Video: Ace Hayden Digs, Rides, Sleeps, & Repeats in Teaser for 'A Taste of Ace'

Nov 6, 2019
by e*thirteen components  
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Dig. Ride. Sleep. Repeat. Is that cliche? Sure. But if building and shredding like Ace Hayden is cliche then sign us up for the cliche club! This is a teaser for Ace's episode in an e*thirteen Ambassador series launching early next year.


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 Wtf was that ...
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 Did he build A-Line?
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 @ziles: Does he also ride two bikes simultaneously?
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 That was shit
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 I was thinking the same thing
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 Just so everyone is aware! There is a video series to follow this. This is a teaser for that. This is not just a one off video, some info is missing up top.
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 Didn't know instagram length brand ambassador videos are now notable enough for homepage.
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 A little harsh, but I agree. Why exactly is this featured on the home page?
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 @ayanamishinji01: its a paid ad, most of the news feed is paid for
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 I'd love to know what happens after the intro, when can we expect the second segment?
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 Little info missing in this post. There will be a series of videos to follow!
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 Ace is a G. This vid is most likely a teaser of what is to come. Look forward to some good shredding from an island boy
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 Ace digs, some may say he is "the Ace of spades, the Ace of spades"
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 why its so short? and what about is that actualy?
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 Theres a little context missing in the post here haha. This is a little teaser for a series of videos coming out in the future.
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 @AceSlayden: Makes sense now. looks to be good!
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 wait for it......oh its over
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 oddly enough, this is tagged under "riding videos"
i was surprised not to see him dig ride and... sleep, during this video as promised.
it would be cool if like the majority of every video on a mtb website was yaknow, mtb'ing
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 Ah, to be continued. Good to know. Looking forward to it !
I first thought that they had to interrupt it and bring somebody from e*thirteen in to finally fix that seat post and lever Smile
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 Something that leaked in from a similar, but parallel dimension, I think.
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 reminds me of a vid i posted on PH a while back: a taste of savage lake. no bikes involved, tho.
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 Holy shit this for real or what ? editing suck big time and riding is so lame
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 all i see and hear is everyone fking jumping to so many conclusions , like settle down and stop trolling .
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 Si sa posral aj s tym bikom ohavnym ty posera
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 Looked dope, love the fast cuts.
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 Awesome teaser, can’t wait for the series!
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 lame ty si sracka
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 you are just a vibbbratorrrr Smile
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 Neber tie kolesa tolko
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 anal hayden
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 Is this washrooms ?
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 no this is just a piss
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 Armchair critics, let’s see your videos...
Right way easier to talk shit then to take a risk and put yourself out there.
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 poor bike
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 Nicely done!
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