Video: Aaron Gwin & Clay Porter Team Up For 'Timeless Episode 1 - Shelter In Place'

Sep 18, 2020
by Brian Park  

Two legends working together and pulling back the curtain on Aaron's very different season.


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 The chainless win still blows my mind.
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 always will
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 I will never forget watching that live.....unbelievable is right!
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 this run was mindblowing.... just like Rob's and Claudio's commentary....
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 No doubt that was amazing. The MSA run in the rain was equally amazing.
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 just .045 seconds ahead of connor was a slim margin. many kudos to both of them for sure!
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 Thanks guys for all the kind words on the video! Clay and I kinda set off on our own with this project wanting to make something a little different than the average edit and tell a story. Was hoping it would mostly inspire people to enjoy life and riding a bike while giving a little view into my personal life for a year. Looking forward to the remaining videos, we've got a lot of cool footage stacked up!
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 Thanks for sharing! gives us something to watch since not much racing has been going on. Please leave the door open to continue it as well, you still have a lot left in the tank!
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 I have watched the footage of you going down Elsinore about 30 times already. The riding, the music, the editing - all superb. Seriously one of the best MTB edits I've ever seen. Absolutely love it.
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 First thing I remember about Gwin in him on a Yeti shirt throwing a huge jump on 3 minite gap
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 @mtbmaniatv: Three Minute Gaps or The Tipping Point?
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 Nice job guys. That was a good watch.
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 Wait...Gwinny's married!?!?!?
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 Jealous much?
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 I was intrigued by this too, he only got engaged 15 weeks ago (as per his Instagram, I have never met the guy).
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 @jomacba: What? Just pointing out how this flew under the radar...
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 @mtbmaniatv: I was completely joking.
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 @jomacba: Hell of a projection there!
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 @scvkurt03: maybe I'm compensating for something.
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 @mtbmaniatv: he posted about it on his IG
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 Mt Sainte Anne 2017 in the wet.... wild. I was screaming while at work at a call center....
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 I been lucky to see some of his best runs in person. Windham, NY 2015 when he blew the field by almost 4 seconds. Most of the guys were speechless. MSA 2017, saw him going back to the lodge and asked him "What to you think with all the rain coming?" He looked back and said "We'll see what happens". The rest is history! I was down track where they come out of the track with a few Pro riders making picks of the winner while trying to cover under 1 umbrella (all 4 of us), we thought of Danny, Troy and others, but never him because he lives and trains in bone dry CA. Man he proved all of us wrong!! :-D
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 aaron gwin looks like a strong billy idol
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 Man, I never tire of watching Aaron charge hard on a bike, crazy fast.
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 love that clay is still making content looking forward to the other parts of this series
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 First Gwin memory was when he destroyed Val di Sole in 2011 or 2012. Great run
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 by a million paper cuts i think is what rob warner said. i remember that too!
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 @airsoftesneeto: martin whitely said that..

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 Raw Talent.

Words / views pale into zilch when your skill and drive is at that level.

