Video: Aaron Gwin's Chainless Run from the 2015 Leogang DH World Cup

Apr 11, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter breaking his chain right at the start gate, Aaron Gwin heads off for a run that will go down in the DH history books. Probably one of the most memorable MTB Downhill runs ever!

This was the scene of the greatest UCI World Cup downhill race victory of all-time. Sure, we've had big winning margins and wild riding, but never before has a rider snapped a chain at the start of his or her run and go on to take the victory. Leogang 2015 produced one of the most breathtaking, nail-biting and spectacular races of that season.
Red Bull

***As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, bike-related hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.


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 on the actual video :

you can see young hairy Troy Brosnan calling "you motherf*cker" at the end and Gwin replies that the suspension works pretty good without a chain. Such a fun sport with good spotsmanship
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 Cool stuff
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 we have been saying it for a while...
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 Msa 2017 was better. Equally unbelievable but you could see Gwin cut up the course like nobody else. Still Sam Hill Champery and Danny hart champery are the all time favorites for me.
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 MSA 2017 has to be one of the craziest winning runs, if not the craziest
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 For me Stevies MSA run was more incredible. Nobody came even close to the last dry run except him. 2017 some guys showed it was still possible (Hart, Bruni and Lucas I think) so there was less suspense
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 @jzPV: long live chainsaw
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 Thing I remember most about this race is how gutted Fearon must’ve been to lose that race by 0.045sec. Oh what could’ve been
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 It’s hard to believe this was 5 years ago. It’s even harder to believe we will spend the rest of our lives #stayinghome, being board and watching Coronavirus news updates.
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 Rest of our lives? Quite the drama queen aren't you!
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 @onemind123: Well technically, if he gets the virus he could be right.
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 Right?! It feels like just last week I was watching that live losing my mind!
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flag ATV25 (Apr 11, 2020 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 @DirtyDee: Probably a better chance of getting hit by a car or stuck by lightning !
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 @ATV25: "One estimate is that the annual global death toll is 6,000. On the other hand, according to National Geographic, annually about 2,000 people are killed worldwide by lightning."
10000ish (probably many more) people killed by lightning in NY in the last few weeks.
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 @jjhobbs: overbored
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 @mi-bike: godddit
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 @ATV25: I’m with you. Lock down the old folks and let this shit run it’s coarse and be done with it already. 2020 is gonna be a shit year. On the plus side job wise might be my best year yet.
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 @scotttherider: I am with you on that !
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 @ATV25: you gonna vote to join Idaho in November? New solution for state of Jefferson.
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 @scotttherider: if it is realistic and founded, HELL YES ! I have signed many a petition in favor of SoJ !!!
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 @ATV25: parts of Oregon and Northern California are supposed to vote on it come November.
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 @scotttherider: I AM IN !
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 Is it just me, or is it weird to see a quote attributed to a company? It’s not like a can of liquid smarties is capable of writing...
Would be nice to at least give credit to the person at Red Bull who said that.
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 Not sure how PR works in Red Bull but at my company so many eyes and hands go over comments like that it practically is the company talking by the end of it.
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 That was the most imposible run ever. I was in Leogang in need to go on the dh track top to bottom to realise what Aaron Gwin achieved
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 also his run at MSA in the wet when the leader did his run in the dry, also impossible. apparently the visibility was jack shit
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 So yesterday I went for a bike ride and I broke my chain in two places on the way up. I rode chainless down and for me it feels more difficult. I don't know if there's much suspension interference on my banshee but it was definitely weird to not have any friction when weighing one pedal and then the other.
Definitely full props plus one to Aaron on all of his runs where his equipment wasn't 100%.
Full props to all of his runs when he killed it.
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 my chain fell off at the top of A-Line at whistler and my bike floated like its never floated before. I swear that's the best I've ever rode.
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 @anchoricex: same. broke chain on first day of 2 (or 3 cant remember) at whistler, went chainless the whole time and had the time of my life
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 A rock crushed my derailleur and I did a chainless descent last week. Felt pretty good. Also droppers are good for Fred Flintstoning your bike.
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 When I went chainless the lack of resistance from the pedals really messed me up, especially jumping, to the point where I slipped a pedal and crashed...
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 @therealtylerdurden: "Motherf*cker won a wc WITH NO CHAIN... For f*cks sake, pay the man what he wants." Smile
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 Gwin is the Godfather of downhill racing
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 I will give him one Million $ in a Duffle Bag if he wins a race without a Bike.
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 @Shred-BC: Disagree. Minnaar is the godfather. Gwin is one of the greatest that will ever be though.
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 @Shred-BC: he can't be the godfather, he ain't that old. Can be the God something tho.
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 defently remember watching this live and thinking ah thats a bummer no win for gwin today
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 Favorite run of all time, right next to Danny Harts Snow Shoe Race Run.
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 So good. Hopefully Danny's 12 sec win at Champery in the wet gets posted up here soon too.
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 Watching Gwin or any person with the belief & determination to fight and never give up, even when the odds are stacked against them and then beat those odds has got to make anyone feel good...I have loved watching Gwin over the years always put on his race face....Legend
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 Chain for sale, never used
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 Actually used once!
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 What ever happened to the chain? Probably just got thrown away.
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 it will definitely be some time before we (USA) sees another Gwin
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 The run he had in the pouring freaking rain a couple years later, where he took the inside line in a high-speed corner through the fricken grass(again, for the win) is the second best DH run of all time IMO
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 Watched the whole broadcast today. Gave it way more context. They talked about a pedally section with every single rider.
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 Many of my XC friends always say to me "you don't need a chain for DH" but if you look at him with, and then without his chain, he's soo much faster with one. Pedal on the DH!
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 It still confuses me how the legend gwin held on and beat chained riders what a legend what a run from 2015
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 " i think the rear derailleur is missing Claudio, no chain perhaps"

Rob's Lazy BS lol
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 Any one who says otherwise is crazy because that run will is forever LEGEND!
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 Did anyone else find this a bit boring compared to the more recent live streams, e.g. less split times, etc. Think it was a lot more exiting this year
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 Poor John Hall!! Thinking did I forget something....? But the Gwinner saves the run!!!
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 magic right here
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 Gwin’s a freaking wizard!
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 We will be riding chain-less bikes before someone does it again.
  • 1 0 a "unbelieveable"...he will be back to give the "Frenchies" a go..Smile
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 At that time... I screamed unconsciously while watching the monitor.
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 Makes me wonder why DH pros don’t go with a single speed set up
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 Trust Red Bull to say that it's the greatest DH victory of all time; sure it's ONE of the greatest. But not the Greatest. Top 5 for sure
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 @C0yotekid: sam's champery was the best and he didn't even win...
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 @ColquhounerHooner: second best. Sam’s run in Val di sole is better.
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 I'm drunk
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 Aaron Who?
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 Aaron Paul, yeah bitch
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 @RedBurn: His rear meth is hanging off!
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 braking, bad
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 you did it again! =)
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 @RedBurn: I don`t see the aarony of that one ;-)
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