Video: Amaury Pierron's Fast and Loose French Champs Course Preview

Aug 22, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Although he may still be coping with his hand injury from the French Cup DH race at Alpe d'Huez Amaury Pierron is back on his bike for the French Champs and he is looking to be back up to speed on the wild course that has everything from flat out grassy turns to gnarly rock gardens.

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 Huh I wonder if this Pierron kid is any good at flat out grassy turns
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flag simsl (Aug 22, 2020 at 11:23) (Below Threshold)
 is it the same pierron from last years les gets WC?
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 I liked the commentary
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 He said at 2:51: "aaah"
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 @HenkkaK: I think I heard Claudio in the background right before that.
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 @gibspaulding: I thought that might have been marine cabirou that he passed based on voice, size, and bike?
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 @Tarka: was thinking the same thing
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 Awesome alpine track.
To anyone finding it too "easy" yeah you probably could ride a XC bike down most of the track.
But at ⅒ the speed of Pierron and burning the brakes.
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flag Tinus96 (Aug 22, 2020 at 7:10) (Below Threshold)
 Not easy.....boring.
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 @Tinus96: probably because you're riding too slow to make it fun.
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 Yes, 100%. Everyone on PB could make it down that, which in contrast to something like Hardline, almost none of us could make it down- so it's deceiving in how "hard" it is. Personally I don't find it boring at all, since I know how GD hard it is to make it through all those flat corners at that speed, every single one of those is an opportunity to get spit off the side, especially at those bonkers speeds he's riding. But sure, if you were putzing around down it on your enduro bike at 1/10 his speed it might seem boring.
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 That looks like a PROPER alpine dh track. None of this relying on berms malarkey to carry speed. Just good line choice and strength
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 Well also consider the cross breeze on the upper section jumps... that wind is no joke and would make most of us think twice about letting off the brakes.
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 well put@MonEddy:
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 Meh I don't necessarily think DH courses should be crazy hard as that's just going to result in people getting hurt but that didn't even look like a track I would ride for fun. Silverstar tech DH tracks were better Wink
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 @MonEddy: Amen. I’m not a DHer at all, but I almost exclusively ride natural trails with no berms. It’s a lot more impressive to watch an expert rip a loose, flat turn at 20 mph than a bermed, manicured turn at 30. Watching Amaury destroy the flat turns at Les Gets was one of the biggest “holy shit” moments I’ve seen in DH.
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 @friendlyfoe: Cool, stick to the manicured bike park flow trails......
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 If you think it's "not technical enough," you are going to slow.
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 That looks like a great track. Like, really good. I'd like to tune in and watch this one... Red Bull TV?
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 @1.20 smashed that corner.. And smashing the bottom rock garden????????
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 That’s a sweet track, doesn’t look like there’s much if any bike park grooming
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 That section at 1:31 looks like a high chance of wadding up unless you’re exactly on line. Maybe not most peoples’ idea of a technical track, but it would be wild to race on at uci level.
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 Proper track!
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 I'm always impressed how pros can have such awful recording quality.

Low fov, 1080p blurry as hell, mediocre sound, not very well placed... Like man, it's one of the most impressive riders of the planet and his foutage looks ten times worse than random going at an average pace with good recording.

Same for Bruni or Hart. I'm very surprised teams like Commencal or Specialized are not taking the minimum effort to make their foutages looks how they should look : Insane.
That's not even hard to do or expensive, a good GoPro well placed, 4K/2K footage with decent mbps and a wind protection. 300 bucks and a little fiddling for the placement, that's all.

Thank god there is Melamed or Buchanan that get it perfect. Hope this will translate with those DH riders later.
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 ⬆️ This. It annoys me, it takes minimum to no effort just dialing in the settings on the gopro, and cover the microphone port with a piece of cloth and you remove 50% of the wind noise, combine with wind protection and you get that good crisp sound.

It’l take a 5 min youtube search and the mtb youtubers actually shows their setting and compare different setups to show you how to make a good video.
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 @marsam: And to render/upload in 4K, even if your original footage is 1080p, so your bandwidth is higher on YT and you can actually see the track and not a mosaic of pixels.
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 i think someone set the sharpening setting to the max, looks really weird with all those small rocks and the grass. a softer image would improve the quality a lot and up scaling of cause.
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 I think that's the difference between a YouTuber and a racer... The people fighting for the 1 and 2 spot don't have time to obsess about that maybe?
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 @Dogl0rd: Yeah for sure, but at the moment you are filming, which is a marketing thing too, why not try to make it look good, in particular with how simple it is now ?

Hero 7 and 8 take great stabilized image, you just need to use a wind protection, upload in 4K and find a nice angle. That's all. Inexpensive, very simple to setup, no different to ride with than a shitty setup and it's so much better at the end.
It's not like before when you needed a gimbal, batteries, external microphones. It was annoying, absolutly not race ready and even dangerous in a way. Not anymore.

Guys like Melamed are filming racing stage with great quality, and it doesn't take any more work than filming shitty footage nowadays.
Compare that with the Gopro POV of Bruni in Schladming on his YT channel, it's so bad, position is not great, quality is atrocious and all you hear is the wind. It's a shame.