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 So he can say whatever the hell he wants but because he's fast it's fine? LOL
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 @scvkurt03: the other way to to look at is that skill and raw talent pale into zilch when your words and views are on that level.
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 @AlanMck: touched a nerve me thinks....LOL arrr, arrr, arrrrr.
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 David Goggins would have kept working out
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 Wow, that deserved to be published in 4K. But I know Clay had limitations mixing in all the old footage and drones/etc. Hopefully they can at least force it to stream using Youtube's new VP9 codec for the next episode.
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 Love the riding and storyline. But I’ve never had drone shots make me semi-motion-sick until watching those sped-up rolling / spinning drone brain didn’t like that.
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 I like the number plate. No one else needs to see my shame at how much a spent on a stem.
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 Frosted tips - lol
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 Go win it for the stars and stripes!
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 I cannot wait to see if he is up there again when the racing finally starts. There seems to be only a few riders on his level, or the level he was at when he was on it. Danny Hart, Bruni and Amaury.
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 Riding is off the charts. Watching how he is just jumping all the technical gnar at warp speed. Easier on the suspension and body to just jump it.
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 Let's see more of that prototype bike! INTENSE seems to always make the coolest alloy bikes before they come out as production carbon.
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 my first thoughts too, Intense wins the beauty contest by far, until they go carbon.
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 Got to meet Aaron in Angel Fire bike park this summer - super nice guy. He spent the day riding with the local kids, and it literally made their year.
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 Well that was pretty rad.
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 Wow!! Proper story, proper riding, proper film making. Was incredible . Looking forward to more.
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 Can't help but wonder if he would have had more wins without the team changes. It seems to take him a while to adjust every time he switches teams.
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 Didn't he win his first race out on YT?? I think it was in Lourdes??
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 He crushed it on the Tues.
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 Gwin is and always will be one of my favorite riders! Him being conservative is just a bonus. Keep on keeping on Aaron!
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 In full disclosure of the REAL therapies for anyone who might have been misinformed by Aaron’s claims above regarding COVID-19, SARS CoV-2 pharmacotherapies (Sanford Guide, September 2020).

1) Dexamethasone 6 mg Load dose IV or PO x10 days (RECOVERY open label, randomized controller trial NEJM Jul 17 2020)
2) Remdesivir: 200 mg IV once followed by 100 mg IV daily (5 day therapy). One of the more promising therapies.
3) Convalescent plasma (recent FDA EUA), Ongoing Clinical trials

Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine “Not recommended in any setting due to lack of efficacy and risk of serious, potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmia.”. RECOVERY Trial terminated the Hydroxychloroquine trial arm due to “lack of clinical benefit” Also FDA EUA (emergency use authorization) has been revoked as July 15 2020.

From your certified pharmacist.
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 The guy that loves Ben Shapiro ? ????
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 So what. Why do you care?
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flag G3V162F (Sep 18, 2020 at 18:18) (Below Threshold)
 You progressive's are a cancer to this world!
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 @mtb-mech: holding athletes accountable for misinformation and racism. Aaron chose to show his Shapiro show to the world to see. Guy was my hero not anymore. Maybe other athletes care if say Aaron doesn’t believe in COVID epidemic or systemic racism like his Shapiro show. By the way that was just a week before Flloyd death so clearly tone death.
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 So he has a different view on things, why let it ruin you day? People are different, that’s how the world is, just because he doesn’t subscribe to what you do he’s a bad person. You disagree with Shapiro? A lot of people do, and a lot don’t. Pretty intolerant and petty of you to let it fire you up. This is Pinkbike... not pinkpolitics...
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 @Batipapo: Ben Shapiro is many things, but he isn't racist.

George Floyds death is evidence of police brutality, but not systemic racism.
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flag Batipapo (Sep 18, 2020 at 21:33) (Below Threshold)
 Let’s just say that PB is my safe space cause I hate politics as much as the guy next door but the matter of the fact is Aaron chose to show Ben Shapiro on PB vid for all kids and adults to see. So yeah he crossed that fence and brought the politics in and that’s for him to explain those crazy views. If my teenage kid was going down the rabbit hole of Ben Shapiro cause they do everything Aaron does I think any parent would be concerned. @splsce:
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flag Batipapo (Sep 18, 2020 at 21:38) (Below Threshold)
 “Evidence of police brutality but not systemic racism” but it happens everywhere and is caught on camera so readily. Please explain? @hamncheez:
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 @Batipapo: You Know Gwin follows the light and not the darkness. Your disdain was decided long before.
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 @Batipapo: Individual examples are not data to be used in inferring trends in a population. If you look at statistics and population data, not individual events, the data shows that yes, police interactions overall in America are pretty bad. Civil Asset Fortifeture is rampant. Unconstitutional stops, searches, detention, and unjustified violence is far too high.

However, if you break it down by race there is no data suggesting that Black Americans face worse discrimination from police than others. The first red flag is that Asian Americans seem to suffer from fewer instances of police brutality than even white Americans. Certain Black American groups like Jamaican Americans also have fewer instances of police abuse than White Americans.

