Video: Aaron Gwin Shreds King Kong on his eMTB

Oct 30, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesMy first time riding the King Kong trail in Utah. I only brought my E-Bike with me this trip but had to go check it out. Thanks to my buddy Logan Binggeli for showing me the way down. Such a cool trail! Aaron Gwin

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 Aaron Gwin....freeriding....on an E bike. This sentence seems odd from the start
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 He’s getting older Smile
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 @thechunderdownunder: 33 doesn't qualify old. As least not from my vantage point. lol
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 Let's move along to full E like e motions.
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flag curendero (Oct 31, 2021 at 6:48) (Below Threshold)
 @njcbps: Old in athlete offense tho Erin you are still effen rad and have done so much for the sport. We all hope to see you up to speed next season!!
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 @thechunderdownunder: BTW, when I was riding MTB's as a teen it seemed mostly young people ... I distinctly remember a 32yr old rider joining us–That seemed OLD to me at the time, that's why I said "not from my vantage point." Smile
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 @njcbps: my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’m 35 and have had two spinal injuries multiple torn muscles and multiple fractures from trying to push my MTB progression. Pure fun, but now with kids I don’t mind taking the Emtb out more, especially since it rides almost as good as my regular bike. I don’t feel old out there, but I definitely don’t feel young haha. Gwin is amazing, and I think he will continue to be great. I mean the GOAT is 39 and still winning. But for me. I’m slowing down a little for sure.
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 Did he just roll it though?
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 - Want to catch some air, bring a pump... Advice for Outdoors Pinkers.
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 My fav Ebike hero
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 1) I haven't seen any enforcement of ebike trail restrictions. Our local trails have a lit of motorized One Wheel users. The rangers don't say a word.

2) That trail is scary. I'd love to see Gwin come back with his DH rig and ride it full speed. But, not on GoPro - regular race-style filming.

3) Always good to see Logan Binggeli getting well-deserved coverage.
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 Ya I can't believe hes not training there more. Me thinks would make wc tracks seem ezr.
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 I thought for sure when I saw the title of this post, “Gwin shreds Kong on his emtb”, that we were gonna see Gwin ride up Kong from the bottom. Kinda disappointed ngl.
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 "Dont ride off blind rollers"- Gwin

*follows Logan off roller ~45 seconds later.

Good job tire! you made it!
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 Well I thought that was rad. I’ve never been there so it’s cool to see it ridden through and the lines picked apart. I like that AG is doing some of these video and hope he does more. Cool perspective.
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 One slight mistake and you'll find yourself at the bottom a lot quicker than expected...
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flag goodkent (Oct 30, 2021 at 21:11) (Below Threshold)
 especially with peddle assist
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 Didn't know Intense built in bike radios on their bikes.
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 Sweet trail and video! The backwards go pro was a nice perspective!
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 Yeah, and the backwards view seemed to actually portray the steepness a lot better. Think they might be on to something.
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 Agree. Worked really well to show the scale of the features
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 That looked much more sketchy than other Kong POV videos I have seen.
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 Yes that is what happens when trails gain popularity, get sketchy when ridden a lot more!
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 @aljoburr: Some trails do get sketchy if they are ridden too much, but those trails don't get ridden a lot. They are sketchy because of the weather and no maintenance done on the trails.
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 I dunno, Matt Jones, Ollie Wilkins and Mr Deakin definitely sketched it up when they were there.
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 Awesome riding! Love Gwin, but ever since Bo Burnham’s Country Song, I can’t take country music seriously. Maybe I just need to listen to more of it
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 It’s funny how you let a city kid from MA who has zero cultural perspective on country music have an influence. Country music has so many styles. Check out Marcus King’s El Dorado album if you want something to stir your soul.
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 Good call!! Yep so much good new country music out there these days if you're listening to the right stations/djs. Check out Garrett T Capps album I Love San Antone, Dougie Poole Freelancer's Dream, Hayes Carll You Get it All, Jesse Daniel Beyond These Walls, anything by Sturgill or Jason Isbell the old boys of the new guard so to speak.
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 I didn't like county music until I heard Tyler Childers's Whitehouse Road. It's a vibe.
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 Bo Burnham was talking about stadium country and he was totally right.

I don't hear any stadium country on the track, but I can't make out much.

Bad stuff coming out of nashville these days, good stuff out of texas.

I second childers
zack bryan (not to be confused with zach brown or luke bryan)
turnpike troubadors

need a little more flow, maybe some cody johnson, aaron watson?

