, regardless of how wrong they might be.
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 I wake up early everyday waiting at for stock to buy a mega 29 .... is harder to buy that bike than to covid dissapear tomorrow
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 I can see this guys move to being a pro right around the u bend...
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 There are lots of good trails you can ride and they hold up in the wet. I'll admit this sort of muck doesn't do it for me. However, it just seems like a shame that someone has gone to the trouble to build trails only to have them carved out by people who need to skid out for fashion
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 The youths that built the trails In this area, are the same youths that are ridding them. Robbo is part of a crew of lads And lasses that live to play with bikes and have helped create and repair many a fine trail to enable them to enjoy their sport. Told you he’s a good ‘un.
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 The headline gave away nothing. That was awesome!
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 Class seeing lil Robbo throwing shapes at the local.
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 Well deserved Robbo
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 Song anyone?
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