Are cops waking around and giving Jamaicans a pass for some reason? Do they wait until they hear the lack of a Caribbean accent before deciding to shoot someone? If we look at the data, Black Americans do have more instances of abuse from police than Whites and other groups, per capita. However, they have dramatically more interactions with police, so when higher crime rates are taken into account the statistics on abuse normalize.
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 @Batipapo: down the rabbit hole wow!!! You would rather your kid be brainwashed then see both sides of the story and then make up their own mind. Come on everyone one has an opinion it's just an opinion you can still be friends, Oh that's right liberals aren't aloud to be friends with conservatives
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 @G3V162F: @G3V162F: I still love my friends who are Trump supporters and want to hang/ride with them even though they subscribe to what I see as "conspiracies" i.e. covid isn't real, people aren't dying from it, voter fraud, fake news, fake George Floyd videos etc etc. I always ask where they get their "news" from and when they admit to what they are listening to I am always surprised.
I can understand not reading the NY Times and Washington Post because they are left leaning but the Wall Street Journal has always been conservative. At least read your local newspaper.... There's still objective truth. 1 + 1 still equals 2. The fact that people don't believe it equals 2 anymore is a huge problem. Disinformation is one of many huge problems we're currently facing. Every non college educated white male I talk to, and I live on the liberal coast, tells me "Covid will be over after the election, it's political". Granted, they are listening to OAN, Rush Limbaugh, and who knows what else.
Like I said, I still love my friends. What a crazy time.... I guess there was a reason that we didn't used to discuss money, religion, and politics.
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 @robito: It's sad and crazy that it turns out that people are so unable to think for themselves. Decades of societal progression are being lost.
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 @Batipapo: I like how me simply listening to a podcast in the background of a workout now labels me as some sort of Ben Shapiro super fan. I think some of what he has to say is valid but some of it is way off, in my opinion. I listen to all sorts of people from different backgrounds and points of views, doesn't mean I automatically agree with everything they believe in. You've never had a conversation with me, you don't know anything about me. You're just making huge judgements based on your own biased views and limited perception of me then spewing that all over the internet as fact. If there's anything messed up in America right now it's people doing exactly that. Maybe stop and think rationally for a second before you judge so harshly on topic's or people that you know nothing about. Or better yet, just skip all that drama and go enjoy your life.
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 @AaronGwin1: Hey Aaron! You always seem to handle comments like those with such class and have always been very kind and genuine the couple times I have briefly met you. Huge respect! I also wanted to say thank you for taking to the time to take a photo with my friend at the pits in snowshoe last year! Awesome video by the way. I cant wait to see the rest!
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 @AaronGwin1: well said
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 Hi Aaron, I just happened to be a pharmacist and who is in the midst of this entire epidemic so yeah anyone spreading fake newa such as the use Hydroxychloroquine has a huge impact on the medical industry with either people spreading COVID or showing up to a hospital with showing symptoms of QT prolongation cause they took Hydroxychloroquine on their own account.
So if you claim to listen to the other side as you do you why not show some of that evidence or simply stick to the things you know. You are a public persona traveling the world representing the US and you can be sure that you’ll get called if you spread medical misinformation That can have serious consequences to the public, yourself and the spread of infection. I’d be glad to provide you with any scientific evidence If you haven’t seen on the risks of Hydroxychloroquine and the risks of qt prolongation that leads up cardiac ardent.
Just assume that there are a lot of physicians, nurses, pharmacists reading there posts and going back to work only to deal with those same patients showing up at our hospitals because they “thought” they knew better.
That’s why engineers build bridges, doctors prescribe high risks meds and nurses care for patients on the verge of death.