I totally understand that racers themselves don't care that much, but racing teams and sponsors ?
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 @Yetichon: yeah I get it, you're saying the sponsors should hand it to him with the settings all perfect. Makes sense since there is no WC footage this year and this type of stuff, (plus sick commençal edits!!) is all we get
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 @Yetichon: you’re making reasonable / salient points and getting downvoted lol, love the internet.
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 @nvranka: i think the downvotes are valid, there are some rad videos out there where the quality is acceptable, but not pristine 4k and people are whining about the quality in the comments... like are we into riding or do we just count pixels all day?? it's like what do you really care about? is the quality still good enough to be stoked from it and get excited to go ride?
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 @Dogl0rd: definitely good enough, but his point was why not have marketing take care of it?

I don’t really care, but I get his point. And he even acknowledged that the rider doesn’t care and doesn’t need to.
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 @nvranka: I guess
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 @Yetichon: you have to remember that wearing a gopro at all in a race run can be quite noticeable/uncomfortable
Sure in practice maybe but all this stuff takes time to set up and it's not like you have tons of time to get it perfect, yes they could probably make it better but you should be happy they have it at all
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 @Bikerdude137: But, that's exactly my point : It doesn't take any effort or risk or whatever to run a good setup instead of a shitty one.
You don't need any gimbal, microphone, external batterie or special fixations... Just a good of GoPro, 10 minutes of fiddling to place it right the first time and render with the good settings.

My point is not, the video is shit because the quality is average, not at all. I'm very pleased to watch it, but I just don't understand why they are not making the effort, while some racers are, and it's game changing to watch.

And again, if not the rider (some are even making YT channels, like Bruni, they should care), why not the team ? Marketing is a vital part of their business, and video quality is a huge asset. Here, it just doesn't show the riding properly.
That's why I look all the time at Melamed vids, they are a blessing to watch and I don't understand why other don't follow that.
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 @Yetichon: also the redbull riders have to set it up so the redbull logo is in the video, so that restrics placement entirely for bruni or finn (although i think finn has more options for his vlog since he shows the helmet at the beginning) the reason this video is blurry is because youtube automatically adjusts your video to play as fast as possible, go on youtube and watch the video at 1080p 60 and the quality improves a lot, they're going super fast so the wind noise isn't something that can be removed entirely, although that's definitely a place where they could improve, other then that i don't really see a big problem
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 @Bikerdude137: lol what?

4K would have significantly better any other pro gopro footage that is done right.

The wind noise can absolutely be dampened as well.
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 @Bikerdude137: I'm looking on YT 1080p60, it's still ugly compared with a 4K vid, especially if decently rendered. Sharpness is way too high, it's a mosaic of pixels.
Also, the FOV is way too narrow, it kills the speed impression (but Pierron is so fast that it's still looks okay on that front).

It's really easy to remove wind noise nowadays, just buy a cheap wind protection on these new GoPros, sound is faultless.

Regarding the placement, yeah, I guess it's the hardest part, the rider security is also to take into account.
Mounted under the chin is by far the best angle, but I can understand it's not doable/recommandable for this kind of riding.
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 @Yetichon: i'm pretty sure it's set to wide, also you complained about not 4k but most videos aren't even 4k... 1080p 60 is still really good and not that far off from 1440p 60
But yeah the wind noise problem is definitely something they could at least reduce
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 Looks like an interesting track, BUT not usual forested track?
But no tree roots & dry and dusty with no real rain forecast going to get quite blown out!
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 1:30 made my heart skip a beat or two. Not at all the landing I was expecting.
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 Were you worried for a moment that it was too big of a step up for his skill level?
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 What a gnarly track. Better off riding a jackhammer down it.
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 That looks like an awesome track!
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 What an awesome track.
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 is there any live feed for these French races?
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 I reckon I could get my Raleigh Grifter down that...
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 in 2 pieces maybe
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 @185cm79kg18cm: I'd be carrying it down, obvs!
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 @185cm79kg18cm: Creepily similar stats bro and a flag that is the exact colour inversion. Are you my evil twin?
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 @brodoyouevenbike: you guys have very short legs
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 He must have cut the top of his hand when he got hurt. No way a stitched up palm would be ready to rip already, right?
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 Incredible track design, the steep sections near the bottom look wild and fun.
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 This is not l'Alpe d'Huez but Les Ménuires.
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 Well, it doesn't say that it is Alpe d'Huez.
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 @Oisans: Tu as raison j'ai lu trop vite.
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 Jeez.... to see how fast he came up on the other rider. Amazingly fast!
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 Yeah I was like hmm is he going to announce himself so the other rider gets out of the way... No need!
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 @Dogl0rd: he slowed down a
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 Front tire...Eddy Current?
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 10 times better compared to leogang!!
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 It looks really fun track, but IMHO not challengenging enough to make the difference between the top tier and the rest. Perhapse its just the point of may look really gnarly from the spectators pov.
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 Sometimes going really fast on what looks like an easy track is more challenging than it seems.
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 sick track...
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 "rock and roll"
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