Video: A Sneak Peek at the New Nevis Range Blue Trail

Jun 21, 2021
by Nevis Range  
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Press Release: Nevis Range

Nevis Range is excited to share with you a sneak peek of our new Blue DH run from the top of the gondola to the Nevis Range carpark. The longest man-made trail in the UK the trails spans almost 10km down Aonach Mor and Leanachan Forest!

This trail will open up Downhill Mountain Biking and Mountain Biking to all abilities. We are excited to see everyone enjoy the trail.

It is possibly the most anticipated trail in the UK and you will get a chance to ride it this Summer!


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 Anyone know which day summer will be on this year?
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 You already missed it......
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 @justanotherusername: Can confirm, we were there a month ago and it was intermittently sunny for the whole morning.
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 I'm looking at those fences from 0:38 and wondering how on earth the builders think we'll get our Strava lines and berm gaps going with those there?
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 Done footage that doesn't include loop the loops and spins? Weird. Would have liked to see more of the trail if there's 10km of it. Looks like it's be a blast though!
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 Reckon this is just what the Nevis Range needed. I can usually get through 7 laps between the World Cup and Top Chief and then I'm ruined (now have roadie upper body strength) so a more chill trail is a welcome addition.
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 Was up there last week and 6 out of 7 days were warm bright and sunny ☀️
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 Great opportunity to create the Scottish Crank it Up, it better be full of tabletops.
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 When is it opening?
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 And hardly any impact on the environment too!
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 Could be carnage with some of the better riders flying down past the novices who think a blue will be easy... Can't wait until it opens though - a great addition to Fort William. Loads of gondola tickets sold, but it won't be much busier because of the time it will take novices to get down. They'll soon be learning about arm pump on a 10km trail...
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 You know the guy talking disparagingly about "the novices" is a real mtb'er.
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 @redrook: If he was he'd know that people in front have the right of way, so nobody should be "flying past" anybody. A blue trail is designed to be more accessible, of course there will be less experienced riders on it, doesn't mean they're any less entitled to be there.
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 @redrook: As a novice DH rider myself I'm only speaking from my experiences when riding at uplifted DH places. I think you've maybe read something into my post that wasn't there.
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 @rbeach: It is easy to say that riders in front have right of way, but as a novice myself at places like Dyfi, believe me the better riders are flying past. I'm not sure how you felt I was saying that novice riders don't have any right to be on it. When people are posting about strava lines and berm gaps, I think I'm making a fair point (as much as I'd love to be able to do these myself).
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 @Niseach1: Maybe it's because you said "they'll", not "we'll", and when you say "who think a blue will be easy". Sure doesn't sound like you're talking about yourself.
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 @Niseach1: That's some good backpedalling there bud.
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 Nothing live a great preview as to what's on offer, and this was nothing like it.
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 Why do they think gravel surface is good idea, also expect shop at Nevisrange to sell a lot of brakepads & trail will be full of braking bumps in a few days?
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 Because the consistency of moorland peat is not conducive to a good riding surface. You can't just cut a trail into the dirt and leave it. Some sort of surface is required for longevity, erosion prevention and drainage.
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 Rode this on the opening day - it is utter pish.

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