So yeah Aaron your views do matter
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 @Batipapo: The fact that you are a pharmacist doesn't give you automatic supreme credibility in the world as a doctor and expert in an infectious disease that popped up months ago. My mom is a nurse, has been for the past 35 years years. She's worked everything from the OR to hospice and now teaches a variety of nursing classes at a college including pharmacology. My dad is a physical therapist. That gives them great experience but it doesn't mean that they know everything, and they would agree with me. There have been numerous studies and doctors providing solid evidence that Hydroxychloroquine is working for them when used at the right time, with the right dosage, and with the correct other medicines combined. People have been helped and many lives seem to have been saved. The fact that you think that is somehow "fake news" despite the mountain of evidence is interesting. I've seen it personally as well when someone close to me got very sick. I'm not saying it is a cure, and obviously there can be risks with taking it, as with any medication. But, when there is so much evidence presented that it is working for some people and Twitter starts censoring the doctor's who are presenting those studies, I don't think that's right. The censorship is the main issue with me. If you are in a situation where you could die, you should have access to all information and be able to make the choices with your doctor, for yourself. Also, you convieniently skipped over everything I said in my last comment. You've been spreading that "Shapiro lover" hate on every post containing my name this past week and then just move on to the next topic when you're presented with reality. I'd actually enjoy continuing this conversation on instagram or even a phone call possibly. Not interested in arguing but if you're down to chat as a reasonable person just discussing our own points of view and being ok if the end result is still disagreement, send me a DM.
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Batipapo: Ben Shapiro is racist. Gwin is bad for supporting a racist.
Also Batipapo: Yes, we have to grit our teeth and vote for the racist/rapist Biden ticket to defeat Trump.
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 @AaronGwin1: I'm not religious but always liked you as a racer, by coming out and answering this brainwashed people I've gained so much respect for you it makes me proud to think people like you will stand up for what you believe in - I LOVE IT YOU DA MAN!!! kick ass in a couple weeks love from Canada
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 @AaronGwin1: also this is the exact reason why I canceled all my sports channels, because no one is allowed to have an opinion again so so so proud of you!!!!
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 @G3V162F: I'm not religious either (another broad box that some people automatically slot me into without understanding) but I appreciate the love and kind words dude. It is sad to see that so many people choose to be unreasonable and refuse to look at thing's objectively because of their political affiliation. Atleast that seems to be the trend. Pride stands in the way of progress and instead of seeking to understand they only seek to be right, based on their own original opinions, with authority that they do not have. Need more bike riding and less of this madness. lol
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 @hamncheez: Do you actually hear the thing's you're saying? If you're actually being serious. Jeez man.
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 @hamncheez: I completely misread the context of your comment. Please ignore my response, my bad.
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flag Batipapo (Sep 22, 2020 at 14:07) (Below Threshold)
 Aaron I don’t think you realize that you are continuing to attack the scientific and medical community with your ongoing false statements about Hydroxychloroquine. Just because you say there is “solid evidence” or “I personally seen it work” or “my mom and dad are in the health care industry and would agree with me” don’t have any sway on how American College of Physicians or IDSA guidelines are written, peer reviewed and published. I tend to trust those folks since they dedicate their lives to those topics. No one is trying to convince you about how 26” wheels roll faster at Leogang and neither should you be giving medical advice on on the treatment of COVID.

But here is what actual ED physicians are seeing regarding self prescribed Hydroxychloroquine as you are encouraging. It didn’t turn out well for this couple BTW (

On your text above you said “the censorship is the issue with me” because false studies were removed from Twitter feeds”. But as of today the CDC guidelines stressing the use of face masks has just been reversed by Trump and removed from their website as we peak @200k fatalities in the US (more than any other country in the world) and also the fact that Trump ordered USPS to remove mail boxes from people so they can’t vote is a much closer example of censorship. the other censorship you described is pure hyperbole. Separate topic but more appropriate description of the word.

So if Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine claim is working so well why are we peaking @200k deaths? (Cause our no mask policy or that we are the only country in the world contemplating hydroxichloroquine).

I won’t say anymore Aaron but I can tell you that any medical providers is cringing with your wild medical claims. But unlike you those medical professionals have to go back to work and put themselves and their families at risk treating COVID patients while you get to ride your bike and enjoy the likes of your false claims on IG or FB. Different realities!

