Video: Action Packed Teaser for Megavalanche Alpe d'Huez

Apr 18, 2019
by UCCSportEvent  
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 25 year old me says "lets go do this shit". 50 year old me says "you're not 25 anymore".
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 42 year old me said: let's do it and had a lot of fun last year.
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 Oh come on man. I am 50 and doing it. Just put your name on the list, we'll go down together!
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 42 year old me cant wait to do it again get it done or it will be 60 year old you that cant do it anymore!
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flag silentbutdeadly (Apr 18, 2019 at 3:54) (Below Threshold)
 @Tepixx: will you also pay my airfare from the Southern Hemisphere, accommodation, bike hire and travel insurance? Plus negotiate with the Boss and the family for my release from duties for a couple of weeks while I go do something just for me?

In the end, there's more to being 50 than just physical capacity or the lack of it. I could physically do Megavalanche but I don't have the social and financial freedom I had when I was I do other cool shit instead...much closer to home
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 25 year old me did that 10 years ago and discovered he wasn't really prepared enough, physically.
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 @hubertje-ryu: I will do it one day!
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 I'm waiting to do the 60+
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 @silentbutdeadly: that’s not mega avalanches fault you can’t race in it,just enjoy the fact that some people even host such an event, if your gonna bitch about money complain about banks or the government not mtb races
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 @mkotowski1: never said it was. My situation is what it is...same as for most other punters here when it comes to events like these.
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 @mkotowski1: oh dear
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 I'm 51. I'm waiting until after its finished to tell myself "you're not 25 anymore"
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 @renrut: Go for it!
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 @bmxrad, I couldn't agree more !

31 years old still shouting: let this commercial race for all the european dentists that just want to "tick a box in their bucket list" and go straight to the other side of the valley to enlist for the mountain of hell race at 2 alpes ski resort that has a far more better race format...

seriously: at the megavalanche you do not know if you are going to race saturday or sunday, morning or you got two chances out of four to race a slushy glacier juste like "soup" as we call this in france. and moreover one chance out of four to race with your mates, since there are 4 different "final races". zero chances to ride with girls if you are a man, or the contrary (gender segregation in 2019 , what the **** ?)...
qually format is stupid too: they take your rank in your qually wave into account, not your race time. so if you are in a "serious racers" wave, you gonna just end up in the mega challenger race , even if other riders on others "easier" qually waves were slower than you.

well, for the mountain of hell everything is simpler: 7 qually waves (one for females, 6 waves of 100 riders for males) they take your race qually time into account, not your position. so whatever the wave you re in, with pro pilots or with tourists, only your time gonna give you your rank.
and for the race day, well, only one race for male and female, one start with 700 riders, sunday morning, very early, when the glacier is still hard enough to remain great to ride. and finally your qually time only gives you your position on the starting pack. so you're assured to ride with your mates, to be block passed by pro females, to virtually chase pro riders that were 50meters ahead of you in the start pack...
and if you screwed your qually (mechanical trouble, DNS,DNF,etc) you still do the same race and will just start from the end of the pack...
and last but not least, the race starts a 3400m high on the glacier, to finish at 900m high at venosc village...
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 Probably the best week of biking you can have!! So much fun...... Until you qualify on the 2nd row of the challenger final and realise if you f*ck up you're getting run over by 250 bikes haha. Total carnage from start to finish. People going for impossible lines, proper elbows out racing :-)
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 Back in 2006 I didn't qualify by 30 seconds, so I was on the front row for the Mega Promo (the only secondary race at the time). We were 420,I managed to finish 6th after what was my most memorable Mega of the 7 I entered.
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 I might never qualify to enter a world cup, but one day, this I want to do!
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 Do it, it's fun.
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 I only rode there back in 2008. Just the week alone is just so much fun. Unlimited lift access in the area for a full week! I'm not much of a racer though, I don't care to be in front. On my trip there (train-train-train-bus...) I realized that I couldn't afford to get heavily injured as there was no way to get back home like that (or go for a very expensive option). That said, when the helicopters are up there, the music is pumping, you're on. But when in my qualifier I exited the first corner with only five people in front me as far as I could see, I realized that there was no way I was going stay ahead of the pack for that long. And I didn't even want to do the mass start for the main event! So I pulled really wide for the next corner, allowed the most frantic part of the lot pass and rode the next day in the Mega Affinity (same course, but no mass start). I know this may be what most people on here wouldn't want (or at least say so) but it was perfectly fine for me. It was the same fun course (though start was at the qualifier start that year because of the bad weather) and people are still cheering for you. For me this was just a perfect ending to a full week of riding. So for those why may be put off by the whole mass start thing, you can still have fun.
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 Best race I've ever done- somehow managed to talk my wife into adding 5 days on the end of our French honeymoon. I'll have to come up with another excuse to get back!
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 All you guys are Cupcakes I'm 55 and I'm planning to do it next year ■
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 Joe Connell entering this year ?????
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 Wasnt he the guy who was cheating?
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 Am I correct in reading that the entry fee is 75€? This is definitely a bucket list thing for me, and that entry fee is a lot less than I expected.
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 That's the basic package for 4 days, but to get the full Mega experience you want the whole week, that goes for about 120€.
It's super cheap.
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 Like the Mountain of Hell only not as good x
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 Go Ben!
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 Action Packed Teaser?
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 What action?

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