Video: Adolf Silva Explores the Balance Between Risk & Reward

Apr 16, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAdolf Silva’s passion is to be on a bike, it is what he lives for. He risks his life for it; because it's what moves him; what makes him feel alive. Knowing that every day he can improve and grow with his sport motivates him immensely. Not our words, but 23 year old Silva’s. A true lifestyle action sport athlete, Silva’s career has already encompassed dizzying highs and total lows - not least when at age 17 he spent 10 days in a coma due to a crash, only to bounce back from injury to land the first ever triple backflip on a Slopestyle bike. If it’s got wheels he’ll ride it, and if there’s a ramp he’ll likely jump it. Come With Us and take a ride with the Spanish dirt shredder. Monster Energy

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 Ahhh be careful man!
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 Wow, amazing behind the scenes look into his life! What a cool athlete and unique perspective. There's a reason I'm not contemplating a triple flip after all...
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 That jump Silva did in Rampage 2018 was one of the biggest I've ever seen. If he wouldn't have crashed later in his run it seems like he would have won it. Hats off to Adolf.
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 I would love to see him on top of the rampage podium. He deserves it for sure!
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 @TobyCitret: 100% agreed. I have watched his Rampage run a dozen or more times since. That was incredible - one of the best Rampage memories of mine of recent times. And TVS. And Lacon.
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 That superman seatgrab is the stuff of nightmares!
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 Unfortunately I have a feeling the real risk vs reward won't be injuries or monetary payout for the risk, but cte. I guess that is injury though...
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 "I don't even know how I measure I guess I have no fear" what a badass statement
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 Why any parent continues to name their children Adolf bewilders me... Choice of mustache style is a slippery slope as well now.
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 I wish this dude the best and hope he can stay injury free.
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 Rad dude.
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 long may ye ride!
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 to be continued....!!!!

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