The Shapiro racism is far too upsetting to continue to discuss given the systemic racism America is experiencing (including +2000 small Migrant kids who have been ripped from their parents and are jailed in ICE facilities or the systemic brutality against African Americans). Not worth debating any of these topics since we are all watching this racism resurrection. Ben Shapiro resume includes former editor in chief or “Breitbart News” and owner of “The Daily Wire”.

Let’s keep this going via DM if you’d like.

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 @Batipapo: Shapiro LEFT Brietbart, and on bad terms. I wouldn't even call Brietbart racist (possibly xenophobic though) and The Daily Wire is 100% not racist at all (unlike Joe Biden).
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 Way to much sugar in the kool-aid...
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 There are no winners in the Comment 500.
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 @endlessblockades: hahaha truth
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 @Batipapo: Well man, it look's like we're about done. There is no profit in continuing this conversation when you have proven yourself to be a delusional, unreasonable person. It seems that your political beliefs are blinding you from anything other than what you want to believe. It makes no sense to say that I'm somehow attacking the scientific and medical community when they're the people I'm quoting and getting the information from.

Here's just one of many studies, the research speaks for itself.

There are lots of these articles out there written by leading doctor's and epidemilogists if you truly wanted to educate yourself, as I sought to do. Instead, you somehow say that by me mentioning these doctor's studies (of a longstanding FDA approved drug), I'm now encouraging people to ingest fish tank cleaner (which isn't the same type of chloroquine). Are you serious?

You keep twisting words, jumping subjects and stating your own baseless speculation of random events as fact. So far in these comments (including the ones you made before I started responding), you have proven yourself a liar, a hypocrite, and you even went all the way to the point of basically calling me a racist, which is possibly the most idiotic and insanely offensive comment I've ever read. I sincerely wish you the best and I think we can both agree that we only hope the best for our country. I also hope you wake up, for your own good. Peace.
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 Downvote me all you want, but f*ck Gwin and his Covid conspiracy theories. I know he’s a man of the lord, and I respect that. But maybe he should ask the pastor and his wife in Idaho that’s now in the ICU with Covid how praying against mask rules worked out for him.
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 This sounded like proper BS but then I just checked Gwin's Twitter. Dude's views are suspect.
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 @tbubier: oof. All of his twitter is obviously sponsor mandated fluff and links to IG, why even bother retweeting the hydroxychloroquine truther stuff? Not a great look.
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 So his personal views, and how he chooses to live his life..... Which has absolutely no impact on how you live yours and vice versa.... Detracts from the fact, that he is one of the best bicycle racers. By a very, very, long margin. In the world? Weird....
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 @OlSkoolJake: Unfortunately, yes, it does. Lance Armstrong for example. Varg of Burzum. Varg was an amazing TDF champion and Lance wrote some of the most ice-cold black metal songs in the genre, but the things they said and did 'in their personal lives' do still matter in the grand scheme of things. Especially when you are a Verified Public Figure.
  • 12 27
flag Batipapo (Sep 18, 2020 at 20:47) (Below Threshold)
 It might have an impact if he doesn’t believe in face masks like the typical Shapiro crowd and shows up to a race potentially contaminated. And let’s not forget the OVERLY racist tones of his beloved Shapiro.@OlSkoolJake:
  • 26 14
 @Batipapo: Ben Shapiro isn't racist. Go home.
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flag Batipapo (Sep 18, 2020 at 21:26) (Below Threshold)
 @hamncheez: no surprise you also don’t see it.
  • 17 18
 I have to agree with you. I started disliking him when I saw a comment on one of the hodgetwins' posts, where he talked about "mass manipulation" concerning the black lives matter movement.
He also likes posts congatulating Trump for fighting "left's horrible ideas" and so on. I can't support that guy anymore because I find his views really disturbing
  • 13 12
 @OlSkoolJake: That's correct. It does detract from that fact. That's my personal view and I'm happy to share it. This view I suspect probably doesn't have any impact on you....

