Video: Adolf Silva Lands World’s First Ever Cali Roll on a DH Bike - Audi Nines MTB 2018

Sep 14, 2018
by The Audi Nines  

It's no secret Adolf Silva is a maniac, once he steps on his bike its go time. Hit play and lay your eyes on the first ever Cali Roll done on a DH bike at the 2018 Audi Nines MTB.

“Doing the trick feels super good, because I’ve tried it a lot of times and this was the first time I finally got it.”

Produced by The Distillery
Additional footage provided by GoPro

MENTIONS: @theaudinines


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 This guy is probably my favourite Adolf
  • + 26 a german I can totally agree. Best Adolf there is!
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 Cant believe the tricks these guys are throwing down. Just insane.
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flag ClarkHoward (Sep 15, 2018 at 14:49) (Below Threshold)
 this is the stupidest thing I've ever watched. Id love to see skill back in bike riding rather then huck and pray lol
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 @ClarkHoward: this is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Id love to see intellect back in armchair commenting rather then headass and screeching lol
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 I'll have the california roll and the spicy tuna roll.
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 Who could have thought. Holding a Cali Roll on a DH bike. I was doing it on a stool or chair all the time!
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 Do you want Sake with that, Sir?
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 @trasselkalle: for fu*ks Sake
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 This is insane on a DH bike, but didn't Mike Montgomery do something similar awhile back
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 Honest question... What makes this harder on a dh bike? Seems like the bike stays more or less pointed in one direction the whole time, so it shouldn't be too different... Maybe even more stable?
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 Yesss! Basically Mike did the Volt and Adolf did the Cali Roll where you grab the seat for the rotation, whereas the Volt you don't. Its crazy that only two riders have ever done a body varial after all these years.
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 @scott-townes: I thought this was called a decade air. What's the difference?
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 @jaame: Decade air you never let go of the handle bars. With a body varial you need to let go of all contact on the bike or moto at one point during the rotation.
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 @jaame: A decade is like a tail whip, but instead of spinning the bike around the headtube, you spin your body around the headtube and the bike stays still. This guy spins his body above his bike, using the saddle to help with his rotation.
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 Montgomery was a beast on the MTB. It's a shame he didn't stick with it though.
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 @jaame: a decade is is 360 downside tailwhip. If you watch closely on a decade, the rider rotates around the front of the bike while holding the bars. On this trick he is over the bike, not holding the bars...
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 @takeiteasyridehard: Thanks for clearing that up for me chaps.
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 @sspiff: crashing onto your dh bike hurts more :`DDD
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 @sspiff: it would be harder to do on a DH bike I think because it’s lighter. Any part you’re legs, hands or feet push the bike a little off and you’ll land like Adolf did one of his first time..... I’ve thought of this trick before and wondered why nobody( adolf, szymon, or nico) had never tried it.... I totally think the other two could land it!
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 what´s up with Mike Montgomery these days? He was one of the most talented riders out there
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 @scott-townes: Vasiliy Makarov also did body varial on mountain bike
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 @DigRenno: DH bike lighter?!
  • + 2
 @btc1: holy shit you're right, along with some other insane combo tricks.
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 No kidding I was just wondering the same thing! When I was in high school he was one of the sicker guys on the slopestyle circuit then he seemed to just disappear @darren853:
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 @el-nombre: yes a DH bike is much lighter than a dirt bike
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 @snatchclown: Oh right, i see what he means now. I thought he was comparing it to a slopestyle or dj bike, seeing as the fact that downhill bike was specified implies it's already been done on other types of (push)bikes, which ties in with why @sspiff would think it might be easier as a DH bike is probably more stable in the air than a slope/dj bike
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 damn. makes me miss riding with my buddies a lot. we used to do crazy stuff like, hop a curb, or pick our bike up and toss it over a downed tree and climb over to the other side. I miss that wild s**t, man....but really, good show!
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 Actually I nailed that a couple of weeks back. Where were you PB??
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 I'm impressed he stuck that landing. Looked like he nutted himself and blew a hand off his bars. Either one of those things would have put me on the ground on a small jump.
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 we are getting close to Tom Pagés kind of tricks also in mtb. can't wait for the first bike roll!
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 Anyone from old school bmx will call it a body varial. Was it john Parker who tried these of vert for years?
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 Un. Believable.
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 That's well easy, I've done that loads of times. Tsk
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 Holy shit.
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 Caliroll? This trick is called a varial !
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 Its a different way of doing a body varial. There are 3 ways of doing it now that I know of.
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