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Jan 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  


Zoe Dawson is a Squamish local who has been riding cross country, running marathons, and racing triathlons for years. Recently she's tried her hand at enduro racing, but today's enduro tracks demand an incredibly high level of technical ability. Her XC skills simply didn't translate, and she found herself struggling on the steeps, jumps, and drops that are common here.

To develop the skills she needs to get between the tape, we paired Zoe up with five expert riders: Georgia Astle, Micayla Gatto, Christina Chappetta, Claire Buchar, and Katrina Strand. Follow along with Zoe's journey as she goes from XC to Full Enduro.


Canadian Downhill and Enduro racer Georgia Astle helps Zoe Dawson with line choice and some of the trickier features on 19th Hole before Zoe does a timed lap down the technical trail. This is her benchmark for the season. How much will she be able to improve with coaching from some of the best female coaches and riders around?


Proper bike setup for enduro racing is one of the most important things you can do before getting between the tape. Episode 2 of Full Enduro follows Squamish local Zoe Dawson to Corsa Cycles, where Georgia Astle will help her dial in her Devinci Spartan.

The two go over important bike setup choices, like handlebar and control position, fork and shock adjustments, and the all-important tubeless conversion. Zoe decided to leave her handlebar width alone as she has previously ridden 760mm wide bars and felt more comfortable with the 780mms on her current bike. There are no hard and fast rules as to what the perfect bike set up is, but Georgia helped Zoe to establish a baseline from which she can make minor changes to suit her needs as she gets more familiar with her enduro rig.


In the third episode of Full Enduro, Zoe pairs up with Micayla Gatto for a day in Squamish to talk about body position, line choice, and how they go hand in hand. The two take a lap down Cakewalk, a Squamish classic that is riddled with line choice. Zoe learns that the main line isn't always the fastest and that weighting both wheels equally is important, even on steeper sections of trail.


Zoe heads to the Whistler Bike Park to join up with local coach and shredder Katrina Strand. Together they tackle two of the most intimidating skills in mountain biking--jumps and drops. Will Zoe push her fears aside and release her inner send? Watch and find out.


Zoe is back in Squamish to do some turns with local shredder Christina Chappetta. Cornering is one of the most important aspects of enduro racing and getting the most out of corners can take seconds off a stage time. Identifying a corner and deciding the best way to attack it isn't a skill that is learned in a day, but with a solid foundation Zoe can put these principals into practice on future rides and races.


Zoe teams up with Claire Buchar to learn proper body position, line choice, and braking while tackling some of the bike park's gnarliest sections.


It all leads up to this. Zoe has spent the last few weeks meeting with local shredders and learning new skills to take her into the world of enduro racing. Can she put it all together on another run down 19th Hole? Watch and find out.

Regions in Article
Diamond Head

Trails in Article
19th Hole, Cakewalk


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 Cut the bars
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flag WAKIdesigns (Jan 1, 2020 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
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 What I don't understand is why Zoe implemented every piece of advice bar that one. And BTW bar width has nothing to do with strength.
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 Seriously, she’s just not that big, too wide is just as bad as too narrow.
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 Agreed. Her bars are too wide for her. Shortening her cockpit to much and she doesn’t have the the ability to move fore and aft. It’s obvious in episode 1.
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 "warning: the following content contains riders wtih handlebar widths that they prefer but some viewers may find too wide. viewer discretionis advised."

I'm going to get myself a running coach and just wear size 20 shoes. When he recommends a size that fits ill just tell him that I prefer this size and theres nothing he can do about it.
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 Looking forward in 2020 to giving negative props to most everything WAKI has to say. Can't wait.
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 Yeah lately he s a tiny bit burnt but perhaps the new 2020 would bring him more into CBD and less thc
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 Every comment. Every day.
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 @l1v3t0r1d3 Who's the troll now?
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 This was a cool series!
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 This was a great concept for a series and it delivered something of solid value. There are so many how-to videos, but with this series, you got the conversations too, plus views of how to do it well and sometimes not-so-well too - you could see the progression, which made it easier to recognized the different elements involved in acquiring those new skills. It was also really nice that it wasn't full brah all the time #behumble

Great job & please keep these types of videos coming - I'm looking forward to more.
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 Awesome vids! Love the cornering tips from Christina in Ep.5
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 I couldn't enjoy the series honestly as I found the bar width issue so distracting.
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 Go on lass!
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 Great series of vids and so much good information, can't wait to see what's next. Congrats!
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 Well, she did definitely improve...I still think she needs the pdent set up with a 740 cut... oioi.
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 This was an awesome series. The gf stayed showing interest this year (finally!), and this was great watching together
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