Video: Aaron Gwin on Working with TRP to Develop the DH7 Drivetrain in 'Race Day'

Sep 5, 2019
by TRPCyclingComponents  

This is the start of a new chapter for us at TRP. The new TRP DH7 components are the culmination of a four-year drivetrain development project.

The TRP R&D teams in Taiwan and the US spent three of these years working very closely with World Cup downhill overall winner Aaron Gwin and his mechanic John Hall. Their passion for racing defined new features which were continuously tested at the highest level through two full seasons of World Cup downhill races.

Aaron and John embraced every opportunity to bring in their experience, views, and ideas to TRP. Here are some of their own words about TRP's new DH7 components.

Photo Credit Nathan Hughes Photography

“It is a pretty complicated project to make a derailleur – there are a lot of patents and all kind of things you have to work around, so you’ve got to be really innovative to find your own way to do things and also to make it better. The thing I enjoyed most working with the TRP crew, is their trust in John and I, and vice versa.” - Aaron Gwin

Photo Credit Scott Hefel Photography

“The end result of improvement, whether it is a product, whether it is results, or just elevating the game in all areas – that’s what really drives me. Take a chance on it, it is pretty cool how the product grows on you and it becomes yours – you’ll be blown away.” - John Hall

Aaron and his mechanic John are constantly pushing and challenging the TRP Team – this is why we work with them.

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TRP takes the “R” in TRP serious. Our partnership with professional athletes and teams bring us important experiences from the real world—and the highest level. The following teams, athletes and their mechanics have been instrumental and intimately involved in the TRP DH7 product development process.

Photo Credit SCOTT Keno Derleyn
Photo Credit Isac Paddock

Photo Credit SCOTT Keno Derleyn
The 4 time Leogang destroyer 30 yards from the line. Photo Credit Nathan Hughes

Intense Factory Racing | Headlined by Aaron Gwin, Intense Factory Racing has a roster bolstered by Neko Mullaly and Jack Moir. The Intense riders and mechanics, led by John Hall, have been an integral part in defining features and developing the new TRP drivetrain.

Scott DH Factory | A new team on the circuit for 2019, the Scott DH Factory program brings a veteran TRP rider, Brendan Fairclough, together with Florent Payet, Marie Cabirou and Dean Lucas to ride and test both TRP brakes and drivetrain.

Commencal / 100% | This team is racing its second season on TRP brakes and its first on drivetrain. Thomas Estaque, Hugo Frixtalon, Antonie Rogge, Bruce Klein and their mechanics Jampi and Benjamin have helped in testing throughout the development stages of the DH7 components.

YT Mob | Martin Whitely and his YT Mob have been long time partners. Their new program led by Angel Suarez is brining new talents to the sport and onto TRP products.

Now, TRP DH7 is ready for gravity riders everywhere; whether the focus is on competitive downhill racing or you are looking for a killer time with your riding buddies at your favorite bike park.

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 It's great to see high level race athletes and their pro mechanics having so much input on a product. Rad video, too.
  • 2 1
 I put a note on my calendar for the purchase date (Sept 18th) to make sure I get it on order. I would surely forget with all the cool stuff coming out every other day!
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 did they pay you to say that
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 funny seeing YT ride Gwins coattails on this one
  • 2 1
 Take my money.
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 MAGA Wink
  • 1 4
 I am pretty sure my Shimano rear mech has the same thing on it as the "Hall lock" and it is a couple of years old.
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 The switch on Shimano mechs turns the clutch off or on, basically to aid in wheel removal. The TRP mech has a clutch switch as well. The Hall Lock is separate, as far as I understand it, and locks out the “B knuckle.” So if I’m understanding it right, it actually is a different thing than the switch on Shimano mechs.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: Ok, thanks for the info, it just kind of looked the same thing to me, but obviously not then.
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 The clutch switch on Shimano stiffens the spring so the cage doesn't move a lot. The Hall lock keeps everything else from moving around.

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