Video: Adam Brayton, Danny Hart & Elliott Heap Go for a Wild Ride on Steep & Slick Trails

Mar 20, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Adam Brayton, Danny Hart & Elliott Heap meet up for a slick ride on some steep and wild trails in the Lake District.


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 Quality content lads, need more of this hardcore XC nonsense lol
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 Would love to ride with those guys
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 But could you keep up?
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 @neimbc: Doubt it, but it would be fun to try. They seem like fun guys to ride with
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 Watched this on YouTube and wondered around 10.45 whether that was a Nukeproof eBike Elliott Heap had? Looked a really wide frame.
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 Nigel Page was lapping the Golfie at Inners on an ebike last summer - so I'm sure they have something in the works!
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 @webbe: Vitus E-Bike
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 Both Vitus and Nukeproof are in-house brands of Chain Reaction Cycles.
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 @linton-photo: Had Nukeproof on the downtube.
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 'if ya got owt about ya, ya don't run gloves'.... Northern lads normal....
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 Always cool to see the local trails get shredded by the pros. Bloody hell do they look shallow on the GoPro though
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 Can’t believe people are moaning about people riding bikes on a bike trail. Great video, fast as fook boys!
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 They’re not bike trails though - they’re unsanctioned trails in the woods.
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 @jimijazz: you say tomato. I say tomato.... see, it’s the same when you spell it. Please enlighten me what a bike trail is? Surely a trail that’s been created by riders to ride bikes on...
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 @Small-Tales-Epic-Trails: Fair enough, maybe I worded it wrong - let me try again. People are moaning about riders drawing attention to unsanctioned bike trails, which could lead to those trails getting closed down or trashed with too much traffic. They're freaking ace trails, and I wish I could ride them as well as Brayton, Heap and Hart.
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 @jimijazz: yawn! What’s the point in them if you can’t ride them. It’s fair game if you ask me.
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 I wonder if all the guys here bitching about it being chopped up by vloggers are the trail builders.... Or you guys just bitching without being any different?
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 They most likely are. In Cumbria the Forestry commision have a massive grude towards mountain bikers and actively go out of their way to destroy unlegit trails. There are several groups of diggers that put hundreds of hours in to digging in different locations so obviously they want to keep them shadey. Videos like this get the trails destroyed by tyres and then commission a whole lot faster as with more riders becomes a lot more attention. We have ZERO legal trails in the whole of the county that are worth riding so digging and riding unlegitimate trails is all we have! Without unlegit trails we would litteraly have no where to ride apart from footpaths which is also illegal and frowned upon. Although biking has become hugely popular and commission own the majority of the forest in the county they are still unwilling to get on board and work with us. Recently when felling a woodland that has had tracks in it for over a decade they instructed the machine drivers to deliberatly drive their machines over the trails. And then they have the cheek to brag about it to riders.
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 Im not against videos like this but as others have mentioned they could try and keep the location shadey.
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 @StraightLineJoe: the worst thing is . The manager of all the woodland you're talking about used to ride off piste !!!
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 @StraightLineJoe: "We have ZERO legal trails in the whole of the county that are worth riding"

You flipping what? I can't think of a county in England where there is less of a need to build trails. You have every trail off every mountain in the Lake District. A lot of them are more technical than most riders could ever manage.
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 @lukeb: I'd say we've pretty much covered it hahaha
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 Ah, what a great video! So cool environment. Love it! Even though sometimes British accent is quite challenging haha)
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 Huh, I thought I'd be dead before seeing Danny Hart doing XC
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 170mm travel is XC for Danny.
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 That was Mint!!
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 The steep stuff was steadier than the climbing bit... Holy Inch worm
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 An excellent video. However I rode it yesterday and it's a shame its now completely cut to pieces by these guys attracting so much attention to an unsanctioned trail. Hope they come back to fix some of the ruts
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 It's been getting worse for at least the last 6 months.... I doubt anyone who doesn't already know where it is could work it out from the video. Pretty insane the speed those boys are travelling at. The middle section is too steep to stand on
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 @twopoint6khz: I wouldnt say its a particularly steep trail. shame its cut up. These vloggers have a lot to answer for! But they dont seem to give a toss as long as they get free stuff!
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 The first two sections of trail are pretty popular and the entry in to that third section is really obvious. Only a matter of time before it picked up on traffic...
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 @iainmac-1: yes its popular to locals. And easy to find if you look. But they could have edited some bits out to make it harder. This is mass promotion on multiple platforms by three very famous people one week before lockdown ends. How would you feel if your local got shut down. Again.
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 What's wrong with ruts on a black diamond tech trail? Tear that sh#t up.
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 @planetxboy: I mean they edited out every drop-in and exit for each bit of trail, there was no mention of where they were going, no footage of signage in the car park, etc. The bits they did let slip is pretty non-descript - only locals who know their way about will spot them, no big deal.

To be fair dude these trails are so easy to find and so popular anyway I don't even know what the issue is. Maybe fire Adam Brayton a message on IG to voice your concerns?
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 Remi and Yoann have nothing to worry about going off the standard of this vlog haha
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 Good ole' boyz, riding bikes, having fun. Thanks guys!
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 ???????? Good work lads! That’s what it’s all about ????
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 Bloody right!
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 This video is too good

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