Video: Amaury Pierron & Myriam Nicole Win Round 3 of the 2019 Portugal Cup

Mar 25, 2019
by Miles Mallinson Videos  
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Watch some pre World Cup season action with a load of your favourite riders. A World Cup next year in Lousa could be amazing!

Full results here


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 When I think of Portugal I think of keyboard warriors angry that a free collection of photos on the internet doesn't include a picture of a specific Portuguese guy.
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 it's better to think that then to think that we are a part of Spain as some do .
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 @tiagomano: is it really?Spain is cool as f*ck...
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 @oskimtb: and so is Portugal Smile When you have a country with good wine, good food, good weather, pretty girls, good waves AND good downhill tracks, there's not much left to say !
@kookseverywhere we have a saying that "portuguese complain a lot". But the real shit point are our wages.. which are miserable.. the rest... just come and give us a feedback Smile
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 @oskimtb:There is no problem whith it, both countries are super nice, is just nobody likes when the people are confused about your contry ... also happens something similar with Spain, some people think Spain is somewhere around Mexico ... crazy, haha
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 @TIZZASPAIN: haha same in the uk mate , people think wales and Scotland are part of England!
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 Track looks great. Loads of lines
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 Really? I thought it was just another tamed bikepark type of track... (irony mode off)
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 Daprela winner in Juniors would have been third in Elite men...looks like a talent to watch!
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 Just crazy to see that Gee was 8 seconds off on third place. Amaury must be flying...
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 Maybe the Atherton bike just isn't up there yet in performance. Hope Gee does well.
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 Different mind-set - I'd imagine Gee, at around ten years older than Amaury, has to consider the season as whole and not tw*t himself going for win at a local 'training race'!
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 These tracks are so punk hardcore, exactly what I like.
Seems that there are some good spots in Sintra as well, and I`d like to know more actually....
Obrigado por a video! Smile
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 That track looked amazing!!
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 Can't wait for this track to be in the circuit next year. would love to go ride in portugal some day, have seen some great edits over the years
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 Inside liiiine!
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 Why no WC stop?
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 Next year 1st round
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 1:58 @thebikevillage

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