Video: All the Stoke from the 2021 BC Bike Race

Nov 3, 2021
by BC Bike Race  

From as far as Dubai, Germany, the UK, and Mexico the racers came to do what we all love; ride mountain bikes, explore new singletrack, and high-five the two-wheeled adventure. This video is about that ‘Stoke’ and the joy of events.

Glorious ribbons of brown pow - Photo Dave Silver

BC Bike Race the “ultimate singletrack experience’ had an amazing week in a new location, the South Okanagan, on all new routes and trails, it wrapped up Oct 8th with a final celebration. The South Okanagan, Penticton, and surrounding area provided amazing venues, trailheads, views, and weather, with incredibly diverse networks that also included Summerland and Apex Mountain Resort.

Riders descend singletrack in the Three Blind Mice, Penticton. Okanagan Lake in the background - Photo Dave Silver

Locally handmade trophies by BCBR Alumni Simon Blythe, beautiful - Photo Dave Silver

The pandemic has created some incredible hurdles for event organizers over these past two years and BC Bike Race was no exception. The goalposts were continuously moved and as organizers, this makes for difficult planning. The Team at BCBR was beyond elated to finally execute their creation and share the fourteenth edition with some amazing people.

The basecamp and awards ceremony - Photo Dave Silver

The start/finish line, the signature arch - Photo Dave Silver

BC Bike Race Registration is now open, we hope to see you on the line next year for another truly epic journey. September 16-22, 2022.

2022 Registration Open
The 2021 Race results here
The 2021 Race reports here

The BCBR Team

Cruising back to basecamp - Photo Dave Silver

The Belt Buckles - Photo Dave Silver


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 I moved to the Penticton/Summerland area a few years ago. Everyday is a good day you can ride your bike here. Fantastic trails for all interests and abilities.

There is way more than the race features. If you want Jank strongly suggest the Wiltse area. Some of the finest trails I have ever ridden! Sad that Rockoven and bluffs are closed due to the forest fires last year!
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 'I flew from Dubai on my jet because it's illegal there to walk around in public looking drunk. The belt buckle is of good quality and highlights mountain biking's debt to First Peoples'
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 >Everyday is a good day you can ride your bike here.

Except for 3 months in the summer when the heat is scorching and the air is thick with forest fire smoke. And for several months in the winter when it's covered in snow.
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 @andreyapopov: I live in Kelowna and find that you're off by about 2 months at most in the summer and winter slows us down for about 1-2 months. Less if you own a fatbike and proper winter clothing. The Okanagan valley is wicked good for riding almost year round.
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 @andreyapopov: As MY MAN kkse points out you can do it. During the smoky times I planned my rides based on the air quality predictions. When it got bad - I just went high to APEX and Brent Mountain. Rode last year at Fire Mountain in Jan, Feb etc....

As for the heat -ride early, ride higher elevations or simply take the heat.
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 @dldewar: You know it man. Only limitation is your drive. And we all have that at different levels for different, and legitimate reasons.
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 BCBR put on and pulled off an amazing 7 stages in Penticton area for 2021. 3 cheers to the BCBR crew, volunteers, community members, pros and the rest of us strong ladies and gents. Sign up, train for it and you will have the best week on a bike as they say.
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 They make it look way better than it really is.....all the singletrack.....the and
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 Anyone who did the 2019 (or earlier) and 2021 races want to contrast the experience?

Obviously very different riding areas and circumstances, but how did the two compare? Were the claims of "higher percentage of singlerack" real and noticeable? More tech? Less tech? How did the "staying in hotels instead of tents" impact the overall feel of the experience? After riding both, are you chomping at the bit to get back to the pre-COVID experience, or happy about the new location and structure?
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 If anyone is looking for 2022 entry's, my fiancé and I need to transfer ours to another lucky couple. We deferred our 2020 registration to 2022, but it's simply not going to work out for us.

We reached out to BCBR to verify that we can transfer, and we can! PM me if you're interested.
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 So many glorious downcountry bikes.
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 Home sweet home.

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