F*ck Gwin.
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 @OlSkoolJake: Oh yea...and PS f*ck Ty Cobb as well......
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Not sure what this article has to do with Aaron Gwin
  • 18 9
 So imagine you think everyone who disagrees with you politically is evil. You can clearly see them believing things irrationally, and taking positions that make no sense. My boomer relatives praise Trump as "a man of God", and say garbage like "we finally have a Christian back in the White House" despite the fact that Trump raw dogs porn stars and is on his 3rd or 4th wife. Pretty nuts.

Guess what- you and I are no different. What insane things are you completely blind to? What political positions do you hold that a neutral observer would think is crazy? Guess what. the Left does have horrible ideas. As does the right. As does everyone.
  • 17 21
flag westeast (Sep 19, 2020 at 7:33) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks for pointing this out. Gwin just went up massively in my book. Huge respect to Gwin for not being afraid of the mindless mob. We need people who are willing to say unpopular things (why pointing out that a medical doctor being censored is bad or that there is an effective treatment for covid 19 according to hundreds of doctors and numerous studies is an unpopular thing to do is sad). Again, kudos to Gwin for having some balls and shame on those of you choosing politics over free speech and science.
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 @OlSkoolJake: @OlSkoolJake: So, there are personal life matters that don't matter to me, for example, I don't care if he gets a sex change, I don't care if he's gay or straight, I don't care if he's vegan or not and I also don't care if he gets an abortion.

However, once you're a high profile athlete, a household name, someone to whom millions of young people look up to, then what you say publicly, be it your personal opinion and not just sponsor messages does in fact matter and public figures do or rather should be held responsible for it.

That is all. It is not political nor religious, it is just common sense.

but you know, that's just my opinion, man... Smile
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 @hamncheez: Hold on for a second. Consider the extremes of each side in our government right now. For the Democrats, this accusation is generally leveled against the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and Ayanna Pressley... people who believe that there should be universal healthcare (a standard position in Europe), subsidized education (a standard position in Europe), and a Green New Deal (which is based on FDR-era legislation). Extreme Republicans, on the other hand, include people who believe there is a global pedophile ring that only Donald Trump can stop. Three of these candidates—Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn (who disavows QAnon but has repeated debunked claims about sex slaves)—are poised to win their elections in 2020.

So the left may have a few, and the right may have a few, but the ideas are NOT of equal merit.
  • 8 8
 @westeast: lol I’m a pharmacist and you’re wrong. HCQ has been touted as a treatment for every new emerging virus for decades. Works great in a lab, has never worked in people. For COVID in particular there’s I think 2 positive studies with serious issues and 10 or so better designed ones that show no benefit or even harm (ORCHID). Jury’s still out on prevention (HERO trial in progress) but HCQ isn’t exactly well tolerated... It’s not something I would take.
  • 9 10
 @scvkurt03: The Green New Deal would utterly destroy the American economy, just like FDR's policies did. It is a position that is absolutely nuts. Have you read it? I have. It literally says it will give every american a house, retrofit every building, cover the land in trains "making planes unnecessary", ban all combustion engines, and more all within 10 years. It sounds like the 2nd draft of a high school kids paper in a world where things are all free.
  • 5 5
 @hamncheez: First of all, "give every American a house" and all your other claims are gross exaggerations. The word "providing" in the context of the "goals and projects" is vastly different from "give". I could go on, but I doubt you're conversing in good faith with that kind of selective editing. Besides, the GND is nothing but a starting point for negotiations. Pie in the sky. It's never going to pass as-is, not even if Democrats hold the House, Senate, and Presidency.

At best, you're comparing poor legislation against wild and debunked conspiracy theories. Again, these two aren't equal.
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 Man, alot of opinions going on here.... Not all of them are agreeable to everyone..... Irony.....

Also to those saying that Gwin having an opinion that differs from most of us. Detracts from the fact he's is literally one of the great riders of time.....

