Video: All the Action from the 2021 Canadian National DH Championships

Jul 27, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Casey Brown secured the Women's national title in Kicking Horse, BC by just over one second on Miranda Miller in second-place and Georgia Astle in third. Finn Iles took the national title in the Men's category, with Mark Wallace in second and first-year Junior rider Jackson Goldstone crossed the line around five seconds back with the third-fastest time of the day.

Full results here.

The previous two weekends saw many of the same competitors take on the race tracks in Panorama and Fernie.


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 3 races, over 1000 participants and all PB can do is a half assed paragraph.
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 On the other side of the paywall is the good coverage.
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 Dunbar Summer Series, some say it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
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flag Mini-Pinner (Jul 28, 2021 at 0:09) (Below Threshold)
 In all fairness, the olympics is on, and this is just a national series. Pinkbike is probably relying on a contributor providing the content for this just like they do for any other national series. Can't help it if no-one who attended bothered to create content.
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flag mccarthyp (Jul 28, 2021 at 4:38) (Below Threshold)
 @Mini-Pinner: I think we can all agree that the Olympic XC is an embarrassment. There is just absolutely zero doubt that the Canadian Nationals competitors are superior athletes and the Nationals DH event is worthy of substantially more coverage and, at minimum, better quality coverage. To be fair, the lack of coverage may be partly down to an absence of suitable press releases from the organisers. So we can't necessarily blame Outside without more information. All we can say is that it is very poor coverage. As for people saying it is only Nationals, Canada is one of the homes of mountain biking so it is not discrimination to say that Canada, like UK and France, deserve more coverage.
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 @Mini-Pinner: Seriously, whats wrong with people today like @z-man that their initial reaction is hate and anger. What if the guy who was suppose to cover it and write something up ended up in the hospital the night before, or worse died. If you're hanging on to this write up to bring excitement into your life you need to reevaluate your life.
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 @Mini-Pinner: BS. They should have sent someone like Christina to cover it.
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 @fruitsd79: I'm not really happy about the changes that might come to PB but users been way too hard on PB staff. They all worked really hard for a long time for very little to build something special, and they did. Instead of snide remarks the best thing we can do is make thoughtful comments that will hopefully influence the way this change goes to the best it can be. Hats off to all PC staff for being professional and cool for so long. I'd like to see PB staff get paid more. They built this. Mike, Mike, Christina and everyone else at PB, you rock! your content is just getting better and better and I wish it was this good when I was getting into this years ago.
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 @NealWood: 1000%. Send press. Pay for media. Relying on the organizer is lazy, cheap and a disgrace to the sport. Nationals deserves media presence. The athletes deserve coverage.
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 @Goomba: looks like a session.
Dick pound.
Nords got robbed.
Downvote Waki
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 Hey atleast you got coverage. The US nationals had a result sheet and like 3 photos.
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flag HGAB (Jul 28, 2021 at 8:31) (Below Threshold)
 @mccarthyp: You are literally an idiot. Downhill racers are laughable compared to XC racers when it comes to fitness, endurance, strength, athleticism, etc. Just because your have too short an attention span and too thick a head appreciate XC doesn’t mean you have to pretend that some National championship is more important than the literal OLYMPICS
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 @Mini-Pinner: With all fairness this was 2 races in the National series and the Canadian National Championships. As a Canadian media business PB should respect the local companies that are paying customers of theirs.
The amount of World Cup regulars at National champs would justify doing some coverage alone.
Between Pro and junior men there were 13 W/C regulars and 4 women.
Promoting Canadian talent should be high on the list of a Canadian media company.
We can't leave it all up to Tippie
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 @HGAB: Lol, classy response. I think both of you are wrong. XC riders and DH riders have different jobs. To say DH racers are "laughable" in comparison to XC riders is a laughable statement in itself. Give pretty much all of the top-level XC folks a DH bike and send them down a world cup DH course, and very few of them would likely manage. Obviously, there are some (Nino, Jolanda etc) that are very good descenders as well, but on the whole, they would probably have a bad time.

On the flip side, make the DH racers ride a proper XC race, and they would probably bonk hard! Top-level DH racers are fit as f*ck (definitely "stronger" than XC riders to be able to handle the compressions and speed), and you're just ignorant if you think otherwise. I do think that DH racers on the whole are likely better "bike riders" as it isn't necessarily about just having lungs for days. You don't see DH courses having small drops filled in during practice so the riders can get used to it... But that is just it, they have different requirements physically for very different styles of riding, and at the top level, they are ALL phenomenal athletes.

The issue here is that Pinkbike is Canadian, and they didn't cover anything to do with the Canadian Nationals that were literally hosted a day's drive away from their HQ during a time when people want to see more racing because, well, there just aren't many going on.
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 @da1994canucks: I imagine there is at least 30 national DH series every year. PB is big for a bike website but they are not a media giant. They can't just send people to everything, they have to prioritise, both personnel and budget. Clearly they prioritised something else. I didn't say they shouldn't pay, but there is a big difference between buying an article and some photos from someone and sending a staff member.
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 @Yaan: You just described so many events. If a dozen high level riders turning up means Pinkbike is required to show then they are gonna need a lot more staff. Considering PB is an international website with staff members and users from many countries, I'm not sure that they're feeling that patriotic these days.
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 @Mini-Pinner: Apparently not, maybe that was my point.
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 You Canadians know how to put on proper races. Good on ya.
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 We love our Dunbar Summer Series. N W Cup puts on some bangers too.
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 My fav part of that vid was TianaSmith on the lift and stoked on Canadian DH racing. Absolutely top notch, the momma of a legendary rider and racer, bless her heart and bless her son’s soul! LongLiveChainsaw!!!
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 She's like the defacto DH mom... She's also at Stevie Smith bike park all the time, and runs his social media pages. You can see her pride and love for her sons legacy when she watching the rippers.

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 Good to see a podium shoey. Thanks for that Australia.
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 That mountain is a monster. If you can do that track top to bottom, let along at race speeds, hats off to you. Golden in general is a place to visit. The mosquitos will team up and fly away with you, but the riding is worth making the trip for.
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 The adaptive racers deserve a huge shoutout. Non of these tracks are anything close to being easy. Watching them haul ass down Kicking Horse Mtn. was crazy. Well done guys.
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 Drinking out of your race shoes.... classic. The Dunbar race series definitely needs more coverage.
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 Such an epic week!!!
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 I have heard what happens at Dunbar, stays at Dunbar…
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 I'm inspired to go race bikes !
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 Haha the shoey is spreading round the globe
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 Fuck yeah Finn. Dusssty af.
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 Track looked tough. Scene is getting stronger in Canada.
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