Need more folk maybe hit some cody jinks, colter wall

you want some southern rock, whiskey myers, jason boland, maybe some chris stapleton

Looking up red dirt country is usually a decent start
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 Gnarly! Can't believe how casual he is about riding this beast of a trail (for the first time)
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 skid marks @10:43 make this relatable. also A+ would watch again, great content
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 Fun to see AG and Logan riding King Kong, seeing pros on your local terrain is a treat!
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 Glad to see a World Cup GOAT and a Rampage competitor/local struggled a bit on that trail...I walked a bunch of that shit haha.
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 @stikmanglaspell Not believing stikman. I suspect you are just being modest.
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 I hiked it a few weeks ago. I just kept mumbling "no f*cking way" to myself the entire way down. Scariest trail in the world? Maybe. It's the scariest one I've ever seen...
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 That's not a trail! Ha ha. Awesome riding. I'm a no.
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 Haha, my idea exactly for the next trip to Utah! But I guess the airlines don't transport e-bikes :/
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 They are still not permitted on a lot of trails in the US including Utah, so better bringing a regular bike anyway.
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 E-bikes on airlines not a problem, but batteries is a problem, so just need to find place to get a battery on arrival
But makes no sense when you can ship batteries on there own?
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 @aljoburr: the law is they can not shipped as cargo on passenger planes so that kills idea of shipping it as cargo. They are no allowed in checked baggage so there is problem number 2. Problem number 3 is carrry on limits the size of battery to 300wh which is way less than most bikes battery. You could go though the proceeds to ship the battery as cargo ahead of you but that could be pricey. Maybe better off buying a new battery and selling it as used before you leave.
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 @catweasel: they are fine down here in Southern Utah. No one cares.
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 Rent locally
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flag nvranka (Oct 30, 2021 at 10:59) (Below Threshold)
 @catweasel: they’re not permitted on really anything worth riding. No one follows that rule, no sense spreading misinformation
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 @nvranka: How is correctly saying that ebikes are still not legal on many US trails spreading misinformation?
I live in Colorado (where lots of good stuff is legal) visit Utah regularly and own an E-bike so I’m pretty familiar with the situation. Lots of land out west is Federally owned, the department of the interior now allows E-bikes on their land, but it is at the local mangers discretion. Many land managers have not updated their E-bike access since the ruling came into effect. Large parts of Utah (including St George, Hurricane and Moab) are on BLM land and currently prohibited on most trails on these areas. Hoping this changes soon! National Forest is even worse as that is governed by the Department of Agriculture who currently don’t allow E-bikes on any MTB trail at all.
I’m certainly not going to encourage a foreign visitor to bring a bike that he could potentially get fined for using on many trails!
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 @catweasel: can’t read it all but probably bad word choice sry ESL
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 @catweasel: I wonder whether Gwin is aware about this. He's publicly riding there.
I read about these rules yesterday and hope for all that the BLM offices will allow at least category 1 e-bikes on all trails. We don't have this problem over here.
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 @yoobee: I don't think this trail is officially sanctioned and the access is open to motor vehicles so really no different riding an ebike or a regular bike in legality here.
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 @catweasel: that’s the key to e bikes, ride unsanctioned DH
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 So many rules. Just ride america. @catweasel:
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 Apologies. America has Swampfest. No rules.
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 @fektor-b: Florida doesn’t count.
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 Hmm, I must readjust my usage of the term 'to shred'
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 Great video. I like the shots from behind going off the drops! Kong is prity sketchy..
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 I just can’t believe it, most amazing part of that whole video was talking while riding a trail like that. I’m out of breath just watching
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 Looks almost rideable on Gopro, but also know that is not the real level of exposure?
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 Not real perspective whatsoever. This line is gnarly and why all the pros use it as a warm up for Rampage
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 @skidmarkbro: nothing really drives home enjoying riding your bike like casual death
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 Ya buddy!
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 @Intense4life: Sick username!
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 I been wondering why bloagn isnt racing anymore or doing rampage used race against these guys super fun and fast to follow
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 Real headline: Aaron Gwin rides Kong with a flat front tire
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 Fun to see pros just cruising...
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 Goathead huffer trail is the best, The skidded trail.
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 Aw, just pull up from here, big trip’.
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 You forgot to do 30 push ups at the top!
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 Being paid to E. I’d add shameless attempt to peddle $12,000 e bikes.
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 Did he just catch a shuttle on an Ebike....I thought, that, was like the whole point to have and Ebike?
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 He did say it’s only bike he had with him so if the others were shuttling why would you ride up?
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 He’s a sponsored pro, his sponsor told him to make a vid with an ebike, end of story. He’s just doing his job, like the professional that he is, so don’t hate on him for that. It was a good vid regardless.
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 @SlodownU: JC, just having fun with this....
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 yeah bro boi brah!
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 Well he is past his prime. He needs motor assistance...not like is is Minnaar
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 Was anyone else annoyed with how much noise the bike made. Kind of ruined the vid for me.
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 Yeah, that thing sounds like a shopping cart!
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 Shuttle with an ebike!!!
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