Video: Alpe d'Huez French Cup DH Course Preview with Benoit Coulanges

Aug 9, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Benoit Coulanges guides you down the fast and dusty French Cup DH course, stay tuned for results as they come through.


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 Wow that track look super fun!
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 Buzzing hard watching that.
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flag RedBurn (Aug 9, 2020 at 13:43) (Below Threshold)
 Has te be the most boring thing i watched this year lol pathetic
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 @RedBurn: maybe no fire breathing maxxis in the edit but dude if you'd ever pushed yourself down a racecourse you'd understand why that was good shit.
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 That's a pretty cool course. Seems to be really broadcast friendly since it's out in the open. Reminded me of a DH ski track.
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flag RedBurn (Aug 9, 2020 at 13:44) (Below Threshold)
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 The race in Alpes d' Huez was a part of the French Cup last year as well ( it is not a covid think for those who think that they know everything).The variety of the tracks that are in the French cup is really great. Unreal i would say......I invite all of those keyboard riders to try riding a track like this.With a speed like this..
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 Great response! Was super fast. Plenty of Professional Keyboard Dh riders on PB!
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 Probably the only DH track without one single root........
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flag paul-fl0yd (Aug 9, 2020 at 11:20) (Below Threshold)
 yeah even endurotracks are harder and more technical... certainly not a proper track for a French cup. but at least they have something to keep the mind busy.
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 @paul-fl0yd: remember this is the same country that points us at a grassy hill in Les Gets and calls it a WC track
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 @Preachey: it's the same country that it's dominating the WC scene.. (I'm not French despite my flag)
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 @paul-fl0yd: Well if you don't like it, the mega avalanche track is nearby. Would be fun if the DH is the actually qualifier track for the mega.
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 @Serpentras: The first part of the track is a variation of the Megavalanche qualification track. Notoriously shorter but way more technical than the main Megavalanche race track.
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 @etga6657: I know , I loved to ride it. That's why I said it would be interesting to see this as the next WC track instead.
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 anyone that thinks this tracks easy at race pace really has no clue
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 That track was awesome, so many spots that you could just let it fly (if you could hang on in the compression) in a race run. Lot's of places you have to be patient and hold your line exactly to eek out the milliseconds while still going real fast. Nice change of pace from the slower and tighter courses I've been seeing this year.
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 I mean, that looks really fun to ride, but a complete pedalfest to race.
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 Nothing wrong with having to pedal.
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 you really don't need to ledal at all on this track
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 @Jrtf: did you see how many times he was on the pedals? Almost the whole thing
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 They would have a really nice course down the other side of the hill, down to Oz i think? I don't get why they use this instead?
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 I can imagine for the exposure, tourism and everything it is most interesting for them to have the finish in Alpe d'Huez with loads of shops and restaurants eager to make some "off season" income. That is, I suppose it was planned like this well before the covid crisis. Agreed the Megavalance finishes way down too but there riders typically stay for a whole week so they'll still spend their money in Alpe d'Huez.
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 @vinay: Even the Mega qualifier run used to end in Oz but since 10 years ago it ends in Alpe d'Huez.
I guess politics and economics speak louder.
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 @nozes: in 2014, when the rain came, it finished for the last time down in Oz, unfortunately. Getting back up was a pia, though.
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 @Muckal: No, the qualifier finished in Huez village, not Oz en Oisans. The main race goes down past OZ after the climb out of Alpe d'Huez.
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 @nozes: Alright, I only rode the event back in 2008 and wasn't aware of how things changed afterwards. I admit I preferred the lower section in the woods over the upper section that gets all the media attention, but then again I do understand the changes they made. Alpe d'Huez has loads of tourist facilities but outside of some big events (Tour de France, Megavalanche) only gets to monetize on that in the winter months. Of course things have changed over the years as more ski resorts cater for summer tourism to make money year 'round, but back then it wasn't quite there yet. So yeah of course they want the tourists close to where they already have the facilities and infrastructure.

That said, I'm with you that the Mega without the lower section isn't quite complete, even if it is "just" the qualifier.
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 @commental: true, thanks for correcting. Anyway, it's a shame. On the other hand you can get your post race vodka orange way easier in Alpe d'Huez.
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 @Muckal: Haha, I think it was better when it went down to Huez, but as you say, it was a ball ache getting back up to town.
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 One of the French National courses was the one you are thinking of, you can see it going up the lift from Oz. I've ridden it (not at pace), some scary lines at the speed those guys take it!
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 Seems like if you could hold on through the compressions this course would suit a shorter travel bike really well. Lots of pedaling at race pace I'm sure. Looks like fun!
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 Some top ten french Enduro riders (Adrien Dailly, Kevin Miquel, Thomas Lapeyrie ) raced the track on their Enduro bikes, they were quite fast!
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 Great track and nice use of the terrain. Also smooth riding, looks like he is just floating over everything and rarely using the brakes.
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 The guy is a bit of an underdog and one of the stylish racer of the WC.
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 Fk this course looks soooo much fun.
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 Idk how people are saying the track looks tame or boring. Just because it isn't weaved into the trees doesn't mean it isn't still balls out over a ton of sharp, loose jank.
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 Freeride drops in the race run would like to see more of that!!
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 Good hill to ski down that...brings back some memories!
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 Not a single tree to hit, but a lot of filthy rocks to embrace
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 Nice video, but in Jolanda Neff's you can hear her breathing hard. (Where is that really creepy guy icon?)
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 brutal track
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 Id like to see some speed trap results from this one. Flying
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 this looks one of the most aero demanding tracks...
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 Not bad /!)
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 Epic track.
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 Le Mega!!!! Another casualty of this shit Coronamageddon virus!
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 Track looks class.
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