No.... No, really..... It doesn't even in the slightest.... Gwin will still ride a bike better than 98%of the population. Gwin will still be a Top UCI DH contender, for years to come....

Literally your opinions about his opinions mean as much as fart on the wind..... Nothing.
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 @OlSkoolJake: No denying his talent and accomplishments, that's for sure.
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 @scvkurt03: Now you're doing what you're accusing me of doing. Most of my friends and family are on the right, and very, very few of them subscribe to Q-Anon stuff. The right has been the same since the Bush days, if anything the mainstream Conservative has moved more centrist.

If you want to wave away the Green New Deal and its terrible policies, then look at the Liberal candidate himself if you want to see Progressive Self-delusion. The ideology that was behind the womens march, the #metoo movement, #believeallwomen, and the party that attacked Justice Kavanaugh nominated the only person who can go toe to toe with Trump when it comes to sexual assault and abuse of women. This same party/ideology of #BLM now supports Kamala Harris as its VP nominee. How is this not delusional? I'm not trying to say the right or left is more out of touch with reality, I'm trying to say we need to all be humble and not automatically call everyone a Nazi/racist because we have heard a caricature of what their ideas might actually be, because our own beliefs might seem just as ridiculous to others.
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 @hamncheez: nah, yeah he is
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 Say it ain't so
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 @hamncheez: geez , have to fully disagree with you that everyone has horrible ideas. Think about it. We'll, maybe in USA, it does look pretty bleak there from outside.
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 The PB comment section doesn't represent reality.
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 @hamncheez: No I'm not - I fairly brought up what both sides call "radical" within our government. Sure there are batshit conspiracy theorists on the left, but we don't elect them to seats in congress. That's my point. Not that everyone on the right is crazy, but that you're making a false equivalency between the shittiness of ideas.

The left doesn't agree with itself, not one bit. SO MANY of us will grit our teeth and vote for Biden, and only do in the name on playing defense against Trump. It's not delusional at all.

To your last point, I agree.
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 @SangamonTaylor: Don't appeal to authority. My spouse is a doctor, but what is that really worth? The info I'm referring to comes from other doctors and or scientists who use or study HCQ. Numerous doctors have shown great results using HCQ, Zinc and azithromycin. Combo must be given early, 5 to 7 day of onset of symptoms. The studies that have shown it to be ineffective have usually been given to patients already on deaths door and in one or more studies they gave high enough doses of HCQ to kill the patients. The Lancet study that got a lot of press and demonized HCQ was retracted due to fraud! To politicize HCQ, the way the democrats have done, is nothing less than criminal. Let the doctor and patient decide and keep your politics out of it.
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 Here few of the most recent medical guidelines published so far and they all CATEGORICALLY deny the use of Hydroxychloroquine for the therapy of COVID:

Feel free to pass it along to anyone who is still prescribing it (hopefully not your spouse cause I am sure the California Medical Board would take issue with that):

From AÇA (American College of Caridology):

From APA (American College of Physicians):

IDSA (infectious Disease Society of America):
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 @Batipapo: This looks like research, so it will be summarily rejected on grounds of tin foil hat.
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 It’s a unique market share indeed they are catering for. Smile @scvkurt03:
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 GWIN wants the WORLDS... GWIN needs the WORLDS... GIVER GWIN,,
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 Great timing on finishing his dream house. Now he gets to sit it in for awhile like the rest of us.
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 Clay's videos are always special to watch....
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 can't wait for episode 2!!
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 He's just fast roll on leogang.
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 That prototype looks mean.
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 TRP brakes are underrated.They stop good.
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 Mine broke early on and trp customer service wanted me to buy another lever instead of sending me a warranty replacement. Went with shimano because they actually stand behind their products.
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 Sick kit. Reminds me of the Cobra Kai outfit!
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 They made the MTB version of Chef’s Table lol
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 right after the first second i had to switch off
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 Great Stuff Clay Porter, Aaron Gwin :-)
Good luck for World Champs
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